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The Miracle That Is Me Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

A Little Bit of Healing Begun today
By Candace
Jan 25, 2008 - 10:17:00 PM

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A Little Bit of Healing Begun today, January 25, 2008


Hi all, I created this section, the Miracle That is Me, to tell my own story in life, which has become a miracle for me. It was meant in my mind to cover more my past that brought me to this point in life, and as I suggested in my introduction or first chapter, that all of you should write your own stories of your journey in life and your personal miracles. I considered also creating a section to journal in from time to time, my daily experiences that have some sort of merit and teaching. I realize tonight I don’t need a separate section to journal in this manner, because my life is still being written, and the miracle that is me continues to grow personally. I have thought numerous times of journaling publicly, but usually I back off and plain forget, thinking sometimes maybe the story isn’t significant enough to share, but a growing life is about all the little things too.


Today was a healing day. I think, I hope anyway, of an uncomfortable situation that begin to arise for me, in the community in which I live about the time I became public 3 years ago.



As many of you know, and remember from the forum, I live in a mobile home community, and I have no idea why we use that term” community” here, because it is pretty much the opposite of what community should be. And this condition occurs in many mobile home parks that are owned by greed centered individuals and corporations, that fail to notice that the people own their homes, but rent the grass, and that the owners are sustained by this process.


When I first moved in here, in 1984, the then owner was a simple man who owned two parks in this area, and he had genuine pride in his ownership and although he hired management, took a personal interest in his investments, and we had a reasonable degree of community and associated activities. He became ill from cancer, and his wife did not desire to continue the family business when he left this plane, and so he sold his parks to others. One of those others bought this place, and it was a company with ownership of several parks both in Colorado and elsewhere, and these ones were greed oriented and over time, everything that had any community value here was eroded.


A few years ago they decided to create a condomium community and begin to drive people away, and through varies illegal and immoral acts, in conjunction with the unfeeling and owned judges, caused many evictions on grounds that were unfounded. That way they came to own abandoned homes and whatnot and fleeced the families here in many ways, all the time talking about our wonderful “community.”   A mini version of the maxi of our government in this country in a lot of ways. Well, they found out they couldn’t buy city hall at some point. They can’t make this into a condo community because its on an old landfill and only suitable for mobile home communities etc. So after causing almost half the families to leave this place, by either harassment or out and out fraud, they sold out.


I still am not sure about the new owners who haven’t become forthcoming much yet in terms of communication. However, they had placed into management a woman who has worked in the office for many years, almost as long as I have lived here I think. This woman used to be kind and considerate, but over time she choose to participate with the former owners in the scheme of getting people to move and I observed false testimony in a court situation in which my neighbors were expelled and two families were hurt, as the original owner was carrying the loan of the evicted owners, and of course the loan was defaulted on, and she again had to pay the mortgage. The old management of this place never let people move into vacant homes, because the goal was to empty the park. So this lady left with the house had no ability to find a new buyer, and lost the home, which was towed out.


The sad and confusing issue personally for me in this, is because I defended my neighbors in court, I became a target and without certain assistance I would have been forced out of my home also. This lady above came to me a mere 5 days after the court appearance by myself, and told me she was going to the lawyer that day to start the eviction process against me, because I had supposedly long exhausted her patience on re skirting my mobile home. Someone had come an stolen a piece of my skirting. To steal it meant it was unscrewed from my house and taken.


Since this was older metal skirting I was required to replace the entire skirting on my home, repairs not being an acceptable idea, because I couldn’t match the one piece and all the skirting on all sides had to match. So I got a notice to that effect, and had 60 days to remedy the issue, and then an additional 30 days if I wasn’t finished. Being that I did not have the funds to redo the skirting I applied through the city and a local organization to have the work done, and so it was. I was also asked to do many other maintenance issues, some warranted, some not. And this was clear harassment however at the time, because they knew I lived on a fixed income, and didn’t have funds for all of this, and it was hoped they could force me out also.


But at the time, this lady told me I was long past my 90 days, and she was notifying the lawyer. However, I had my papers served to me, and the agencies helping me had copies, and the city lawyer interrupted the process in my behalf, as at the time, I was only less than 30 days from my notice and this was an illegal act.


This lady was mean and it surprised me greatly because she used to be much kinder. I assumed maybe she had become this way trying to become manager perhaps, or maybe she just needed to keep her job, as she had many years I assume towards her retirement. I do try to put myself in others shoes.


So my incident with the skirting is 20 months ago now, and I seemed to still be treated poorly by her, just ignoring me, turning her head as she passed and the like. And she is now manager under the new owners. This is not a comfortable place to be, because I really lost trust, and since I live on a nice corner lot, and there is redevelopment going on, I still feel at risk, not desiring to be forced out before my time.


Anyway, today I went up to mail a card to my granddaughter who will be 17 shortly, and decided to walk past the office. I noticed that the remodeling going on in the office seemed finished and was peeking through the windows. The door had a wet paint sign, so I wasn’t going to open it. So this lady, now manager came and opened it, because she saw me looking in, and as I had been thinking that I needed to try something to end this situation and hopefully have a bit of healing in the process, I decided to go in.


I looked over the new décor and commented politely and all of a sudden for the first time in a long time, I saw a smile and she spoke of some pride about what was going on with the remodeling. So I asked a few more questions and then went on out and mailed my card. This had me thinking, that maybe there was an open door here, and so I went back in and decided to just plop myself in her office and gently ask some more questions. They are installing show homes to sell, and management hasn’t told anyone what these new homes are. I only know because I asked. The spaces have no place for parking on them, and I asked the workers one day.


So I had an opportunity to ask more about the show homes, talk about how nice they look, etc, etc, etc. Will, this lady began to open up. Then another lady who lives down the street that I have known for years, but am not real close with came in, and conversation continued about the plans and other topics, and was becoming definitely social.


This neighbor began talking of her interests in history of this planet. Will, I had an opening! One thing led to another, and the manager was becoming interested and increasingly friendly. Both wanted to know more about what I was doing, as I kind of keep to myself around here, but I let on a bit. Manager told me her daughter had told her about my “star ships”. (Don’t remember me telling that,) and things just progressed. Manager liked the idea as did neighbor of the changes coming. Manager smiled more and more, real smiles that I haven’t seen on her face for years. Light was coming forth in her eyes.


Same with neighbor too. Both have been picking up on something happening on this planet, both wondered a bit about 2012, and the predictions, both just obviously “sensing” change.


So the basic story was told, all the way to Jupiter. But that’s not really the point of this story. I know today, that there was healing. I know I have an opportunity to go chat with manager, and open some more doors, because I discovered she is actually beginning to care about the idea of this becoming a community. There is light, and where there is light, there is God, and love and healing. And I think today my own little fears about my life here in this mobile home park just left.


I think there will be after today with seeds planted, and my observation of learning in both of these women, new servants to the Second Coming Process. And I think maybe, just maybe, this little non community, might just have some hope, after all. I am in joy and peace at this prospect.


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