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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Juan O Savin (Mystery Insider) chats with Michael Jaco ... World Events! - 4th March 2021
By Juan O Savin with comments by Ron
Mar 8, 2021 - 2:09:51 AM

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Juan O Savin (Mystery Insider) chats with Michael Jaco ... World Events! - 4th March 2021:

Ron: Juan O Savin implies at around 12' to 25'* and again at 100 minutes,* that under COVID our world has experienced the equivalent of a Biblical year of rest from March 2020 AND that it will experience a second year of rest tantamount to a Jubilee, starting in March this year. He also discusses the extreme complexity of ensuring a proper monetary cum banking and investment RESET and indicates that such process is time consuming.

* Some excerpts:

12:30 Juan O Savin: Yeah, we're in an accelerating moment... I will say this, from a Biblical perspective, my perception is this is a Jubilee Year for America...

12:50 Juan O Savin cont.: What's interesting about a Jubilee Year... in this theme of a Sabbath... the 7th day of the week is the Sabbath day and that's when you have to rest... everybody takes a rest to strengthen up, to look to God, intended for our health and wellbeing that we do this, but it's the Sabbath day, it's God's day... look to God... it's that when we do that we ourselves our strengthened because we rested that day from our labors...

13:40 Lots of other Religious perspectives do have a common theme of a rest day... then there's this Biblical theme that for 6 years there's planting and harvesting but in the 7th year is a rest year... you give the fields a rest... so the soil can replenish and you'll keep getting good crops...

14:32 Every 7th week... 7 years of weeks where the 7th year is a rest year... in the 49th year or 7 x 7 weeks of years... there's what's called a Jubilee Year... so you have your 49th year as a Jubilee and you have a second year which is the 50th year, which is also a rest year...

15:10 The Jubilee Year is actually a 2 year rest period...

15:15 Juan O Savin: Now last year 2020, in March, literally around the change from Winter to Spring, we started this National shutdown and the masks and everything... literally going into a type of rest in business and commerce in our work things... the country went into some type of almost a forced rest year...

15:41 If you were to say, hypothetically, that this was a Jubilee moment in America then a second year would also happen, where business and commerce and planting and everything else, wasn't happening like it has previously... some relative rest is going on...

15:56 In the Jubilee Year in the Bible, in the Scriptures, from a Judeo-Christian perspective, THAT'S WHEN EVERYTHING IS RESTORED...

16:07 In the rest year, in the Jubilee year, if your ancestors had sold off property that was an inheritance to your family, it was restored to the original owners in that rest year...

16:27 Say your parents or grandparents sold off property that was to your particular family or tribe, then it was restored to you in the Jubilee Year... then you didn't have to live with the consequences of a bad decision by your ancestors and your bloodline...

16:57 You could still be restored those properties for you to be able to make the right decisions, do the right things, build out...

17:11 Now, maybe they sold the property and made good money maybe they did something else with the money commerce wise... started a blacksmith shop or something and started to make money with that money so it wasn't a bad decision...

17:34 But if you got the benefit of those properties or you didn't, those original properties were restored to your family...

17:47 For example Native properties... they don't sell those properties, they may lease them out for 50 or 100 years... then when the lease expires, the property goes back to the tribe... and any developments on the property are included... so they don't lose their inheritance... it's not lost to the family forever...

18:09 In the Jubilee Year all the properties were restored to the original families...


Ron: From 42' to  58' he mentions Gaddafi was a good guy and his murder and the destruction of Libya by the US and EU was done to steal US$350 billion in Gadafi's gold and to reopen the slave market bazaar, especially for pedophilia. The slave market is still operating. Gadaffi was also the guardian of ancient Roman cities etc which the global cabal wanted to loot.

Gaddafi was murdered and Libya was looted and destroyed for many other reasons also. Gaddafi was a Christed individual and he not only raised the living conditions for Libyans* well above those in Africa but also above the living conditions experienced by most people in Western countries. He was also about to establish an independent communications satellite network for Africa and assist Africans in other ways. So of course he had to be eliminated. *See eg: Gaddafi's Green Book -

*16 Things Libya Will Never See Again -

The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi -

Libya Then and Now: An Overview of NATO's Handiwo -

Libya Post Gaddafi: Enslaved Women, Abducted Children and Illegal Oil Trade -

*the Jamahiriya form of governance. See:

*Libya: Why the West Wants to Kill Muammar Gaddafi -

Libya's Great Man-Made River Project And NATO War Crimes. See:

Virtually unknown in the West: Libya's water resources. See:

*The top 12 oppressions of Libyans I expect to be ended. See:

Webster Tarpley from Tripoli: Million Man March Dares Obama, NATO to Invade! - Alex Jones Tv 2/2. See:

*Demonstration was held in Green square on (17/6/2011) in Tripol. see:

*What you don't know about Gaddaf, See:

Muammar Gaddafi Voted As Human Rights Hero Of The Year. See:

Seven Years after NATO Overthrew Gaddafi in Libya, Western-Backed Gov Begs for Another Intervention -

Billions Missing From Frozen Gaddafi Accounts in Belgium - reports -


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