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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

Mar 14, 2012 - 1:13:10 AM

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Sunday, March 11, 2012


11 March 2012 murders in Kandahar. Back in 2010, four US soldiers killed unarmed civilians in this part of Kandahar. They were found gulty of forming a "kill team" that murdered Afghan civilians for sport.

On 11 March 2012, a GROUP of American soldiers murdered 16 civilians, including nine children, in southern Kandahar province in Afghanistan.

(Western forces kill 16 civilians in Afghanistan: Kabul government)‎

Witnesses said the American soldiers were laughing when they carried out the shootings.

Child murdered in Kandahar on 11 March 2012. A GROUP of Americans carried out the murders.

Witnesses told Reuters they saw a GROUP of U.S. soldiers arrive at their village in Kandahar's Panjwayi district at around 2 am, enter homes and open fire.

The US embassy in Kabul said that only one American soldier had been detained over the shooting.

The Mai Lai massacre carried out by US troops as part of Operation Phoenix.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai described the Kandahar attack as "intentional murders".

"They (Americans) poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them," Haji Samad told Reuters.

Neighbors said they awoke to gunfire from American soldiers, whom they described as laughing.

One site of the shooting incident in Kandahar province, March 11, 2012. Credit: REUTERS/Ahmad Nadeem.

A 15-year-old survivor named Rafiullah said that "soldiers" broke into his house, woke up his family and began shooting them. (Afghans express skepticism over shooting account‎)

"The village is outside the gate of an American base...

"Thus, this is what we can safely assume:

"More than one American was involved as no single soldier would have been allowed outside the compound, heavily armed with a vehicle.

"Gate security received authorization for the “mission” from the watch officer at the “Combat Operations Center” at the base...

The US and NATO have a long history of deliberately killing civilians.

"No “reaction force” was sent to investigate though this was right outside the gates. Radio contact would have been attempted, and there would be recorded records of this and all other activities, as required by normal procedures.

"Again, we repeat, authorization at the gate, obviously more than one person, a vehicle, radio communications, gunfire overheard, all things that make the story we have received not just unlikely but childish, superficial and an obvious lie to anyone with experience in the military, something 30 million Americans have."

More: Here

An American soldier torturing and killing an innocent civilian for sport. (aferrismoon)

US forces have carried out similar acts in this area in the past. (Afghans express skepticism over shooting account‎)

Four US soldiers were sent to prison in connection with the 2010 killing of three unarmed men in this part of Kandahar province.

They were found gulty of forming a "kill team" that murdered Afghan civilians for sport.

An American torturing and killing for sport.

They murdered innocent victims with grenades and machine guns during patrols, then dropped weapons near their bodies to make them appear to have been combatants.

9 11 was an inside job. Osama worked for the CIA. Afghanistan was relatively liberal and prosperous before the CIA put the Mujadideen into power in Afghanistan. Fury as academics claim 9/11 was 'inside job' Mail Online

At Azizabad, on 22 August 2008, an American military operation killed more than 90 Afghan civilians, mainly women and children. (aangirfan: MURDER OF CIVILIANS BY US FORCES IN AZIZABAD)

US troops carrying out a massacre in Korea

If you add up the totals, the USA is probably responsible for the biggest holocaust of all time.


The CIA put Saddam into power and manipulated Iraq and Iran into a war. 1.5 million Iranians may have died in the Iran-Iraq war. Then came the Desert Storm campaign, depleted uranium, UN sanctions and the latest Iraq war. Over 1 million Iraqis have died as a result of American interference in Iraq. [Ron: Actually, unnecessary deaths as a result of US attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan EXCEED 10 MILLION.].

9 11

On 9 11, 1973, Salvador Allende, the President of Chile, was killed in an American-sponsored coup, led by General Augusto Pinochet. Pinochet's rise to power, organised by the CIA and Henry Kissinger, began nearly twenty years of military dictatorship that led to thousands of deaths. 30,000 people were massacred in the weeks following this September 11th, as Pinochet tried to wipe out those who opposed fascism.

The Congo was given a military dictatorship thanks to the CIA assassination of Patrice Lumumba. The Congo conflict has led to at least 3 million deaths.

In Cambodia, America (and Britain) backed Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot who killed nearly 2 million Cambodians.

