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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Mar 19, 2019 - 4:07:13 AM

Democratic Decay: The Threat With a Thousand Names
By Tom Gerald Dalywith comments by Ron
Mar 18, 2019 - 3:35:02 PM

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Democratic decay: the threat with a thousand names

-Democratic AuditIn the 2012 children's book, The Dog with a Thousand Names, the unfortunate dog of the title - originally named Bingo - gets renamed on every page by each member of the family. Hilarity ensues for the characters and reader - or so the book blurb would have you believe.

So it is with one of the most pressing challenges facing liberal democracy worldwide today: the creeping, incremental deterioration of democratic rule in state after state, slowly transforming the nature of the system until it is no longer recognisable as a ‘true' democracy.

[Ron: Has there ever been a 'true democracy' in recorded history? What is a 'true democracy' anyway? The Liberal democratic governance meme is Talmudic bullshit. Even in ancient Greece, the alleged birthplace of this idea, participation in the democratic voting process was denied to most of the population, notably females, children and slaves.

The democratic governance idea is a propaganda meme designed by rich banksters and corporatists to fool mass populations into thinking that they have a say in their governance. THEY DON'T! The general population is asked to vote for some politician who is part of a group of puppet politicians covertly chosen by banksters and corporatists to pretend to govern for the nation while taking instructions from those hidden wealthy banking and corporatist controllers.

Today, so-called democratic elections in the UK and the rest of the Western world empower everyone over a minimum age to have a vote equal to all others. Think about that. It is ridiculous. It gives everyone over some minimum age like 18, as much 'say' in the affairs of the community as older, wiser and more experienced voters. It assumes that everyone has equal mental and emotional intelligence, experience and knowledge. THAT is a recipe for enabling wealthy people to use propaganda and other methods to unduly influence the votes of droves of gullible voters. Moreover, the logical extension of that proposition is that children should have as much say in organising and operating family households as parents and grandparents. In truth children cannot raise themselves let alone others, and indeed most parents are inadequate for the task. See eg: The mother and the father, the wrong people doing the parenting! -

In fact many parents are also inadequately equiped to assess who should govern their nation.

The solution to the creation of honest, genuine governance arrangements appears to lie in arrangements that empower local communities to make and be responsible for the implementation of as many decisions directly affecting their lives and community, as possible. Such localised community orientated governance ensures that members of the community OWN the decisions and will fund and implement them while retaing the ability to quickly amend them when the need for change becomes apparent. This is presumably why the Constitution of the USA established a Republic not a democracy.

As regards larger issues requiring concerted district, regional or national governance, the organization and implementation of the voting arrangements needs to be more elaborate and codified. But the principles for voter eligibility need to be similar to the local level in that blanket enfranchisment should NOT be arbitrarily bestowed on people on the basis of age. People vary greatly in intelligence, knowledge, experience and in their actual contributions to the community, as well as in their mental and emotional maturity. Accordingly the criteria for eligibility to vote should be based on such matters rather than age. Children still in school or just out of it, and even adults in their early twenties should ordinarily not be given the same power to influence decisions affecting the community as older and hopefully wiser and more experienced people. The cultural Marxist nonsense evident in LGBTism, Political Correctness, and support for identity and diversity politics and illegal aliens evident in US universities and colleges emphasises the truth of this proposition.

In large communities where there is a clear and substantial differentiation in relation to occupations and areas of expertise it may be possible to devise mechanisms that enable specified groups of workers and citizens to elect their representatives to district, regional and national governance bodies. Such arrangements may be organised in ways similar to how workers' unions, business federations and cultural associations do now.

Arguably, leaving aside issues related to lack of knowledge, experience and emotional maturity, most people probably don't develop a fully mature brain function until around age 25 so perhaps that age is an appropriate one for the granting of the right to vote for governance representatives. Exceptions could be made in cases in which an individual is not a student or other dependant and is obviously contributing to community welfare or governance in some way.

In any event, refugees, unassimilated migrants and persons convicted of serious criminal offences should not be empowered to influence community voting about governance.].


From Hungary to Poland, to the USA, India, Brazil and Japan, this is the threat stalking the democratic system. Overt coups are out. Fake Democrats are in. The result has been a global ‘democratic recession' every bit as dangerous as the last global financial crisis - if not more so. For now, let's call this phenomenon - democratic decay.

What is so striking about this phenomenon is just how many names are now used to describe it by the academics and policy actors at the forefront of analysing it as it progresses and deepens across the globe. Even one glance at the growing stockpile of books, articles, policy papers, blog posts and media pieces on the subject reveals a bewildering array of terms: democratic recession; democratic backsliding; authoritarian backsliding; rule of law backsliding; democratic erosion; abusive constitutionalism; autocratic legalism; populist constitutionalism; bad faith constitutionalism; de-constitutionalism; constitutional retrogression; constitutional capture; constitutional rot; constitutional decay; democratic deconsolidation; authoritarianisation. And let's not forget the broad rubric of populism, seemingly the favourite label of the moment for all kinds of ills. [Ron: WTF?! Isn't "democracy" supposed to be based on "popularism" ie governance by people CHOSEN by the people?!]. The list goes on.

