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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Kosher asphyxiation
By John Kaminski
Oct 20, 2013 - 5:47:37 PM

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Kosher asphyxiation

Created on 16 October 2013 Written by John Kaminski

Obamacare is the new Federal Reserve, doing the opposite of what it claims

We can't see what happened to us one hundred years ago, and we can't see what is happening to us now. A century ago, a string of calculated bank failures convinced us to give away the power to control our money, which immediately led to World War I,  and the sequence of perpetual wars and economic crashes that have followed ever since.

Today, the passage of Obamacare has created a situation much worse, in which it has become absolutely illegal to think for yourself. Like one of those toxic psychiatric drugs, it is about to disfigure the American psyche permanently.

You no longer can do the things you know are good for your health, but instead you must obey what they say is good for your health, even though you know it is not. To disregard or ignore these disastrous orders is now a criminal offense.

Today, the world is scrambled in a jumble of deliberately false policies and bad outcomes with no avenue of appeal or correction. While we're focusing on one disaster, another creeps up on us undetected, and then another, and another, and another. False flag fatigue has turned our will to mush, unfathomable and irremediable frustration saps our strength, and the people supposed to give us our answers only exacerbate our distress with their pathetically criminal misrepresentations.

As with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the income tax in 1913, the creation of unconstitutional, law-ordered health care expenses that are inexplicably coupled with a higher deductible on government-mandated insurance policies assure that most people will pay more money for less care, and guarantee that an already impoverished populace will quickly become both sick and broke.

The Federal Reserve concept promised to bring financial stability to America but brought only runaway inflation and boom-and-bust cycles which robbed the people of their wealth. Today's dollar is worth less the five cents of what it was worth in 1913. Obamacare promises to improve health care for all, yet it will cost much more money, deliver much less care, and result in many more needless deaths.

This insane plan, already approved by Congress and signed into law, accelerates the government's death grip on people's lives, a false Homeland Security of the mind which produces, like so many other recent political announcements, exactly the opposite of what it claims it will achieve.

Coming at us from all sides

In Germany, children who are being homeschooled are forcibly taken away from their parents, and often their parents are jailed, while their state-orphaned kids are forced to attend public schools in which abortion, homosexuality and other politically correct but psychologically damaging nostrums are zealously promoted. <>

Despite numerous studies that unequivocally show homeschooled students are orders of magnitude more accomplished and competent than young victims of assembly-line public school processing <>, a growing national scandal reveals that most U.S. high school graduates are not qualified to attend college, having received their diplomas despite their lack of skills with grades that would fail them in a legitimate grading system <>.

Much worse than that is the revelation that the skyrocketing rate of mental illness in America (and the world) underwent a sharp uptick in the late 1980s when new medicines for depression and other mind maladies were unleashed upon the unsuspecting public, turning First World societies into asylums for mind-controlled drug addicts, unable to object to public policies meant to diminish and destroy their lives.

And the worst of the worst is that overuse of these dangerous psychiatric meds typically creates conditions that cannot be reversed, guaranteeing a future population of damaged zombies.

In comparing treatment of mental illness overseas against the U.S. success rate — as Robert Whitaker did in his book, Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America — it was found that less medicine meant better outcomes, and that long term use of such chemical horrors as Prozac actually ruined chances for eventual recovery by creating drug-induced brain changes that make it impossible for patients to overcome their psychoses and live normal lives.

Now, as a government shutdown symbolizes both the ineptitude of government to resolve its own dilemmas and the ultimate harm Obama's national healthcare system will wreak on the populace, the future of freedom for everyone has never seemed darker because what this proposal aims to accomplish is actually hidden behind its inevitable economic wreckage and the guarantee of superficial substandard care into the future.

No, the real secret of Obamacare — and its true toxicity for the dupes whom it will control — is that it creates a pool of money funneled into the healthcare system that will allow the U.S. and its international puppetmasters to have guaranteed funding for their warmaking schemes into the foreseeable future, in the same way that the Federal Reserve boondoggle of 1913 allowed the Jewish bankers to create a money pool to finance all the wars that followed — and World War I, known at the time as The Great War, followed immediately.

It is no leap of logic to conclude that the implementation of Obamacare guarantees World War III will happen, even as it seems that disaster has already begun.

The camel's back is broken

Judging by the skyrocketing frequency of massive protests in Washington, D.C., it seems as though Obamacare just might be the catastrophe that finally awakens the wider population to the criminal nature of the U.S. government. But don't hold your breath.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a lie on both counts: it doesn't protect patients and it's not affordable. It is a cross between the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the president to kill anyone he chooses. But Obamacare's death toll will far exceed those other police state measures.

If there could be such a thing as something more sinister than the willing destruction of the American economy and the deliberate impoverishment of the American people, it would be the ultimate intent of Obamacare, which is to eliminate all forms of alternative medicine and the imprisonment of everyone within the demonstrably toxic grip of allopathic medical care.

