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A Family of True Americans Needs Your Help
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Jan 19, 2011 - 1:01:38 PM

This was sent by a reader.  Apparently the man convicted was sent to jail in late 2010.  There is a wealth of information on the website, including his first book, for free as a pdf file.  There are legal ways to get out of income tax and get refunds by knowing the small print law, which apparently this person knows.  Many do it, but the writers of the books are the ones that land up in jail, not the others who are successful as the result of their learning and carrying out the process.  People would rather be slaves than stand up, that is for sure.-C




A Family of True Americans Needs Your Help
(and you need to know why, for your own sake and that of your children)

A brave whistleblower on a decades-old income-tax scam by tax agencies and "tax professionals", who exploit widespread public ignorance of fine-print in the law, and have been fleecing the American people of trillions of dollars, languishes in prison after being railroaded in a corrupt trial by those eager to silence his voice and keep a lid on the liberating truth about the tax.

Learn about what has now been more than seven-years-and-counting of tens of thousands of Americans being set free from mis-application of the income tax (including Social Security and Medicare) by simple knowledge of the law, and more than seven years of increasingly intense government efforts to suppress that knowledge, at

Learn how and why the man who presented this knowledge to the world now sits behind bars for the crime of inconveniencing the state and letting his fellow citizens know what's been being done to them for the benefit of the politically-connected on Wall Street, in big business, in the military-industrial complex, and in the ranks of the political hacks who have been making a nice living for themselves passing other people's money over to these special interests, and getting a fat share back in campaign contributions, pay, perks and benefits.

And then HELP.

Help this good man and his family, who are standing in the front lines of the battle for liberty and the rule of law-- who are standing in YOUR front lines-- make it through this assault.

Make your generous donation to Peter or Doreen Hendrickson at 232 Oriole Rd., Commerce Twp., Michigan 48382.

Then help spread the truth about the corrupt outrage these brave citizens are enduring, and help spread the liberating truth about the tax, as well.

Pete Hendrickson's books revealing the liberating truth about the tax can be ordered at His first book, 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America' can be downloaded as a .pdf at

The fully-documented, millions-of-dollars-worth of complete refunds, levy releases, notice-of-deficiency "closing notices", Treasury Department transcripts and more secured by readers of these books continuously for years and years now, even in the face of intense government resistance, can be seen in their hundreds and hundreds on dozens of pages starting at

The last weekly newsletter Pete posted to his million-hit-per-month website before being imprisoned can be seen at, along with the messages he has sent out to the world during his sojourn in the belly of the Beast.

Please read, learn and share with neighbors, friends and family.

And then again, please help Pete and his family.

Remember, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

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