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Al Bielek
By Ken Adachi
Aug 19, 2013 - 6:24:41 AM

Al Bielek

From Ken Adachi, Oct. 14, 2011: Al Bielek Passed Away in Mexico on Oct. 10, 2011 at Age 84 (Oct. 14, 2011)

I received an e-mail today from Rich Grybos that Al Bielek, whose extraordinary memories surrounding the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment and the secret projects undertaken at Montauk, Long Island had kept millions of late night radio listeners enthralled for nearly two decades, had died last Monday, October 10, 2011 at 6:30 AM in Guadalajara, Mexico. Al was 84 years old and was buried at a local cemetery in Guadalajara.


By Ken Adachi <Editor>
August 9, 2001

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Much needs to be said of Al Bielek. I first heard him on the radio with Art Bell about 1995, which I think was a repeat broadcast from 1994. During that 3 hour interview, I was amazed to hear the details of the Philadelphia Experiment. I had only read an article about the Philadelphia Experiment in Newsweek magazine somewhere around 1984 I believe, but I had no idea of the incredible technology that was being employed or the eventual consequences that humanity would have to pay for the folly of that experiment; since it ripped opened a hole in the space-time continuum that allowed unwelcome (and unenlightened) aliens to literally pour into our galaxy.

There already exists many articles about Al Bielek on the Internet and I will repost some of those articles here, but I hope to add new material based on a four part video autobiography that Al made about his life story in April of 2000 in Colorado. I'll also cover new info from a four hour talk that Al gave at a private home in Laguna Hills, California on February 17, 2001, along with insights gained from many conversations with Al over the phone. Al is featured on a CD produced in October 2000, which covers his life as Al Bielek, Edward A. Cameron, the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project, mind control and time travel.

Prior to conversations with Al, I was already familiar with some of his earlier videos made at various expos, including a very informative video on mind control made in the 1992 with Vladimir Terziski. Most of the material on the Terziski videos has not appeared in text form on the Internet. Al also laid out the details of the Philadelphia Experiment in a book, The Philadelphia Experiment & Other UFO Conspiracies, co-authored with Brad Steiger in 1990.

Lost Memories
In 1988, Al Bielek started to recover fragmented memories of his involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment after seeing a late night TV airing of the 1984 movie, The Philadelphia Experiment. Because of Al's involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project, and other secret, black budget programs, he's been subjected to mind control (as have all personnel connected with such projects), with the goal of eliminating from his conscious mind all memories of his involvement in the black projects. "Memories" can be created, changed, or wiped completely when you are subjected to mind control. Does that mean that Al's information may not be 100% accurate? Perhaps, but I feel strongly that the overwhelming bulk of information that Al Bielek has relayed over the years is true and has occurred as he has stated it.

It's always possible that selected memories could have been distorted or even inserted into Al's subconscious mind for disinformation purposes, but to dismiss his remarkable revelations out of hand is foolish. Al had discovered that if both hemispheres of the brain are in balance or in 'sync', then mind control access or manipulation by mind control programmers is thwarted. He explains in his autobiography videos some methods for balancing the left brain and the right brain to achieve this balanced state.

Al Bielek and Phil Schneider have been two of the very best sources we have had to reveal highly secret information about the Accrblack projects of the American government. (People have often asked Al why he hasn't been killed if his information is so good. He tells them that he and brother Duncan have something of a protected status because their bodies are locked in with the time experiments of Montauk and that the earth needs to complete a biorhythm stabilization cycle that converges on Aug. 12, 2003. According to Al, that stabilization is somehow locked in with Al and Duncan's bodies. Al already found out that he cannot (and will not) be arrested by police when he was taken into custody after being discovered on a clandestine and unauthorized inspection of the Montauk base in the early 1990's.)

