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Border Wall Sections Rust on the Ground as Illegals Waltz Into the County by the Tens of Thousands
By R. Cort Kirkwood
Oct 14, 2021 - 12:34:16 AM




Border Wall Sections Rust on the Ground as Illegals Waltz Into the County by the Tens of Thousands




Part of Joe Biden's plan to import as many illegal aliens as possible to become new Democrat voters was ending construction of a border wall.

The plan's working, as apprehensions at the border surpassed 400,000 through July and August. Biden has dumped 160,000 into the heartland, as Fox News's Bill Melugin reported this morning.

But Melugin also reported what's happening with the construction materials for the wall: nothing. They are rusting in the weather, and illegals are waltzing around unfinished sections. But again, that's OK with Biden.





Photos of $120M Down the Drain

"What does it look like to not build the border wall?," Melugin tweeted:

Our drone is overhead in Pharr, TX at one location where steel for the border wall has been baking in the sun & going to waste since January. Tens of millions of dollars worth of steel here already paid for.

"Our drone is now over a second location in RGV where massive piles of steel meant for the border wall have been sitting since Biden halted construction in January," he continued. "I'm told there are over 20,000 panels between both spots worth roughly $120 million. Already paid for."





"Keep in mind, taxpayers have already paid for this," ​Melugin reiterated for Bill Hemmer of Fox's America's Newsroom. "It's bought and paid for and nothing is happening with it."

Continued Melugin:

Basically, it's useless. We watch these migrants just walk around it all the time. It's not doing anything, and the border agents out here are having to run around left and right as runners are constantly coming through.


Melugin also tweeted photos of penniless "migrants" strolling into the country at a leisurely pace, unafraid they will be caught and packed off home. They know what Haiti Joe has in mind for them: Jobs and welfare, then voting for Democrats after he naturalizes them.

"A group of migrants just crossed into La Joya, TX illegally and walked right past the incomplete border wall, something we've witnessed countless times over the past several months," Melugin tweeted. "Only a 1/2 mile of wall was completed here before President Biden halted construction."





Haiti Joe: No Walls

Former Border Patrol chief Rodney Scott told Fox News that not completing the wall costs $5 million a day.

"Many of those projects today are just still on hold, so we're paying contractors," Scott said. "For a while, it was almost five million a day between DoD and DHS to not build the border wall​."

Melugin added that border agents say "they really need the wall here."​

Biden won't budge.

Indeed, just days ago in the middle of this "migrant" invasion, the Department of Homeland Security, led by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, announced that the agency would cancel border-wall contracts.

"Consistent with the DHS border barrier plan, @CBP, in coordination with the @USACEHQ, intends to cancel the remaining border barrier contracts located within the Laredo Sector and all border barrier contracts located in the Rio Grande Valley Sector," the DHS announced.





Late last month, Mayorkas told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that Biden won't build walls. Wallace had pressed Mayorkas on the horde of Haitians who walked into the country.

"Why didn't you stop them from coming into the country," he asked:

Why did you allow them in the country in the first place? Why didn't you build - forgive me, a wall or a fence to stop them from walking - this flood of people coming across the dam, it looks like a highway that allows them to cross the Rio Grande.

Mayorkas, a Cuban immigrant and visa fraudster, replied:

It is the policy of this administration, we do not agree with the building of the wall.





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