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Political Information : True US History Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

A “Stark Warning” of National Calamity
By John L. Kachelman, Jr. with comments by Ron
Dec 22, 2021 - 2:05:12 PM

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Tattered American flag flapping in ominous sky. (Getty)

Guest post by John L. Kachelman, Jr.

The unraveling of the American culture and society is neither a sudden nor unexpected phenomenon. What is witnessed today is the deterioration of our national foundations from folly in the past decades. A horrible reality is now appearing. The representative republic is morphing into a totalitarian state. An arrogant elite is issuing "mandates" that are enforced as legislated laws.

The anecdotal validation of this transition is undeniable. Its comedy and senselessness would be entertaining except for the escalating suffering by those in opposition. Incrementally those who live in denial of this transition are beginning to realize the evil reality. Their denial "such cannot happen in the USA," is being exposed as unreal.

The explanation as to how and why this transition is occurring is an interesting study and will consume volumes in future historical analysis. The erosion of individuality, the advocacy of excellence and exceptionalism, and the governing by representation will be studied as hallmarks of our "history past."

TRENDING: PLEASE DO YOUR PART: Send a Christmas Card to The Political Prisoners in Washington DC and Let Them Know They're Not Forgotten ...Here's How

Many will read our history in unbelief. They will be perplexed as to why the citizens, of such an amazing nation, would allow such to occur. The readers will be mystified that the governing separation of powers and the checks and balances designed to safeguard our Republic, were so easily circumvented. History will assess a weighted and damning blame to The Legislative Branch for its failure to legislate; to the Judiciary Branch for its failure to adjudicate "blind" justice; and to the Executive Branch for its glaring failure to assure that the laws of the nation (passed by the Legislative Branch and not "mandated" by "pen and phone") are followed and that the responsibilities of government are fulfilled.

I love the way that past history charts the future and explains the present. It is undeniable. It is ignored. It is reimagined and reinterpreted. But the basic principles and outcomes of history are always the same.

Hannah Arendt is an interesting person. She preferred to describe herself as a "theorist" and not a philosopher. She is embraced by all in the philosophical spectrum. Here is one quote succinctly framing the current thinking in America: The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the dedicated communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists.

Read it again...why is it that some are so blind, or so accepting, or so insulated from today's political, moral, religious, and social crises? Arendt answers, "These have lost the ability to discern. They confuse fact with fiction and truth with lies."

When the ability, or willingness, of the citizens to discern is removed, they become senseless soldiers marching to the messaging of their masters. Two separate groups eventually develop-the RULERS and the RULED. The Rulers masterfully utilize fear to manipulate the Ruled into desired behaviors.

This is the essence of totalitarian governing...the Ruled do not have basic personal rights because the Rulers decided everything for them!

Illustrating this is the amazing announcement that North Korea bans laughing for 11 days during mourning for anniversary of Kim Jong-Il's death. The North Koreans have been banned from laughing for 11 days as the totalitarian country commemorates the 10-year anniversary of the death of Kim Jong Un's father and predecessor, Kim Jong Il. "During the mourning period, we must not drink alcohol, laugh or engage in leisure activities," a resident of the northeastern city of Sinuiju told Radio Free Asia's Korean Service. Even grocery shopping is banned on the exact day of the elder Kim's death - December 17.

The average American citizen hears of North Korea's totalitarian oppression, shrugs and says, "That's not us. That will never happen here in the ‘home of the free.'" Such is the confession of the controlled citizen. As Arendt observes, these are "people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists."

To validate the erosion of the freedoms once enjoyed by the citizens of the United States of America is the amazing arrogance revealed in the report Fauci Says Not to Go to Christmas Gatherings Where You Don't Know Everyone's Vaccination Status .

This is not a single instance in our national devolution. Repeatedly the USA citizen has been "mandated" on what to wear, who can be allowed in schools, what is taught in children's education, where to go, what to speak, with whom to associate, what to eat, when to assemble for worship, etc. Every detail is "mandated" by the Executive Branch. This unconstitutional action has ignored the Legislative Branch and intimidated the Judicial Branch.