Partly this proliferation is down to simple real-world divides. Lawyers like to talk more about constitutions and constitutionalism, and coin new terms in this vein. Political scientists are more focused on democracy as a term, and this forms the root for coining neologisms. For some, such as those active in the EU and pan-European space, ‘democracy' is a problematic term (largely because of the EU's ‘democratic deficit' or lack of full democratic legitimacy), [Ron:WTF?! The EU is run by a faceless mass of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels! HOW is that 'democratic'  in any sense?] so ‘rule of law' is the focus. [Ron: Whose Law?! Unelected Talmudic bureaucrats craft the laws and force them onto nations that used to be sovereign.]. Further entrenching the divides, in academia scholars tend to stick to their own tribe, and for all the talk of ‘breaking boundaries' and inter-disciplinary research, a real willingness to engage with those in another camp is relatively thin on the ground.

The result, unfortunately, is a rather bewildering miasma of terminology, which tends to obscure the fact that many of these terms are about one of two things, either: (i) the slow dismantling of liberal democracy by a democratically elected government that is opposed to key tenets of liberalism (such as minority rights, individual autonomy, and meaningful constraints on the government through law and independent institutions), and also core principles of democracy (such as free and fair elections, if they have any chance of losing in a fair competition); and (ii) the wider and deeper tectonic shifts taking place in democratic systems worldwide, which are bringing such governments to power - [Ron: WTF?! The so-called 'tectonic shifts' referred too are actually governments  elected by a majority of voters fed up with Talmudic cultural Marxist pseudo Liberal governance.] or which are threatening the endurance of meaningful democratic governance [Ron: HOW?] without any such government in place.

Economic inequality; political polarisation; cultural backlash against rapid social, moral and demographic change; the scapegoating of immigrants and minorities by political forces; the profound - and often negative - effects of technology on society and the political system; the rise of non-liberal alternative governance models viewed as successful, in China, Singapore and other states; and active external interference through ‘election hacking' and other, subtler, forms of meddling. While the UK is not clearly suffering from the first challenge, it - like all other democracies - is facing the second suite of challenges.

[Ron: This statement is a pastiche of nonsense! For instance, the UK and the Obama governments unsuccessfully colluded and attemped to "hack" the election of President Trump in the US; and have continued to try to unlawfully undermine the Trump Administration for more than two years and counting.

This author is so 'full of it' I can't be bothered debunking most of his faulty assertions. Suffice to say that residents of Western nations have finally WOKEN UP to the fact that they are being forced  to accept rapid immoral social and other [im]moral changes as well as overwhelming demographic changes foisted on them by cultural Marxist governmentds and they find this process UNACCEPTABLE. See eg: American activist Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of European ethnic societies -

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: ‘The Man of the Future will be a Mongrel’ -

Quotations In Support Of White Genocide. See:

Project White Genocide: The Dark Agenda of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi. See:


The War on White Australia: A Case Study in the Culture of Critique, Parts 1 to 5 -

Similarly, huge numbers of Euroanglo-USans are starting to object to being forced to accommodate millions of Soros and Talmudic NGO funded illegal immigrants and criminals masquerading as refugees. See eg: American activist Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of European ethnic societies -].  

Yet, the sheer proliferation of terms means it is increasingly difficult to make sense of what is otherwise, in the main, highly useful and incisive analysis.

[Ron: I disagree. the proliferation of terms is typical Talmudic obfuscation designed to confuse and conceal the truth of the situation. It is typical of rabbinical rhetoric and Bernaysian propaganda.].

There is little hope of stuffing the genie back in the bottle by pushing analysts to converge on a smaller number of terms - getting academics on the same page is inevitably compared to herding cats, and the challenge multiplies when one counts the other key actors in this space: policy-makers, journalists and politicians.

[Ron: Most of the analysts and actors referred too are, in one form or another, paid enablers of the Talmudists running the global control matrix, so of course they won't be telling the general public the truth.].

But that does not mean all hope is lost. What is really needed is, not so much terminological police and policing, but more researchers who can act as guides across this landscape, mapping it for others, clarifying it, and making its insights much more accessible. This is already happening: we are seeing a rapid growth in specialist research groups; cross-disciplinary journal collections and book series; and initiatives and resources such as the cross-university collaboration Democratic Erosion in the USA and the global Democratic Decay Resource (DEM-DEC).

[Ron: Yabba, yabba, obfuscation yabba.].

But we need more of this, and quickly. The trend of democratic decay itself - and the means by which political and social forces are degrading liberal democracy - is rapidly changing, developing and spreading. We are trying to understand a global phenomenon as it envelopes the world in real time: in February, Freedom House [Ron: cought, cough] marked the 13th consecutive year of decline in global freedom. The challenge is also not just to turn the clock back or keep what we have - to protect democracy we must re-make democracy. That applies to the UKs and Australias [Ron: This is shilling for the City of London. Australia has NO lawful constitution and is a corporation owned and controlled by the Talmudists who control the UK. See eg: Adams/north - 1 The People suffered Yet Parliament Knew And Said Nothing ... -] as well as the Polands and Brazils of this world. And that, too, will require scholars and policy actors to truly work together - or at least, will require guides and interpreters to act as threads across different spaces, collecting, sifting, comparing and amplifying the insights of each camp.

After all, whereas in The Dog with a Thousand Names the proliferation of names is ultimately harmless fun - Bingo remains himself and no one gets hurt - if terminological confusion concerning democratic decay continues and worsens, finding understanding and finding solutions will be all the harder. A global challenge with extraordinarily high stakes requires us to do better.

Dr Tom Gerald Daly is Director of the Democratic Decay Resource (DEM-DEC) and an academic and consultant on democracy, human rights, and public law.

Main Image: Thomas Hawk via a (CC BY-NC 2.0) licence

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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