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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Declassified documents prove U.S. covered up Soviet massacre of 22,000 Polish officers
By Madison Ruppert
Sep 11, 2012 - 5:35:07 AM

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Declassified documents prove U.S. covered up Soviet massacre of 22,000 Polish officers

Wikimedia Commons

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

U.S. Army documents which were
recently declassified prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the United States helped cover up the slaughter of 22,000 polish officers in 1940 at the hands of Soviet troops.

Declassified documents have revealed many disturbing facts in the past including the reality of
the MK-ULTRA program, plans to stage false-flag attacks on Americans, plans to use food as a weapon against growing populations and much more.

Knowing that, it is hardly surprising to see
the government increasing the costs for declassification reviews to an absurd degree in a clear attempt to reduce the amount of reviews.

One must understand why such an approach would be taken seeing as it is hardly beneficial for the public to realize that the United States willfully helped cover up a brutal massacre in order to maintain an image of the Soviets which was simply pure fantasy.

Two American prisoners of war sent coded messages to Army intelligence officers after they visited Katyn, where the massacre occurred, in 1943, which clearly placed the guilt on the Soviets.

The Americans told Washington that after they had themselves witnessed the rows of corpses, all in a state of advanced decay, it became clear that the Nazi claims about the Soviets murdering the 22,000 officers were, in fact, accurate.

The two Americans determined that based on the level of decay, it was clear that the Soviets must have carried out the massacre since the Nazis had just recently invaded the area surrounding the site.

Keep in mind, the two Americans, Capt. Donald B. Stewart and Lt. Col. John H. Van Vliet Jr., loathed the Nazis and were not quick to shift the blame away from the Germans having witnessed Nazi brutality first hand.

Furthermore, they were well aware of the fact that the Soviets were their allies and that the Nazis would love nothing more than to use the massacre as a propaganda tool to weaken the Western alliance with the Soviets.

The documents indicate that the U.S. government’s cover up of the massacre began during WWII with the blame being falsely placed on Nazi Germany. According to the British
Daily Mail,

The long-held suspicion is that President Franklin Roosevelt didn’t want to anger Josef Stalin, an ally whom the Americans were counting on to defeat Germany and Japan.

Disturbingly, the roughly 1,000 pages of newly available documents indicate that the cover up very likely extended into the upper echelons of government. It sounds like a classic conspiracy theory but, like many so-called “conspiracy theories,” this one turned out to be true.

The United States continued to claim that they could not determine guilt in any conclusive manner until the Russian government finally admitted it in 1990 but this is clearly untrue given the mounds of evidence they had at their disposal.

The cover up of this incident is truly reprehensible since these individuals were, “among Poland’s most accomplished — officers and reserve officers who in their civilian lives worked as doctors, lawyers, teachers, or as other professionals,” as the
Daily Mail puts it. [ Ron: This is a typical Bolshevik Jewish atrocity. After all the Bolshevik Jews under the Jew Lenin carried out the Red Terror murdering millions of Christian Russians and subsequently Bolshevik Jews directed by the Jews Stalin and Kaganovich starved to death at least 7 million Ukrainian Christians and murdered tens of millions of  Rrussian Christians.].

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the truth about the Katyn massacre has come out since a U.S. Congressional committee investigated Katyn and in their final report released in 1952 they declared that there was no doubt that the Soviets were guilty and declared that the massacre was “one of the most barbarous international crimes in world history.”

The committee also determined that the Roosevelt administration suppressed knowledge of the incident, supposedly out of military necessity, and they called for charges to be brought against the Soviets at an international tribunal. Unsurprisingly, that never occurred.

Even after the committee made these quite strong statements about the incident, the White House continued to cover up Soviet responsibility for decades.

Despite the strong drive to avoid making the Nazis look any less guilty, the American prisoners of war were clearly driven by the truth and were convinced that the Soviets were, in fact, guilty.

On top of the advanced state of decay, the soldiers saw objects pulled from graves like news clippings, diaries, letters, etc. from the Polish soldiers which were all dated before the spring of 1940.

Both Stewart and Van Vliet reported what they saw to the Congressional committee, with Stewart testifying before the committee in 1951 and Van Vliet writing two reports in both 1945 and 1950. Interestingly, the first report written by Van Vliet disappeared with no explanation.

However, the documents reveal that Stewart and Van Vliet both sent encoded messages while they were still prisoners to U.S. Army intelligence revealing the truth about the Soviet responsibility for the massacre.

One of the many newly declassified documents shows that one of the top figures with Army intelligence, General Clayton Bissell, confirmed that some time after U.S. officers visited Katyn in 1943, a coded request was sent by the MIS-X unit of military intelligence to Van Viet requesting that he “state his opinion of Katyn.”

The note from Bissel also said, “it is also understood Col. Van Vliet & Capt. Stewart replied.”

The documents also reveal that Stewart was given an order in 1950 (before the Congressional committee’s investigation began) to stay silent about the secret message he sent about who was actually responsible for Katyn.

The evidence indicating that Roosevelt knew that the Soviets were guilty all the way back in 1943 is quite strong, seeing as, “One of the most important messages that landed on FDR’s desk was an extensive and detailed report British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sent him. Written by the British ambassador to the Polish government-in-exile in London, Owen O’Malley, it pointed to Soviet guilt at Katyn,” according to the
Daily Mail.

These newly declassified documents reveal a quite disturbing cover up of a brutal mass killing extending into the highest levels of the U.S. government which continued for decades. This case makes it quite hard to dismiss so-called “conspiracy theories” based on nothing other than the seemingly impossible nature of large-scale cover ups.

Indeed, this case shows that cover ups of an enormous scale have occurred and been successful to an almost unbelievable degree. Hopefully this will help Americans realize that the evidence must be examined aside from any preconceived notions about the likelihood of such a cover up occurring.

This article first appeared at
End the Lie.

[Colour fonts and bolding added.].

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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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