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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Fort Pelosi Comes Under Siege As Leftists Not Amused By "Healing Bombs" And "Kids In Cages"
By Sorcha Faal
Mar 1, 2021 - 4:01:11 AM

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Fort Pelosi Comes Under Siege As Leftists Not Amused By "Healing Bombs" And "Kids In Cages"

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A fascinating new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the global diplomatic outrage over US Secretary of State Antony Blinken having a virtual meeting with Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard while behind him was displayed an upside-down Mexican Flag, says this deliberate American affront to the dignity of the Mexican people displayed by this former Obama Regime official sees its explanation being found in such articles like "The Biden White House Has Given Up Holding Hands and Singing "Kumbaya" in Less Than 40 Days"-wherein it details the ongoing warfare between the Clinton Wing and the Obama Wing of the socialist Democrat Party-and following this obvious embarrassing of Blinken on the world stage by an unnamed Clinton Wing operative in the State Department, saw the Obama Wing retaliating by sending former Obama Treasury official Steve Rattner onto the leftist media airwaves to slam the Clinton Wing's so-called COVID relief bill.

Is a war that sees the Clinton Wing being more concerned with winning future elections, while the Obama Wing wants an immediate wholesale socialist remaking of America-and sees standing nominally between these two warring factions Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden-who this past week enraged the radical leftist Obama Wing by bombing Syria and his being discovered to now be putting "kids in cages" on the US-Mexican border-and when pummeled by this leftist outrage, saw the White House screaming that these children weren't in cages, "They're In Containers!", and as expected, saw leftist CNN's love affair with airstrikes continuing with them gushing over Biden's attack on Syria and likening it to "Healing Bombs".

Distorted propaganda having no effect on Obama Wing radical socialist darling US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who slammed Biden for his hypocrisy of jailing migrant children, that was followed by articles about her appearing like "AOC's Dreams Are Crushed, and the Ritual Gnashing of Teeth Ensues"-that were quickly followed by other articles appearing like "Radicals Already Losing Patience With Biden Over Failure to Pass Their Agenda".

Warfare between these socialist Democrats coming at the same time the American people are awakening to articles like "FBI Becomes National Joke: Once Esteemed Agency Is Now Posting Wanted Alerts for Young Women Who Walked Through US Capitol" and "IGNORED BY MEDIA AND FBI: Antifa-BLM Activists Are Posting Photos and Bragging Online About Storming US Capitol on Jan. 6"-and who are awakening to them because this past week Biden's pick of the Obama Wing operative Merritt Garland to be Attorney General shockingly said that Antifa and BLM attacks on federal buildings and courthouses may not be domestic terrorism because they happen at night-which explains why Antifa and BLM terrorists rampaged through Portland-Oregon attacking federal buildings and destroying businesses a few hours ago when night fell.

Attacks on US federal property these leftist terrorists said was in response to Biden putting kids in cages-saw these attacks being preceded by the shocking news that socialist Democrat Party leader US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave the order to keep National Guard troops away from the US Capitol on 6 January-though afterwards saw her ordering razor wire topped walls and thousands of heavily armed combat troops to protect the US Capitol-which, in turn, has given this militarized building its new name "Fort Pelosi"-whose real purpose for is explained in articles like "Why The Capitol Riot Terrified The Elites", that notes: "The stormers crossed the threshold of the establishment's cushy elitism and exposed lawmakers to the real-world ire their actions create"-and whose future of can be glimpsed in the warning videos now appearing like "Voters REJECT Biden As They Realize He Is A Political Puppet!! The MASSES Are WAKING UP!!". [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


According to this report, near immediately following Vietnam becoming the latest country to approve the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, Czech President Milos Zeman revealed that his country has asked President Putin to supply the Sputnik V vaccine without EU drug watchdog certification-a revelation coming at the same time the Czech government is expected to put Covid-19 lockdown measures ON HOLD after their parliament refused to extend a state of emergency-and are critical events to notice in light of the stunning articles appearing in America today like "HUGE EXCLUSIVE: US Dr. Ralph Baric Was Reviewing Moderna and Dr. Fauci's Coronavirus Vaccine in December 2019! - What's Going On?" and "EXPLOSIVE UPDATE! Top WHO Official Caught on Video in December 2019 Revealing Coronavirus Manipulation at Wuhan Lab Before Pandemic".

Fortunately for the American people as all of these stunning events unfold, this report concludes, their Supreme Court has just ordered an end to the socialist coronavirus lock down of churches-an order that, most sadly, won't affect Canadian Pastor James Coates, who was slammed into isolation in a maximum security prison because he refused to stop preaching to his Christian congregation-though most despicably to notice about all of the Western nations, is that none of their citizens are being told the truth about why coronavirus infection rates and deaths have gone into freefall all around the world-a crashing of coronavirus numbers on a epic scale having nothing whatsoever to do with vaccines or lock downs-was first noticed happening a few weeks ago at the end of January-not coincidentally saw these rates crashing following the 20 January publication by the World Health Organization of their information notice memorandum stating that all coronavirus tests were giving false positives-and when labs around the world began correcting their testing methods, coronavirus infections and death rates began to disappear.

On 20 January 2021, the World Health Organization issues memo warning that coronavirus tests are giving false positives, and after labs around the world change their testing procedures, infection rates and deaths plummet (see charts above).

February 28, 2021 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.


All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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