One of the more compelling revelation from Al's private talk in Laguna Hills and from his eight hour video autobiography is the reference to being teleported to the year 2137. After jumping off the Navy ship Eldridge on August 12, 1943 with his brother Duncan Cameron, as the Philadelphia Experiment began to spiral out of control on board ship, Al and his brother found themselves in a future hospital in the year 2137. Hospital personnel and other people with whom he spoke, told Al of the great changes and cataclysmic events that occurred in the opening years of the 21st century.

The Life of Al Bielek

Al Bielek was born in 1927.  His earliest memories as Al Bielek began from the age of nine months old, when he clearly remembers sitting in a basset which was placed on top of  the piano during the family's Christmas party. He recalls that he could fully understand the conversation that was taking place around the piano. When Al attended grade school, he was known to his classmates as the "walking encyclopedia".  He had an opportunity to take an electronics test before graduating high school and he was the only person to pass the test. The Navy was interested in young men with electronic aptitude and recruited Al as a contractor towards the end of the Second World War.

Al took on various vocations in the field of electronics.  While contracting for various military contractors, the people who worked with him began to reveal the truth about the US government's involvement with extra terrestrials and PSI Ops (Psychic Operations) programs. Strange things started to happen to Al soon afterwards.

While in Hawaii in 1956, he had a brief encounter with a man , who he believes now to be Mark Hammil - the actor in the Star Wars movies. Some years later, he was recruited into the Montauk Project which was developed in a multi-level underground facility beneath Fort Hero, near Montauk, Long Isalnad, New York. .

During his Montauk work, he would work his normal day job in California, and take a highly classified , high speed, deep tunneled underground magnetic levitation subway train from Los Angeles to Montauk, Long Island in about 2 hours to carry out his duties at Montauk and take the same 2 hour subway ride back to Los Angeles by early morning.

After the time tunnel was perfected at Montauk, he would simply be teleported to the Fort Hero, Long Island underground base and returned back to his apartment in California using Montauk's time tunnel machine.

During the 1970's, Al was the Program Director for the group of Psychics who manned the infamous Montauk Chair Since the Montauk Boys were a key program at Montauk, Al had some influence with the Montauk Boys program as well. His duties were to handle the operations of the Mind Control program.  He was in regular contact with Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols. Stewart Swerdlow was one of the Montauk Boys programmers under Al Bielek.

In the 1980's, when the time control equipment was fully operational, Al participated in some of the time travel experiments.  Both he and Duncan used the Mnntauk time tunnel to travel to Mars on several occasions.  He now remembers several other trips he took with special teams to 1. a research station in the year 100,000 BC; 2. to other planets to get canisters filled with Light and Dark Energy; and 3. to future time periods, sometimes thousands of years in advance of our current time.

In January 1988, after seeing the movie - "The Philadelphia Experiment", his memories of his participation in the August 1944 Philadelphia Esperiment started to return.  Al believes his involvement with Montauk ended with that memory recovery. Over time and though meetings with Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, and others, many more memories have since returned.  Ironically, just after his memories returned, Dr. John Von Neumann, a leading player in the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk project, attempted to get in touch with Al - a promise he made to Ed Cameron- should Al ever begin to recovery his memories of his participation in the Philadelphis Experiment.

Al made the decision to go public with the information about his involvement at Montauk and the Philadelphia experiment in 1989.  He has been a prolific speaker on radio talk shows and at conferences.

He believes that he has not been harmed or stopped because his time traveling experiences have locked him into this timeline.  Somehow, by being here today, he, among others in the Montauk program, serve to balance the time warping imbalance effects they produced from prior time travel experiments.

During these taped interviews, Al Bielek said he received information that up to 2 Million children are missing each year. This corroborates with estimates made by Ted Gunderson and others that many children are being snatched by government agents and others  (see "The Finders" ) for secret government uses in mind control programs, underground slave labor for aliens, satanic ritual abuse/murder, white slavery/prostitution, and other black op programs. One man who took the time to investigate,  found that there is a total of 1.4 million children reported missing in the United States; California alone had a total of 110,332 missing children.

to be continued.