BUT nothing has been done to counter this totalitarian overreach by the government. Why? Because the citizens, elected politicians, and Judges in the USA today are "people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists."

And NOW we are told that the Executive Branch is going to make a national announcement that will further add to the illegitimacy of its totalitarian governing. Tuesday night (21 December 2021) we are told, Joe Biden to Announce New Measures to Combat Omicron, Will Issue "Stark Warning" to the Unvaxxed. The RULER will speak to the RULED!

And what are your thoughts on this development? Oh wait, Arendt offers insight to how your "thoughts" impact your freedom..."The aim of totalitarian education has never been to instill convictions but to destroy the capacity to form any" (1966, The origins of totalitarianism).

And so, prepare yourself to sit and watch the "new measures" that will be forced upon those unwilling to be forced by fear to bow in submission to an illegitimate and unconstitutional Totalitarian!

[Ron: To destroy society you have to destroy its moral underpinning, its language and its family ethos. The governing elite in the US has been doing that for many decades using the education system, academia, the judiciary and the MSM, covertly supporting corrupt puppet legislators.

The Rockefeller funded and controlled US education system has imposed stupidity and delusion on several generations of children and parents have increasingly allowed that process to occur.  NOW it has got to the stage that the US factory schooling system is turning out moral morans as well as ignorant, mindless robots regurgitating nonsense.

Teaching children to deny their history, social and cultural heritage as well as ethical and biological reality, is personally and societally devastating as well as culturally obnoxious for all concerned. Pretending that history, culture, maths, science and individual biology are whatever each individual chooses to believe it is, is madness. No society can sustain such delusions even for a generation. Politicians, officials and teachers who seek to impose such delusions on children and the general community are committing treason on society

Anyone doing such things must be removed from political office and prosecuted. Similarly, any official or other individual who seeks to indoctrinate children with anti-personal and anti-social ideas needs to be removed from their office or employment and prosecuted where appropriate.

US society cannot survive if it continues to condone, let alone support, such corruption of youth. Current politically correct, WOKE US political policies are an attempt to commit societal suicide.

The debacle that is the Biden pretendency reveals the need for a total rethink and revamp of US governance arrangements. Fat, happy and complaisant USans have allowed their governments to attack, plunder and destroy dozens of countries around the world for generations not realising that eventually their demonic rulers would come for them. NOW USans are reaping what they have sown with their passivity and compalaisancy. The result is that they are losing the ill gotten prosperity that trickled down to them from over a century of US global piracy.

Graham Green's novels exposed 'The Ugly American' in the 1950s and US governments have become even more brutal and blatant since then. But now that brutal exploitation is directed directly at USans. The issue is whether USans have sufficient awareness and backbone to stand up and say "No More"!

To rectify the situation USans will need to root out all corrupt politicians and bureaucrats from society and recreate their polity virtually from scratch. That will require abolishing the current  corrupt "Party" political system and replacing it with a genuinely grass roots, representative republican system in which every elected representative is subject to RECALL by those who elect him/her, if s/he fails to advocate and, if possible, implement the policies they promised electors they would advocate.

The current unlawful "Party" system must be outlawed and anyone who seeks to enact laws desired by a Party administration or other outside influence contrary to policies approved directly by electors must be removed from office.

The current corporate US government is a fiction that has NO legitimate jusisdiction over anyone. New governance structure need to be created under which representative are elected at  local community levels with provision for those local representatives to, in turn, elect regional council representatives who elect  members of state and national councils.

The population needs to be educated to perceive elected representatives as their servants and agents who are subject to RECALL if they fail to follow the instructions of their electors.

USans need to get off their knees and stop acting as supplicants. To rectify the situation USans need to start controlling their own lives and society. DO IT PILGRIMS. IF you want to stay with this planet on her journey into Light and Life you have no other option.

[Some colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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