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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019 - 4:51:40 AM

Another Climate-change Lunatic, Big Chief Warren, and the Death Wishes of Governors Brown and Cuomo
Jan 9, 2019 - 4:44:26 PM

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Posted on January 3, 2019 by admin

Each day the drumbeat of idiocy produced by the so-called Progressives seems to get louder and more agitating. It is not so much the tone of the words they choose to use, but rather the nonsense that they claim to be irrefutable truth.

In this regard, looking at a couple of the news aggregators each day induces something between anger and vomiting, sometimes it stokes both. This week, for example, the scientific world's new, dazzling star, Chuck Todd, told the world that the "science is settled" on climate change and that his network is "not going to give time to climate deniers (AKA: Truthtellers)". Todd always has been a pompous and mumbling ass, but his enormous scientific expertise is something of which few were aware.

But here is what Todd and other genius shit-spewers like him should know. The climate-change/global-warming ship has sailed into the abyss of a now-cooling world and has sunk, never to be refloated. The climate fanatics - like all religious fanatics - have aligned themselves with a fake theology. The climate-change mongers have been routinely proven wrong; their lack of commonsense has made them forget carbon dioxide does not rise; they have been dismissed as quacks and fascist-shills by numerous Nobel Prize winners; they have made the scientific academy a laughing stock; and they have joined multiple U.S., UN, EU, and foreign government agencies to fill official scientific reports with falsities or non-pertinent information. All of this to create a "climate crisis" where there is not even a damp squib of such a crisis to worry about.

The climate-change hoax is now seen for what it always has been, the much-disguised but still obviously Hitlerite tool of globalists to impoverish-by-carbon-tax the world's middle class and install a fascistic world government that will treat the world's population - especially the white subset thereof - as shit-holers, all done while the elite are ensconced behind the safety of their walled-in governmental centers and wall-protected personal estates. Wonderfully, French President Macron has felt the first sting of incipient and hopefully violent climate-change payback, and it is quite the shame that the angry crowds outside his country estate did not hang his sorry ass. The Einstein-like Mr. Todd would be well advised to prate his climate-change crap from a residence outside the United States - perhaps in an unbearably ugly ménage-a-trois with Macron and his mother-wife - so as to try to avoid the gathering storm of retribution that is headed for him and his fellow climate-change freaks.

Next, Big Chief Elizabeth Warren has emerged from her teepee, cracked a beer, squatted near the campfire, and stated that she wants to run for the presidency. She probably would get some votes as Democratic and Progressive voters had no qualms about casting ballots for the felon/thief/traitor Hillary Clinton in 2016. But where is Warren's punishment for making fake claims about her heritage in order to achieve greater job success? Is there no penalty for gaming the unconstitutional quota system to secure jobs for which the law says others are better fitted? Here is fake-squaw Warren deliberately pushing aside genuine American Indians so she can take advantage of the quota that was meant - however unconstitutionally - for those thought to be under-privileged? Clearly, old squaw Lizzy said to herself something like: "Screw American Indians. I'm a lawyer and I know how to game the law in my favor, so I will do that and gleefully climb to the top over those red-skinned losers."

Well, I can see how Democrats and Progressives believe that a person who thinks and behaves in this manner is made of the traditional stuff that makes Democratic presidents despicable. But why not at least pursue an investigation to see whether those American Indians who Big Chief Warren illegally cheated out of advancement have some avenue for legal redress. Like a sutler who illegally sold whiskey to the Indians he claimed to be "children in his care" and then pocketed the profit, Warren champions unconstitutional legal preferences for minorities but then uses the preferences - and her contempt for American Indians and their history - for improving her own position and income. If that is a crime, old Chiefy Liz ought to be tried, convicted and jailed. After all, a few years in prison for simultaneously cheating minorities while singing their praises could only make Squaw Lizzy an even more luminous Democratic and Progressive candidate.

Finally, the media report that California Governor Jerry Brown pardoned five men who had been convicted for violent crimes to prevent them from being deported. In addition, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pardoned 24 criminals - including a killer - to prevent their deportation. By their actions, Brown and Cuomo have, in essence, become the knowing and willing table-setters for whatever butcheries these now-pardoned illegal-aliens/violent-criminals decide to conduct against legitimate U.S. citizens and their families during their post-pardon careers.

What, at the most basic level, is a father or husband to do to protect his family if his elected representatives deliberately choose - as have Brown and Cuomo - to augment the number of violent criminals on the loose with criminal scum who have already proven their ability and willingness to harm or kill the innocent? Brown and Cuomo are the very antithesis of defenders of "good government" and "ordered liberty", standing instead as advocates of societal chaos, as well as of random violence against the people who elected them. Because there appears to be no governmental organization to which citizens can appeal for the quashing of the murderous pardons issued by Brown and Cuomo, citizens have, in reality, only one credible option.

If this behavior by Brown and Cuomo becomes standard operating procedure for Democratic governors, their party, and their voters and media slaves, the citizenry will have to reteach them something akin to what the 20th century taught mankind about Woodrow Wilson's daft "right of self-determination". The demented Wilson believed this right would be unfailingly exercised via some kind of voting, not via violence. Alas, the lamentable Woodrow was dead wrong. This right, it turns out, might be exercised through the franchise, but a Chinese lad named Mao taught the world that self-determination also is achieved - and just as justifiably - through the barrel of a gun.

Brown and Cuomo, poor things, have pursued their pardons-for-criminals campaign of violence against genuine U.S. citizens with the same daftness and dimness of their mad progenitor, Woodrow Wilson. They seem to believe that once elected, they are beyond the reach of the voters and so can impose on them any sort of violence and lawlessness they deem appropriate for those they regard as stupid cattle, useful only in election years.

They are wrong. If a government and its leaders - national, state, or local - refuse to protect those they are elected to protect, and instead purposely endanger them and their families, each citizen has no legal or moral option but to find means with which to protect their loved ones and neighbors, and eliminate their tormentors. The means come easily to hand - thank you Founders - in the form of 2nd Amendment. Thanks to that fact, Brown and Cuomo are now carrying bright and shining bullseyes on their backs. And, in a ringing reminder that what goes around comes around, the safety and survival of Brown and Cuomo are now dependent on the very longshot that none of the illegal-alien criminals and killers they pardoned return to attacking, stealing from, raping, and killing innocent U.S. citizens.

If, in the days ahead, just one of what Mr. Dylan once called "simple twists of fate"could ensure that Brown and Cuomo rightfully pay the ultimate price for deliberately multiplying threats to the citizenry's survival. Oh well, as a saying here in Virginia goes, "Sic Semper Tyrannis".

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©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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