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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Jul 11, 2020 - 12:59:42 AM

In Their Eagerness to Destroy Trump, Dems Are Destroying Black Lives and Black Futures
By Larry C Johnson
Jul 10, 2020 - 4:33:51 PM

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July 9th 2020

The vitriol and obsessive hatred consuming Democrat leaders and their sycophantic supporters is driving them to pursue policies intended to damage Donald Trump. But the law of unintended consequences reigns supreme and the Dems actually are savaging the African American community. Turns out that under the Democrat calculus, Black Lives really don't matter.

Covid fear mongering, in tandem with the BLM hysteria, is dramatically changing the landscape of education, from primary to post-graduate. Until March 1st, 2020, attending a class and mingling with other students was the norm in the United States, but that model appears to be going the way of the one room school house that ruled the Great Plains during the 19th Century.

Black children are much more likely than white children to inhabit a home with a single mother who is not a college graduate. Black children are much more likely to inhabit a home without access to the internet or even a computer. And black children are much more likely than their white, asian and latino counterparts to need the food provided at school.

So what is the Democrat solution? Keep the black kids out of school. Blame it on Covid and hope that the blame sticks to Trump. But the kids who are being most damaged by the coordinated effort of Democrat Governors/mayors and Democrat leaning teachers unions to keep the schools shuttered in the fall is not going to provoke an uprising against Trump. It ain't Trump's call.

Black children in the modern Democrat plantations-aka urban centers-already are underserved and uneducated. A black child in Baltimore is likely to pass through 12 grades and still be woefully unable to read, write or cipher at grade level. The Democrats' solution? Keep them at home.

The turmoil and disaster in the elementary and secondary schools is now going to be visited on a broad swath of colleges and universities. Harvard and MIT already have announced no classes and no sports for the Fall season. Who does that hurt most? Black athletes on scholarship.

The ugly truth of our current system is that college athletic programs have been a critical vehicle for ensuring black students, primarily males, get a college education. These programs provide housing, meals, tuition, tutors and a discipline. If you do not follow the rules you may not play. The incentive of having to maintain a minimal grade point average has helped "inspire" athletes keen on staying in the good graces of their coaches to adopt the discipline of studying and attending class. If you do not do the work you may not play. What happens now when that incentive is erased? Moreover, what happens to those black athletes from single parent homes that still do not have computers or internet? How do "on-line" classes work for them?

I do not think the damage will be confined to so-called amateur athletics. There is likely to be spillover to the professional world. The XFL is the most prominent casualty. It is one of the earliest victims of Covid and with its demise jobs for more than 1000 black athletes disappeared. Poof. Gone.

When you mix Covid with the Black Lies Matter hoax you get a toxic brew that is likely to poison professional sports, especially football and basketball. Fans want to go to games. They don't want to have their noses rubbed in politics of any kind. They want to cheer their heroes and rail against opponents from some other part of America. That is gone for this year.

Football is not a sport where you can social distance. It is full body contact, both on the field and in the stands. Anyone who has ever attended a Philadelphia Eagles game can attest to that. A Washington Redskin fan, a black man, who showed up at games dressed as a Souix Chief learned that the hardway. He was assaulted and spat on. Not because he was black but because he represented a team the Eagles traditionally despise.

The majority of football fans who attend the professional and collegiate football games are white. They do not and will not tolerate being called racists. They especially bristle at being labeled as racists by 20 year olds making more money in one year than many of these fans make in ten years. Outraged fans will vote with their feet and dollars. And as the final riches that once flowed freely through the NFL dry up who do you think will bear the burden of no money? Black athletes. Hell, Helen Keller can see this coming.

My wife's family has had Chiefs' season tickets since 1964, when the team started playing in Kansas City. But new rules for the upcoming season are leaving my brother-in-law with no choice. He is giving up the family treasure after 56 years. Why? He has been told that he will not be able to sit in his seats that are twenty rows from the field on 45 yard line right behind the Chiefs' bench. Apparently the NFL has decided to vacate the first ten rows in all stadiums. And each team is coming up with a different system that will only allow at most, 50% of the fans, to attend. I am told that the Baltimore Ravens, who normally fill their 81,000 seat stadium, will only permit 14,000 fans per game.

Last, but most critical, is the carnage sweeping black neighborhoods and communities in the major urban centers. All are under the jack boot of Democrats. With the vocal minority insisting on eliminating police-who despite media lies and propaganda, operate according to rules and under the power of the law-and replacing law enforcement with vigilante squads empowered by nothing more than capricious force. Most black Americans in these communities are horrified by this prospect. They are being left to fend for themselves and the early evidence points to a tidal wave of violence and mayhem.

The charade that Black Lives Matter will be fully exposed as a fraud in the coming weeks. All Lives Matter. The color of ones skin should not and cannot dictate whether or not you can live in a safe neighborhood. At present, responsible black parents cannot let their children play outside without worrying legitimately that they will be gunned down by some crazed gang banger. And yes, that gang banger is most likely black.

The Democrat and media mob persist in spreading the lie that police pose the primary threat to black men and black women and black children. Nope. Effective policing protects those black communities, or at least tries to do so.

The solution lies in fighting the lie that America is inherently racist. We are not. Our core values provide hope for all, not just for some. This is where the battle line must be drawn and where the fight must take place.

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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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