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The Miracle That Is Me Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Introduction to "The Miracle That Is Me"
By Candace
Nov 25, 2007 - 9:00:00 PM

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Introduction to "The Miracle That Is Me"

By Candace

Written in 2006



Hi everyone. Several years ago, in 1998, I was told by my soul mate, Tom, who remained on the Other Side as my main guide and "guardian angel" in this life, that I would one day write a book called “The Miracle That Is Me.” The time has come to start the book. I had worked on it in the past, but you see, the miracle was still undefined. The writing was whining and not very good. I assumed at the time, the book would be about my success at healing, and in a way yes, it will be. The healing is not finished, which is why I put off writing the book. Always a work in process at this time, the healing. But my soul has come a long way, in the healing and my body has made great progress.

A few days ago, after writing an email to Lauren about my upcoming book, I hit the send button, and walked away from the computer, and lo and behold, the Miracle was made manifest, meaning I realized the Miracle. And oddly, the message did not send. I came back to find it unsent, intending to send another, so I updated it with my discovery and then hit the send button again, and this time it went. The Miracle is not so much the healing to this point, but rather that I am here to tell the story! Many years ago I thought I might not live to see my 50th birthday. When I was young, I knew I would see 100 years or more. This summer, on August 11, I will see year number 58 since my birth into this lifetime finished. And 59 begin.

I am so much younger than I was back in 1998. I am mentally younger, and physically younger, the aging slowed way down. I felt so old and exhausted those many years ago. I think being told I would write a book helped me visualize the Miracle. It helped me stay on the planet, and begin another journey. Start creating again. I had been terribly depressed; the ability to create seemed gone. That is the cause of "reactive depression" you know, not the buried anger as commonly stated by mental health professionals. It’s about sitting in a personal hell of uncreativity or blocked creativity. In some people I have observed it to be the taking away of a life’s valuable work by the dark side, and the inability to either cope or begin anew.

Many a time in this life, I have been to hell and back. This is a term I use to describe when I am in the pits. This usually occurs after something that has been most difficult, and I am exhausted of the energy of living. So I come out of it, by getting creative again. I rise out of the hell I was in. And back out of the depression. And always, things are better than the last hell I was in; progress is usually made each time. Bless your depressions, for they are the symbol that all is not right, and it is time to do something about it.

This book will be an autobiography. It will not be anything unusual. I was ordinary in most people’s eyes. I have not been famous in this life. I have not headed a major organization or done anything else that would make people stand up and take notice. I have not been in the public eye. What will make the book extraordinary, if it is seen as such by others, is the story of my survival, against many odds and that’s the Miracle. The staying in life, coming back into recreation.

Out of my most despondent depression, came the creation of AbundantHope. I created the organization to benefit others, because, you see, from my painful experiences, and depressions, I knew the misery of others, in a very personal way. What we have come to use often in some of the works lately, the “been there, done that” description.

That is the magic for me, when I discuss with Christ Michael his own journeys, particularly the one on planet Earth 2000 years ago. It is his personal “been there and done that” which provided him with the understanding of life on this plane. His story provides some more healing for me, seeing the value of what I used to think had been a sad and wasted life.

And so, it is time to write the story. Many have requested it of me. I don’t know at this time where this particular journey of writing will take me. One step at a time. Perhaps more healing of my hurting soul will come from it, and maybe readers will step into some more healing of their own.

Where I can, I will write in meditation and attempt to place myself back into my experiences that seem worthy of recording, to get the viewpoint at the time. I have done this a great deal, without the writing, as we all are now.  WE are doing our life reviews while still on this plane, in fact doing life reviews of our experiences here and elsewhere. I have many a dream at night, and sometimes in meditation that speaks of a life lived somewhere else, not on this planet.

In fact, I encourage all of you to write your own stories of a life well lived, even if at times it did not seem so. Write your Miracle down. Life in and of itself is a miracle. Our individual existences are miracles. I watched two lovely kittens come into this world, the day after Easter. I am still blessed each time I witness birth to observe the miracle of life. It never ceases to amaze me, that there is anything at all, let alone mind and sentience. I have come to appreciate the sentience in everything, not just humans and animals, but in all the kingdoms and on other planes of existence. And the Miracle of my survival, is found in the creation of AbundantHope, and my being a member of the Second Coming team. So, the story begins.



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The Miracle That Is Me
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