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Democrat Threat To Arrest And Jail Trump Cabinet Officers Meets Thousands Of Troops Training To Capture Washington
By Sorcha Faal
Oct 5, 2019 - 1:17:29 AM

October 4, 2019

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A highly disturbing new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting President Putin confirming that the Motherland is helping China to build a missile-attack warning system that only Russia and the United States have, states that the two new Voronezh-type missile early warning radars being rolled out in the Komi Republic and the Murmansk region in northern Russia are presently under no NATO attack threat—a statement needed to be made in light of a US military training exercise currently underway called “Operation Arctic Anvil” that during the past 48-hours saw dozens of its soliders being injured in a nighttime paratroop drop—but which, in fact, has nothing at all to do with Arctic warfare as this operation is ongoing in the Southern State of Mississippi involving thousands of US Army airborne troops belonging to their elite 25th Infantry Division that’s nicknamed “Tropic Lightning”—a nickname justly earned because these elite paratroopers are highly trained to rapidly seize and take control of tropical and sub-tropical regions within hours of being deployed—and whose sub-tropical wetland terrain most matching their present Mississippi training grounds is the Potomac River Basin where the American capital city of Washington D.C. is located—a capital city quickly falling into chaos and nearing outright rebellion as its socialist Democrat Party leaders are now “exploring ways to arrest and jail Trump cabinet officers”, and whose top Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has now stunningly threatened with lawsuits any media company running campaign ads against him—insanities which were joined a few hours ago when these demonic Democrats fell into the very abyss of Hell itself when their socialist leader US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stood in silent agreement when one of her climate crazy lunatics began telling the world on live television that is now time for everyone to start eating babies to save the world from climate change. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, for anyone attempting to understand what is currently ongoing in America today, the elections to the United States House of Representatives for the 37th Congress that were held at various dates in different States from August-1860 to October-1861 provide the best guide—and was when the Democrat Party refused to recognize the legitimacy of Republican President Abraham Lincoln—a political battle that resulted in the US Congress being unable to function as these Democrats sought to throw Lincoln from power—and in failing, saw these Democrats starting a nationwide rebellion against Lincoln—a rebellion now known as the American Civil War that saw Lincoln taking full control of the entire US government to defeat these Democrats—and which cost over 700,000 lives—a staggering total more than all the lives in lost in all other US wars combined.



As in 1860 when the Democrat Party sought to preserve its right to keep large portions of the American people enslaved, this report continues, so too, by 2016, had these Democrats done the same—and where in the 1860’s these Democrats concentrate their slaves on vast pieces of land they called plantations—by 2016 they had concentrated their modern day slaves in big city enclaves called ghettos—both of which saw the Democrat slaves living within them being provided with cradle-to-grave subsistence while their overlords destroyed their families at will, as well as their not providing these slaves with the education they need to advance themselves.



Also in 1860, this report details, the Christian peoples of America staged an electoral rebellion against these Democrat Party slave owning overlords by electing to power Abraham Lincoln—who won the electoral vote by 180—but only received 39.8% of the popular vote—and in 2016 was matched by his Republican Party counterpart Donald Trump who won the electoral vote by 304 due to his nation’s Christian peoples rebelling against these Democrat slave owners, too—but who won only 46.1% of the popular vote—and because of saw the Democrats, both in 1860 and 2016, declaring that both Lincoln and Trump were illegitimate presidents.

Using this history of the United States as a predictor guide of possible future events, this report notes, MoD analysts correctly assessed that the Democrats would do everything in their power to destroy President Trump at all costs—most particularly because he posed a direct threat to their ownership of slaves—thus making it a necessity for the MoD to constantly monitor troop movements in America as rebellions of this kind can only be put down with military force—and during the past few weeks, saw these MoD analysts becoming alarmed when the Strategic American Military Port of Gulfport began being flooded with thousands of US military troops and their combat equipment—all of whom embarked from their heavily armored combat ships and traveled Camp Shelby located in the State of Mississippi—and whose makeup of combat forces include the US Army’s elite 25th Infantry Division, to include their 4th Brigade Airborne Combat Team who traveled from their base in the State of Alaska—and where they joined up the US Army’s 501st Airborne Infantry Regiment who traveled from their base in the State of North Carolina—all of whom are currently performing nightly low-level airborne assault drops—and as evidenced by dozens of them being injured when they were carried into trees after jumping from their C-130 combat aircraft—which could not have occurred during a high-altitude jump as their combat night vision devices would have allowed them to steer clear of all obstacles.


Thousands of elite US Army airborne forces and their equipment begin flooding into Strategic American Military Port of Gulfport on 29 September 2019 (above)…

…then travel to Camp Shelby in Southern State of Mississippi to begin low-level paratroop drop training (above).


At the same time these thousands of elite US Army paratroopers are training to conduct low-level combat drops to seize territory and buildings in terrain matching conditions found in the Potomac River Basin where Washington D.C. is located, this report concludes, further evidence of what President Trump is planning can be seen in the US Army readying a massive order for M16A4 Assault Rifles—an ordering of hundreds-of-thousands of these weapons that are unable to be fired in full automatic mode clearly showing that they’re intended to be used by American civilians—millions of whom under US federal law are members of the Reserve Militia, that includes all able bodied American men between the ages 17 to 45nearly 19 million of whom already have permits to carry a concealed handgun—and upon being called into action by Trump to defend their nation, will face a rabid and demented socialist Democrat Party enemy who’ve apparently forgotten that these Republicans are 1-0 in fighting civil wars.



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