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Interview with Dr Lorraine Day on Vaccines, anti-biotics and the North American Union
By Dr Lorraine Day
Mar 31, 2009 - 11:15:00 PM

Conscious Media Network interviews Dr Lorraine Day on Vaccines, anti-biotics, the North American Union and other issues.

Ron: This is an excellent video interview (58' 49") for anyone interested in human health and the need for every individual to take responsibility for their own life and health. Dr Day was diagnosed with lethal cancer and refused radio therapy and chemo-therapy and cured herself with  god-centred natural treatments. She warns that vaccines cause disease and never prevent them. She says that vaccines are a big part of the Illuminati's population decimation strategy as are genetically engineered diseases like Sars, Avian Flu etc. Although doctors are not generally malevolent they are culturally conditioned to believe that vaccines and anti-biotics are beneficial when in fact they are extremely harmful to humanity. Her message is to avoid ALL vaccines and most medically prescribed drugs and to learn to help your body cure itself by putting up with the discomfort involved in that process.


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