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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Jul 14, 2020 - 11:43:35 PM

Are You Ready for government-owned Banks ?
By Monica Showalter with comments by Ron
Jul 19, 2020 - 4:37:44 PM

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July 13th 2020


Leftists have never liked banks much, but well, here's something sure to flip their position:

Government-owned banks, same as they have in third-world hellholes. That's the new swamp gas emanating from the Soros crowd, same people who brought you the criminal justice 'reform' fiasco such as no bail, and let-the-criminals out of jail, same people who brought you pot-addled drivers on the nation's roads, same people who encouraged the illegals caravan surges, and the green new deals. Now it's government-owned banks.

The Soros-financed proposal, from former Chicago alderman in the pay of Soros, Ameya Pawar, is to have them model their banking considerations on social-justice-warrior priorities.

"Organize Capital: The Case for Public Banks" is to be released next spring by University of Chicago Press.

Pawar promises a "book about creating a network of state and local public banks to address inequality, poverty and finance in an inclusive community."

No social-justice-warrioring, no loans for you. What better than to have government bureaucrats who can't be fired making decisions on which entities are and aren't credit-worthy?

And given the importance of banks to the economy (their product is money -- no money, no economy), this is a government takeover bigger than Obamacare.

[Ron: I disagree. The community and the economy it creates depends upon the intelligence, ingenuity and physical work of community members applied to the physical resources made available by the planet and incoming solar energies. Suggesting that without money there would be no economy is ridiculous. Human communities existed on this planet BEFORE the money meme was invented and money started to be used to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.. AND human communities will exist on this planet looong after humans here dispense with the use of money to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.

Moreover, today most of the money in use is not even a physical “product”. Usually about 97% of money “in circulation” consists of electronic bookkeeping digits on computers.

This suggested scheme about creating public banks is simply a desperate attempt by current banksters to maintain their money creating monopoly after the coming collapse of their existing Rothschilds’ controlled Central banking usurious, fractional reserve PONZI scheme. IT WON’T HAPPEN. After the coming global  financial collapse the US Treasury will resume responsibility for issuance of usury free US money in accordance with the requirements of the US Constitution. That will eliminate the need for commercial banks issuing fiat debt tokens fraudulently called money at interest (usury) using their existing fraudulent fractional reserve system. Thereafter banks (however described) will only be required to act as repositories for savings and provide simple accountancy functions for small fees akin to the services provided by post offices.].

"We've allowed money into politics, but we don't allow politics into money. We don't allow our social justice or climate-friendly investment thinking into investment banking, but we certainly allow the investment bankers' money into politics."

[This thinking is nonsense. What does it mean? An integral part of community problems with social justice and so-called ‘climate friendly investment’ (whatever that means) is that politics is infested with money manipulation by plutocrats and investment bankers. Money is not a product; it is an idea; a token mechanism; and a bookkeeping concept for use in facilitating the exchange of goods and services. The idea has been distorted and manipulated to cause "money" to appear to be a store of value in its own right despite the fact that most of that supposed ‘store of value’ doesn’t exist in any physical form. Money is NOT needed for the production of anything; human ingenuity and labour applied to physical resources are all that is needed. The money meme and the idea that money is 'a store of value' has become a demonic instrument used for the manipulation and enslavement of humanity by those who wish to control the population and the planet.]

The book will be the culmination of two fellowships Pawar has done since leaving office.

The first is through the George Soros' Open Society Foundations. That's paying Pawar to pursue his interest in "how we can reimagine public finance to finance the public good."

It's euphemistically called 'a public banking system,' sounding curiously similar to Medicare-for-all. The idea is presumably that the two systems can sit side-by-side and people can choose which one they want to patronize. But with one of those sides not needing to worry about making a profit or even make payroll, and the other desperately in need of paying attention to all of those details to stay 'sustainable,' it's pretty obvious which one of these is going to win out over the other.

[Ron:We don't have to 'reimagine public finance', all we have to do is have each sovereign nation's treasury properly issue the nation's money on a usury free basis AND without using fraudulent fractional reserve banking practices. THAT will enable each nation's proper governance authority to properly control the quantity of money or currency emitted and ts recipients. It will eliminate covert private  corporate manipulation of the quantity of money (currency) in circulation and the ability of such corporations to manipulate it and interest rates to cause inflation or deflation of its value, and in the process to create economic booms and busts.

The suggestion that two banking systems can sit side-by-side with people choosing which one they want to patronize in order to create money via loans is risible. The current system of money creation under the private banking fractional reserve loan system cedes control of national money creation, supply and distribution to private corporate banks. THAT is why the system is dysfunctional.  Creating a parallel system of public banks also creating and distributing money the same way could only magnify the problem.

Moreover, the idea that the authority creating and issuing money should need to make a profit identifies the source of the dysfunctionality in the current system.  Money is essentially a lubricant for enabling and facilitating economic activity. It should not be used as a store of value in its own right because that distorts the process and limits its optimum use. Creating and issuing money should be a routine function. Determining who gets it and why is the essential function and that should not be subject to any suggestion that the decision maker needs to "profit" from the decision or the process.

Sovereign national Treasury money creation and distribution will mean that private banks and financial corporations will NOT benefit but will in fact be eliminated and replaced with community friendly, usury-free money distribution. Existing commercial banking corporation will be replaced by money holding and  accounting  organisations untainted by usury. Those organisation may be akin to the Japanese post office money saving system which primarily provides basic money holding and accounting services. See eg:: Trump Takes Control of the Fed -Leads the way for other countries to follow - Michael Tellinger -



That would be the same sort of entities that created the ghost cities of China.

