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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

"The Wanta Plan" and the Mitterand Protocols.
By Anonymous
Jan 13, 2015 - 11:44:03 PM

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To The Administrator of

Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you and other websites in respect of the subject of the Collateral Accounts and the all too many number of people who make claims about these accounts and the assets. I refer to people like Leo Wanta, Michael Cottrell, Karen Hudes, Neil Keenan, Drake, Casper, Wilcock, David Crayford, and many others.

As a retired Intelligence Officer I have quite a bit of time on my hands and have undertaken an extensive amount of research on this subject over several years, utilising the facilities of friends who are still operational in the Intelligence networks around the world.

When I started on this subject it puzzled me and confused me when it shouldn't have done. It didn't take me long to establish the reason for this puzzling and confusing situation, which was far too many conflicting stories by people making claims about the collateral accounts, or as some people refer to it as the wealth of the world. Strangely, from all my research, most of the stories carried the same basic issues but brought into question the ownership of these accounts or wealth. Also strange, was the fact that the majority of those persons making the claims were somehow and in one way or another, connected to the American Government or Officials of the American Government, the World Bank, the Central Intelligence Agency, the US Armed Forces, or Journalism. That in my opinion as a former Intelligence Officer is too many coincidences to be a coincidence. The only person that stood out as the Lone Wolf was David Crayford.

It was also very strange that these claims commenced in a very mild form in 1995 and have continued in an increasing manner right up to date with more and more people making claims against this apparent wealth in the latter years, yet when you read all the various articles and listened to numerous videos, which I have attentively undertaken, as boring and demanding as that can be, there is a definite and heavily weighted "It's America's Gold and Wealth" and a free for all distribution factor when all of this can be brought out and the public made aware of these accounts and / or wealth.

On the other side there is one person who appears to stand by logical principles and legalities based upon an organised system surrounding these accounts / wealth. There appears to be a well organised "David and Goliath" situation here, which, when we understand how organised and recorded things are, and have been for decades; should not exist at all. It is very strange that it does exist at all which leads me to state that much of what is being published in written or video form is deliberate and total misinformation designed for a specific purpose.

Let me get to the actual point of this letter to you. This is one specific point that I have intensely researched as I was active at the time and to a degree what it entailed was on the fringes of my own specialised work at that time.

Former Ambassador LEO WANTA. Having read every article and listened to videos possible, either from Leo Wanta or about Leo Wanta, especially his latest video and the writings of Michael Cottrell, I am amazed and disgusted at their dogmatic and audacious claims and proposals.

As I have previously stated, this bordered on my own specialised work at the time, so I am fully aware that both Leo Wanta and Michael Cottrell are false claimants. What I am about to state will, I hope, blow the lid off their particular box.

Leo Wanta claims that he entered into an agreement with President Ronald Reagan in respect of the money he is claiming is his and being blocked by the Banks and / or Government of the US. What Leo Wanta was involved with was fraudulent from day one, and I am sure he realised it at the time. Through intensive research I have established that Leo Wanta was responsible for the theft of assets of this wealth in conjunction with George Herbert Walker Bush, Head of the Central Intelligence Agency during Ronald Reagan's time as President. Those assets were utilised within the Federal Reserve Trading Programs, generating trillions of US Dollars in returns. This was for a specific purpose which I will identity below.


The question at the time was how to implement what was planned and use all this money for the purpose intended. A very cunning scheme was developed by the Central Intelligence Agency which was eventually referred to as the "Mitterand Protocols". However, there were still barriers to overcome, one of which was getting the world to accept the "Mitterand Protocols" which could not be achieved based upon the real purpose of these protocols.

Deliberately, cunningly, and deceitfully those persons behind all of this decided to link the "Global Settlements Agreement (Ferdinand Marcos 1980)" to the protocols which promised substantial payments to every Government that signed the "Mitterand Protocols".

Obviously, the countries of the world signed these protocols believing they were going to receive substantial funds for their country. Needless to say, no country ever received one cent of the funds attached to the "Mitterand Protocols", nor would they ever receive any funds. The world had been conned, in its highest form, and coerced into signing these Protocols when all the time Fraud by the initiators of these Protocols was the absolute and ultimate intention.