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This brief biography of Al Bielek is a compilation of notes included with the CD about Al's Life and my own notes garnered from lectures and tapes. This summary is a quick overview to give the reader unfamiliar with Al's life a chance to get handle on some of the more astonishing elements in Al Bielek's story. Greater detail of Al's history is now available in his own words on audio and video recordings of which I'll tell you more later. The information that Al has acquired in the course of his time travels and secret government projects is of great relevance and importance to not only Americans, but everyone living on this planet. I only hope that the posting of his information at this site will help establish a wider audience for his amazingly detailed recollections of past events, but also for his sobering revelation of coming events, especially in the year 2003-2005.

The most difficult part of Al's story for the newcomer to accept is that Al Bielek retains all of the lifetime memories (starting from babyhood) of another man, Edward A. Cameron. Ed Cameron, along with his brother Duncan Cameron, were first hand participants in the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943.

The idea of a separate consciousness inhabiting , at least temporarily, someone else's body is a well known phenomena as is the case when a channeler or a medium brings in a spirit to speak through him or a person is possessed by a demonic spirit. It is also possible for a spirit or consciousness to transfer into a different body during a 'single' life. This is essentially what occured to Al Bielek. when the consciouness of Ed Cameron was 'transferred' into the body of one year old Alfred Bielek in 1927. If you are familiar with the many books written by T. Lobsang Rampa, you know that the author of those extraordinary books was the consciousness of a Tibetan monk whose body was destroyed at the hands of Chinese captors in the early 1950's. On the astral plane, a 'deal' was struck between Rampa and the soul of a rather ordinary Englishman. The spirit of the Englishman wished to return to the spirit world, and Rampa wanted to inhabit a human body again in order to make his story known to humanity. Some people refer to this exchange as a 'walk in'.

I won't attempt to go into all the details here, but the reader will better understand some references made in my brief bio if you bear the above explanation in mind. According to Al, alien technology was made available to government and non-government groups, which has the capability of taking a living human being and 'age regress' that person backwards in time to any desired age. This assertion concerning age regression technology has recently been corroborated in a new on-line book written by Stephanie and Michael Relfe called The Mars Record. Michael Relfe had recovered memories of working for the Navy on Mars for 20 years and being age regressed back by 20 years and re-inserted into the earth time continuum at the point in time in which he was taken to Mars to begin his tour of duty there.

1991 Interview with Al Bielek
This 1991  interview took place in Yelm, Washington between Al Bielek and unnamed reporters working for The Sovereign Scribe of McKenna, Washington. Al recounts how he and his brother Duncan were transported by a Time Tunnel machine located at Montauk, Long Island into the interior of an  underground facility on Mars in the late 70's. The United States, possibly Russia, and certain aliens already had bases established on the surface of Mars in 1969 in keeping with the provisions of an agreement between the aliens and the US called Alternative 3. The US personnel on the ground, however, couldn't gain access to these interior Martian facilities because they lacked the heavy equipment needed to force an entry. Possessing advanced computers and exact positioning coordinates for Mars, the Time-Space tunnel machine set up at Montauk could place Al and his brother at any location on or inside the planet to within a few inches of computer coordinates. Al and Duncan made many authorized trips to Mars with the Time Tunnel and two "unauthorized" trips on their own in which they were later discovered and taken off the Mars time tunnel project.

1997 Interview with Al Bielek Part 1 & 2
Kenneth Burke of Leading Edge Newspaper interviewed Al Bielek at the Global Sciences Congress, Daytona Beach, Florida in August 1997. A highly revealing interview. Covers many important topics.

Al's 1992 Video on Mind Control with Vladimir Terziski
Al Bielek made at least two underground videos with Valdimir Terziski. The first one covered the Philadelphia Experiment in depth and this second video went into the mind control aspects of the Montauk Project, which included both trauma-based mind control of the "Montauk Boys" and the development of microwave electronic mind control that is now being implemented worldwide. You can read a brief summary of this video on the Products page by clicking the abov
e link.

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