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The Miracle That Is Me Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Memorial Day Comments and Memories
By Candace
Jul 13, 2008 - 8:37:00 PM

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Memorial Day comments and memories. Psted Memorial Day 2006, to the forum. This belongs in The Miracle That is Me, because it's part of my life story.

Hi everyone, boy, I got up in a not so nice mood this morning, angry, about my favorite passtime to get angry about, WAR. Today is not really Memorial Day, it was set to be on May 30, but we need our 3 day weekends, in this materialistic society.

When I was  8 years old, in 1955, a brother of mine was born on Memorial Day, May 30th. In Steamboat Springs, we celebrated with a home town stock car race run through the town streets. I was in the care of my Grandmother during the birth of my brother during the night. My mother brought him home that afternoon. She never stayed in the hospital for the then 5 days after birth, but came home in around 12 hours.

I was down the street watching the race, and I pondered Memorial Day, probably for the first time in this life, and with attention drawn to it, because I had a new brother that day. I tried to understand war and the celebration of war, that is Memorial Day, that we remember our fallen "heros." I found no reason, at the age of 8 to celebrate. And what did a stock car race have to do with war?

Then the next year, when I was 9, came the week long war between Israel, France and England, and Eqypt, over the Suez Canal, which Nassar tried to nationalize. My parents had no interest, we did not have TV then, and I assume my interest and listening to the reports every day on the radio, came from my schooling. I was in 4th grade, and had an exceptional teacher, an old lady I feared initially when I found out I was assigned to her class.

She was really "no nonsense" regards behavior, cracking nuckles, but she was one of the finest teachers I had in my growing up years. I hung onto that radio through the end of that war, but I of course have to read on the Internet to understand what was behind it better now. But I have never forgotton, sitting on the floor behind my step fathers chair, listening daily to the radio. (my mother divorced shortly after my birth, and married my step father when I was 3.)

Up through the 3rd grade, I remember this, because I entered a brand new school building in 4th grade, we kids were subject to frequent practice sessions to enable us to hide under our seats in the event of an atomic attack. We were pretty aware of the cold war I think, we were taught something of it. We certainly had some fear installed in us. Hiding under the desk we all knew would have no effect whatsoever on our survival.

But I thus, in this lifetime, came to detest war and still do. Rarely is it in self defense on this planet, even if made to appear so, such as the 911 games to convince America that the war on terror is a real requirement, and to facilitate the acceptance of many "fallen heros,"quite a few of which, were in actuality cold blooded murderers. I am not participating in any celebratory barbecues today. There are plenty of "barbecues" in Afghanistan, the TV tells us today.

A side note, on the teacher above, Mrs. Hertzog. I visited her in a retirement home in Steamboat a number of years ago. She was 96, I think. She died suddenly 2 months later. She still had a marvelous mind, and had moved to the home recently, because people worried over her being alone. I had the most wonderful of visits and had planned to return with my daughter next trip and a journal to record her story. In the meantime, she skipped out on me! It was her time I assume.

Today, it is covered on the news this morning the continuining investigation into the cover up of obvious murders done on rampage by our soldiers in Iraq. What is there to celebrate in this? We often consider all military "boys" as Charley Gibson called them this morning, to be heros. Those of you who saw Farenheit 911 possibly remember the scene where young boys stated they had systems set up in their tanks to listen to such awful programming "music" with words along the lines, in my memory, of Burn Mother Fuckers Burn, in a rap style, and they showed great love of this concept.

War is set up this way, to enable parents I guess to think that their kids over there, and in other wars I assume also, that sing such words, and go on killing, are heros. They are not. How many "heros" of foreign wars are we celebrating this day, that were cold blooded murderers? Most, I suggest. But when the "enemy" shoots at you, it is justified to defend self. Sadly, due to programming in various ways, soldiers are taught to accept who is enemy.

Retired General Richard Myers was on. He is the former Chief warrior. My brain isn't finding the right word. Peter Pace is the new Chief warrior. At one time Dove thought that Richard Myers was on the side of NESARA and it is now very obvious he was not. I sent him postcards myself in one of her postcard campaigns. He rattled off canned propaganda to Charley about the enemy in Iraq. He did not mention that the enemy in Iraq, is us. More from Peter Pace, but I think comments included something about the murders that will be "severly" dealt with. I assume the soldiers went on killing rampages, in part from being programmed by such rap stuff as Burn Mother Fuckers Burn.