Leo Wanta was deeply involved in all of this.

Instead of paying out these generated funds to the countries who signed the Protocols and under what they claimed as the "Global Settlements Agreement", amounting to well over $600 trillion USD, the funds were used ultimately for the nefarious purpose intended which was, bringing down the "Iron Curtain" and destroying Communism in Russia and the former Eastern Bloc. Trillions of USD was pumped / paid to people and organisations within the former Eastern Bloc and Russia, to destabilise all these countries, and as we all know the "Iron Curtain" fell and Communism effectively destroyed in 1989. There was however some funds left over from this International Crusade against Communism. Those funds amounted to just over 60 trillion USD , which is the money that Leo Wanta is claiming is his and for which he has entered into agreements with the Banks holding those funds and the US Treasury to get the funds into American into his account and under his control.

I can say that at the time we were all livid with the actions initiated by America, and implemented under the Protocols. What the three Master Signatories (France .... President Mitterand, USA .... President Ronald Reagan, and the UK .... Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and not surprisingly the very same three parties of the Trilateral Trillinium Tripartite Gold Commission established in 1945) did destroyed the status quo that we in Europe were maintaining to further political dialogue.

In fact many of us stated that these three leaders (Reagan, Mitterand, and Thatcher) should have been tried for treason against their own countries and the world, because that is what it amounted to. They deceived their countries, and lied to all other countries around the world, for their own political agenda, an agenda that continues vigorously and intensely to this very day although the leaders at the time have since long gone from power.

It was not until early 2011 that the Master Holder, and yes there is a Master Holder of this wealth which I am fully aware of now, realised what had happened and immediately ordered a "Block" on all remaining accounts. At the same time all documents marked "Top Secret" or "Above Top Secret" or "Cloaked in Secrecy" related to Ronald Reagan's term of Presidency were immediately declassified to allow for a thorough investigation which I understand (and that is from official sources) still goes on today.

Here I have to agree whole heartedly with David Crayford's comments. He rightfully stated that, quote "as these funds (In excess of $600 trillion USD) were generated from stolen assets of the Collateral Accounts, the funds legally belonged to the Collateral Accounts and that what funds remained ($60+ trillion) on account have been returned to the Collateral Accounts" end quote.

Therefore, neither Leo Wanta nor Michael Cottrell has any claim to any funds that remained on account in banks across America and Europe. Again, I concur with what David Crayford has previously stated being, quote, "any agreements executed by these people, which is referenced to the remaining funds, are illegal and unenforceable in law".

Unfortunately, Russia, and even many of the former Eastern Bloc countries are still suffering from these idiotic and empire building policies of the past.

There is another "Twist in the Tail" here as well, which I was only informed, by my official sources, about in the last few months. This "Twist" makes the whole thing laughable but at the same time shows just how deceptive and criminal the initiators of this "International Crusade to bring down the Iron Curtain" have been.

It has been officially established that the liquid funds (That is money literally paid in cash) paid to people and organisations within the former Eastern Bloc and Russia were deliberately fake USD Notes printed outside of America and cannot be used as currency. Any other money on account and transferred by any bank would be electronic and therefore considered as legal currency and a liability on America.

How much is actually involved of the $600+ trillion USD originally generated, I am not aware of. The question being asked now is "Were did any original currency go and on whose accounts was it credited to". That is one reason apparently why investigations are still going on.

So Mr Wanta and Mr Cottrell your game is up. You may be able to deploy misinformation to the masses which some will believe, but you cannot deploy your lies against official records and official information.
I have no doubt in my mind the same will apply to people as Karen Hudes, Neil Keenan, as my research continues with remarkably and non-coincidentally, similar results as the above.

I have written this to bring out some of the truth to the people who have a need to have a belief in something for which they believe in what appears to be the best for them. The Official truth tells a completely different story from what you are being told by people such as Wanta and Cottrell.

Please do not quote my name as what is stated above may border on Breach of Official Secrets, although I have been very careful to avoid such matters.



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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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