All of us still captured by our relationship with the suspicious pronouncements of mainstream doctors realize that there is nowhere to go for help. Mainstream doctors offer us three choices: take a poison pill, have unnecessary surgery or undergo questionable therapy that often worsens the problem.

No doctor in any major medical facility ever talks about nutrition, or how most of our health problems can be solved by sensible eating habits. Today, as sugar joins tobacco and alcohol as the major triggers of human illness, doctors have been taught to push their pills as primary care because they get bonuses from pharmaceutical giants for doing so. This campaign to ban vitamins and home remedies all connects back to this corruption that has overtaken our medical system, and is the prime justification at work in the push for Obamacare.

The twin failures of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) to condemn genetically modified food and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to flag the use Monsanto's Roundup Ready seeds and the use of Roundup herbicides for the poison glyphosate it contains further illustrate the corruption of the entire healthcare system, into which Obamacare now imprisons us, while robotic federal goons raid raw milk producers and organic farmers, but ignore the toxic chemicals the agribusiness giants insert into supermarket milk <>.

Among numerous other atrocities about to be inflicted upon the American people, Obamacare is the final nail in the coffin of small businesses because of the bloated employee insurance it requires them to buy. It prevents emergency room visits without a direct referral from your primary care provider, who is almost never available for emergencies. It guarantees care for illegal aliens, a time-tested budget buster. Perhaps it is worst of all for the elderly, who will be denied care for anything once they're past a certain age.

The new mandate is blindness

LIke the psychiatric drugs that inflict permanent brain damage on their unsuspecting victims and swell the ranks of those declared mentally ill, Obamacare is a social prescription for the permanent crippling of the American psyche.

Numerous studies that the pharmaceutical giants suppress show that drugs for depression don't work — and have never worked. Other studies show that depression  runs a natural course which will abate over time, given proper nutrition and adequate social support.

The rates of psychosis have skyrocketed over time directly due to medications the shrinks have invented to "cure" it. They don't. In fact, drugs such as Klonipin create physiological changes in the brain that cannot be reversed. Once the frontal lobe has shrunk, it may not be regrown. Therefore, those who believe their doctors and begin taking these inadequately tested drugs guarantee themselves a lifetime of mental illness that they otherwise would not have had.

So too with homeschooling. Once you put your child into public schools, you guarantee that his intellectual achievements will be less that if he or she was allowed to study what interests them. Public schools turn kids into soldiers and salesmen. Of course today, it's way worse than that. More than likely they will be forced by their deliberately false curriculum to turn to drugs or crime once they comprehend the hypocrisy of how they are being misled.

Instead of saints and geniuses, public schools deliberately create dumbed down worker drones who will be easily snared by the false occupations designed to keep them oblivious to their slavery. Instead of authentic family values, kids are entrained into obedience to the state, as they are given toxic injections, and taught to reject the values of the very people who have their best interests at heart — their families.

It may seem unfair to those raised on this rancid regimen of manipulation to attribute all these horrific developments to the Jews, because in our public school educations, we have been taught to scrupulously avoid any negative mention of them.

But when you grow up and transcend the hypocritical propaganda you have been forced to ingest throughout your life, you begin to put the pieces together and see that the American Federation of Teachers, the American Medical Association and the federal government itself are all just playthings of a larger, Jewish-dominated power structure that aims not to enlighten you, but to make you blind to the effort to rob you of every possession you ever had.

With Obamacare, that thing they're stealing is your life, right after they take every last cent you ever earned.

Which all goes to show that in freedom dwells the ultimate conditions for health, and that in state-controlled regimented authoritarian control, only sickness exists, derangement hidden behind words that do not mean what they say, followed by premature and unjust death.

Functional education is all about the food you eat and the kind of life you live. The state, as illustrated by Obamacare, has now made it a crime to eat healthy and practice freedom of logical choice.

As I drove home after my beach walk the other night, I passed a public school with a marquee out front that announced it was holding "Stop Bullying Week". This is how the schools teach our children not to be self-reliant, but to rely on the pronouncements of the state to do their thinking for them, and above all, not to protect yourself, but to trust your future to the all-encompassing arms of the Jewish superstate, in which perverted escape mechanisms are your allotted freedom, and critical thinking — not to mention timely action against injustice — are criminal offenses.

This "Stop Bullying" campaign is exactly the opposite of "stand up for your rights" and "be prepared to defend yourself" against thugs, especially government thugs.

So this is one of many reasons why most people cannot see that Obamacare is the official termination of the American republic, and for far too many people, the inevitable termination of their once-healthy lives.

Remember, the most important aspect of Obamacare is not the money they're stealing from you, or the society they're destroying, but the poison allopathic medicine they're forcing you to accept, which will unquestionably diminish and ultimately snuff out your life.

I know this prediction is too easy to make, but the United States of America will not survive Obamacare, and most likely, neither will you.

[Colour fonts and bolding added.].



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