Many Germans died after the end of World War II due to the harsh policies of the USA. A survey conducted by the German government stated that some 1.4 million German prisoners died in captivity; many of them died in American captivity.[Ron: See eg Or And:

And: PJ #13 " SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET ", chapter 15 & 16:

And: And: Did the Allies Starve Millions of Germans? See: And: And:

See also:].

Since the Second World War, the US government has bombed 21 countries:

China in 1945-46 and again in 1950-53,

Korea in 1950-53

In Korea, nearly 3 million civilians were murdered by the USA and its allies. Civilians were murdered at No Gun Ri and many other places. The USA supported the fascist puppet regime in South Korea. The South Korean government carried out genocide against both North and South Korean people.

Guatemala in 1954, 1960, and 1967-69

Indonesia in 1958

Up to one million innocent civilians died in Indonesia after the CIA put Suharto into power in Indonesia. At least one third of the population of East Timor died after the USA gave Suharto permission to invade that country.

The CIA's MK ULTRA - Nazi style torture of American children

Vietnam in 1961-73

North Vietnam did not want a war. The US military-industrial complex made sure that there was a war. Through the Phoenix Program, hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese were tortured to death in “interrogation centers”.

These torture centers were built by the United States. Women were always raped as part of the torture before being murdered. This terrorism, rape and mass-murder was the policy of the USA. The My Lai massacre itself was an operation of the Phoenix Program.

Up to 5 million Vietnamese were killed in the Vietnam war.

Congo in 1964,

Laos in 1964-73,The United States Air Force dropped the equivalent of a planeload of bombs every eight minutes for nine years on the people of Laos — from 1965 to 1973. Over 2,000,000 tons.This was some of the heaviest aerial bombardment in world history.

Estimated civilian deaths: 500,000 men, women and children.

US troops torturing someone

Peru in 1965,

Cambodia in 1969-70,

El Salvador throughout the 1980s,

Nicaragua throughout the 1980s,

Lebanon in 1983-84,

Grenada in 1983,

Bosnia in 1985,

Libya in 1986,

Panama in 1989,

Iraq in 1991 and later,

Sudan in 1998,

Former Yugoslavia in 1999,

and Afghanistan in 1998 and 2002.

If you add up the totals, the United States of America is probably responsible for the biggest holocaust of all time.
US military torturing a child - MK ULTRA

"Since before the end of WWII the United States Corporate Mafia Government has been hell bent for total world domination, by any and all means necessary, no matter how brutal — including the slaughter of as many millions of innocent civilian men, women and children as it takes to accomplish that goal."

Source of quote:

Ex-State Department employee William Blum stated:

"An American holocaust has taken place - So great and deep is the denial of the American holocaust that the deniers are not even aware that the claimers or their claims exist.

"Yet, a few million people have died in the American holocaust and many more millions have been condemned to lives of misery and torture as a result of US interventions extending from China and Greece in the 1940s to Afghanistan and Iraq in the 1990s."

US troops torturing someone

The US and NATO have a long history of acting like NAZIS.[Ron: WHY do authors endlessly repeat Jew created propaganda bullshit about the Nazis?! the German military was essentially law abiding and honourable with very few exceptions. It was the US, UK and France (and the Bolshevik Jew driven Russians) that did the genocidal bombing and massacring during WWII. Moreover, the US, UK and the Soviet Union caused WWII NOT Germany.]




The American Military


An interesting Comment:

nobody said...

Very good, thanks Aang. Just to fine-tune one of your points, the US dropped more bombs on Laos than were dropped during the entirety of WWII by both sides. And all to stop a foot trail through the jungle. Honestly, what transparent bullshit.

The smart money will assume that the real reason for this perversity was to enrich arms dealers by using up their back inventory etc. But I'm going to call bullshit on that too since inventory could just be shuffled around and declared 'spent'. Hell, you could just dump it in the ocean.

This variety of excuse-making logic is based on the assumption that the staggering number of deaths is a by-product, a thing that occurs in order to achieve some other 'sensible' thing. But this is begging the question surely? Frankly it would make more sense to assume that all this death and suffering is in fact the point of the exercise.

Certainly people would declare this absurd but only because they think that satanistic death worship is a thing of fiction and doesn't exist. Pretty much everyone here knows better of course. A true belief-based death cult does exist and the evidence for it is staring us in the face.

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