I imagine also, they are confused and when cornered, react as such. But I suspect the lower level commander at the scene encouraged and allowed such actions, and did not bring his men under his control. Iraqi's and Islam following folks after all are only animals, in the minds of many in the military. Some know better, others just follow what they are taught. These junior commanders probably do see the Iraqi's as enemy, when in fact they are defending against an occupation.

Last night I had Fox News on in the backgroundas I was pretty tired of CNN Presents. Another war program, on General McArthur. One person made the comment, and I don't know if he was referring to McArthur or not, that a country can be occupied only with the permission of its peoples. Iraq has chosen not to be occupied, as we see each day, and I suspect Afghanistan is also chosing this, with the heat up there. Americans haven't even awakened to the occupation right here. So we have given our permission, have we not?

Many members of the military are "robotics." These are folks who have such dumbed down DNA they do not really think for themselves, they just carry out and copy others. They are very "reactionary" in combat situations. This DNA was created on purpose by the dark side antichrists that owned the Earth, they desired a slave race to service them, and it has worked well, in war activities, in government service jobs etc. These people get a poor education in our schools, and just follow whatever directions come to them.

Along came VietNam, when I was in high school. My real father ( he told this to me years later, after I had become reaquainted with him) hated Kennedy, assuming he got us into it, but in fact, Kennedy died for trying to get us out of it. My father always assumed his part in WW 2 was a justified role. He was in the Pacific Front, and he was none to happy to have an anti war daughter.

When I last saw him alive before Christmas (he was unconscious when I went to attend his death in March), he severly questioned me about AbundantHope, trying to make sure I wasn't "seditious." Funny, he considered that I was seditious in wanting the IRS gone, but he did everything he could do to avoid being a taxpayer.

He totally bought into George Bush making the statement, "let us not accept the conspiracy theorists" made on TV shortly after 911, and never gave up on the idea that "they" attacked us. I endured some pretty bad looks from him. I tried to write him once about NESARA. He returned the letter, with "bullshit," seditious, and "pure manure" written on it, and was happily waiting for Bush to find out about NESARA and cancel it. This wish, by many does affect the mass consciousness, and not for the better. So much for my attempts at education!

He left lots of cash to his large chested girlfiends who entertained him, and none to me. I was left without cash. He did, in the end give me 1/3 interest in 40 acres of farmland, which can't be sold for a time, because of the legal systems control, exerted even on well written wills. His attorney and the Mortician, will make out better than me, after all, I am "SEDITIOUS." I guess I am a bit pissed off today, I get these days now and then. I am doing my honest bit to help this sad planet, and I am seen as seditious, and not just by my father. (and to date, it appears the lawyers will get to keep the land to pay their exorbatent bills.)

All of you have been through various problems with attempting to educate those in your circles. This was probably the biggest topic in my email for months, people complaining, justifiably, but wanting to know the solution. I don't know the solution. I haven't found it. It will be an interesting experience once Bush and chronies vacate the offices they stole to watch the members of our circles, react to it. (as we wait and we wait, still).

Will America willingly give up war? Will peace be truly welcomed? How will people who are relatives of "fallen heroes" handle that their heroes were sacrificed to a big con artist game? I hope many will come on board and make the loss stand for something of greatness, as some people do, when they lose a child, who dies in error of something, or is murdered.
Today, ABC was covering a child killed in a hot tub, by the suction, and her mother has taken on a cause. Will these people, rise up, and validate the deaths of their loved ones, in this horrid war, in a true and knowable way? Will they say, Never Again? Will they become like Cindy Sheehan? Who knows.

Will they ask, finally, why we fight? The movie by that name, came up with this answer: We don't know. Will we now know and prevent the games once the truth is on TV? I most surely hope so. Memory is short, however, because we live such short lives on the planet, and we have little access to our past lives, even if we acknowledge reincarnation.

We will be able to study war, in a new way in time, by accessing the Askasic Records in Holographic chambers. We can see what really happened. I look forward to the days, when this technology, suggested in the Star Trek series, becomes a reality.

It is said, in churches, that God knows everything one has done. This is because God can read the individuals and societies records in Askasia. This is a natural occurance of nature. All is saved and can be read. Let us journey the records of Earth alone, and let this never happen again.

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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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