[Ron: The ghost cities of China are real cities created by flesh and blood humans using the planet's physical resources. They can be used and lived in and no doubt they will fill that function in the future. Contrast those physical assets with the trillions of USD spent by the US to make war on and destroy the cities and infrastructure of Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, Libya, Syria and many other nations during the time in which China built those ghost cities. In truth China's creation and use of "money" is directed to far more productive ends than "money" created in the US and the West generally. The US has spent trillions of USD on killing people and destroying property all around the world;  while allowing its banks to gamble more trillions in derivitives trading etc. In contrast, China has enabled its banks to produce goods and services to raise 800 million Chinese people out of poverty and assist many nations in Asia, Africa and the Americas to improve their infrastructure and standards of living. IN OTHER WORDS, China has created "money" to facilitate the production by its population of useful and beneficial physical goods, services and infrastructure. The real issue is about whether "money" is created to utilise available manpower and resources; AND the ends to which that manpower and those resources are then put.

The US War of Independence was fought over this issue. Knowing about England's tally system, the Massachusetts colony issued some 7,000 pounds of debt-free paper scrip into circulation in 1690. The absence of a standard of value caused problems but the economy flourished with full employment. This system was then adopted to varying degrees, by other colonies and they also prospered. There was no official banking system and fewer than 30 private lending institutions in all 13 colonies. Later Benjamin Franklin said the colonies were prosperous because this "Colonial Scrip" was issued `… in the proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry.'

Benjamin Franklin said: 'In the colonies we issue our own money. It is called colonial Scrip... we control its purchasing power, and we have no interest to pay to anyone.'

THAT is what is required to create prosperity in any community. No private or public banking system should create money out of thin air. At most banks should facilitate the saving and use of money publicly created by national or community treasuries.

The suggestion that privately owned and controlled banks are efficient and effective for human community needs and public banks are not, is specious. That should be obvious even to USans with their fetish for Talmudic "Capitalist" ideology* which was, prior to President Trump's election, being used by banksters to drive the US into dystopian Third World status. The Trump Administration is reversing that trend by absorbing the Federal Reserve System (the Fed) into the US Treasury so that the US Federal Administration can resume issuance of usury free money and direct its use, as required by the US Constitution.

* Marx concealed the fact that Capitalism is usurious Banking. He promoted the idea of an amorphous Capitalist class, hiding the truth that Finance (Usury) rules over Commerce, Industry, Land and Labor alike. A small business man obviously has much more in common with the worker than with the banker.

Once COVID-19 has been dealt with the global monetary system will have to be RESET. The Trump Administration will force the privately owned Fed to swallow the debts it has created for humanity and similar actions will be taken by other nations in respect of their Rothscchilds' controlled Central Banks so that debt levels will cease to be an issue for human societies because the Fed and the Rothschilds' global central banks will be liquidated and cease to exist. Then each sovereign nation will become responsible for issuing its own usury free money and currency. As of 1 June 2020 The International Treasury Controller will begin the process of agreeing, with all countries of the World, the "Pegging" of their currency to a replacement for the Petro Dollar which will be the INTERNATIONAL GOLD BACKED GLOBEC CURRENCY. That process will establish the value of each national currency vis-a-vis the Globec which will bring them stability and away from the currency markets which will be abolished. This will involve the collection of numerous details and data so that a real and practical value can be assessed for each currency and agreed with the applicable country. See: DAVID CRAYFORD ---------- IT’S TIME THAT SOMEONE STARTED KICKING ASS SO THAT CHANGES TO THE CURRENT FINANCIAL SYSTEM CAN BE MADE TO BENEFIT EVERYONE, NOT THE MINORITY -

This process is being organised by the Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi on behalf of Christ Michael Aton as part of the establishment of his Millennial Reign which was proclaimed on 5 February 2019. Everything about human life on this planet will be subject to a rethink and a RESET. As this planet and its population journey towards higher consciousness and Light and Life, divine cosmic law will replace Talmudic propaganda and all its manifestations including "democracy", man made law, globalisation and 'rules based' international law. Similarly, flawed ideas about universal suffrage, police powers and usury will cease to be relevant as global governance becomes divinely directed. Nations will become genuinely sovereign and will assume republican forms of local, regional and national governance.

This process will involve a massive upheavel in all aspects of human society and not just the value of money. The real changes may not manifest until after the coming Magnetic Reversal and stasis period. During stasis Christ Michael's Space Fleet will remove many people to other planets and places more suited to their level of consciousness. That will mean that life will be very different on this planet thereafter, assisted by higher vibrational enegies impacting the planet and its inhabitants. So be it.].

Or the crony banks of Indonesia and South Korea in the 1990s. None of this stuff is about the private sector, it's all government hog troughing.

What's disturbing here is that this is basically indistinguishable from communism. A government takeover of health care was first, and before that was even finished, there's now talk of a government takeover of banks.

Salami tactics, as the olde-tyme communists used to say. And Democrats are sure to embrace it as their own.

Time to nip this bad idea in the bud.

Image credit: World Economic Forum/ by Sebastian Derungs // CC BY-SA 2.0. Processed with Graphite.

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in squae brackets added.].


Harper's "Bizarre" Letter & The Woke Revolution -

Crushing the States, Saving the Banks: The Fed’s Generous New Rules -

Trump Takes Control of the Fed -Leads the way for other countries to follow - Michael Tellinger -




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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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