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Changing The Face Of Religion : THE WAVE Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Wave Symptoms
By Candace
Feb 20, 2013 - 6:25:05 PM

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WAVE Symptoms

By Candace

February 2, 2013

Hi everyone, the Energies of this current wave are setting in, so to speak, and beginning to more seriously affect some people. The Wave now for a time will be almost continuous laps, coming in faster and faster and more intensely each time.

Those of you who are more spiritual and have raised a lot of kundalini are likely to feel this sooner than others.  Last fall, I was given an experience of a couple months or more of "simulated" wave personally to me using technology so that I would have a good "feel" of what goes with this.

It started with the increased energy fleet put to the planet and the dimming of the sun around Mid September.  I began to experience a lot of heart irregularity, really intensely in fact.  When I was just moving around the house it would jump sometimes to 120 beats a minutes and walking gently outdoors, 140.  Sometimes it was regular enough though fast and other times very irregular. And when just sitting, when it slowed down the irregular beats were very obvious and I often felt a pressure in my chest.  Sometimes the beats were just all over the place, clusters of fast ones, periods of missing ones.  And often a pattern of 2 beats with a rest, 2 beats with a rest.  For a short time I did monitor my blood pressure and it jumped a bit too, off and on, but not a serious factor.  I did not have any pain that would make me feel I was having a heart attack, but there was chest pressure and especially when the heart was more irregular and working over time.

I did begin to take some niacin which I think helped, and I remain taking it.  This past week I have had some strangeness again, and this time I assume from the real wave and not the simulated energy.  But nothing like this past fall.  And not near as fast.  I did one day catch that pattern of 2 and a rest but right now, its normal.

Since I knew was was going on, I kept my fear down, but if others begin to have this, the Emergency rooms may get very full and doctors may not have a single clue as to why.  I perceive some will be diagnosed with atrial flutter,  atrial fib, ventricular anomalies unexplained and perhaps some will be offered pace makers.  Heart doctors will surely benefit, all the while perhaps wondering that the shit is going on with their own hearts.  I suspect even some of the folks with flu in the hospital are perhaps feeing sicker than normal because of the wave and other cosmic energies.

At times I also experience some minor breathing issues, and this is hard to discern, as to cause, because I tended to blame it some days on "chem trail" lung which I have had for years when we are over chemtrailed.

Now, in last October, something entirely NEW began to happen and very suddenly and this is when I most truly learned I was an experiment in process. One day I suddenly got a very hot head, on the skin only and the heat spread down my arms and to my chest and abdomen. It felt like I was being BURNED by radiation.  I in fact looked like a mix of a cooked lobster and massive allergy hives, the redness being a bit blotchy.  I was quickly assured that nothing was wrong, this is what people would experience more and more and this is the "Divine Fire" which quite literally "burns" but yet does NO DAMAGE whatsoever.  That it would lead to one being luminous. I have been to some degree luminous for years and people generally ask what makeup or skin lotion I am using!

I had quite a few of these, and one day I noticed I felt warm on my legs too  and sure enough,  lobster red there too!  Sometimes these were INTENSE and lasting 1/2 hour or so and then the red goes away and the skin looks fine. I would not like to experience this in a group of people in say a restaurant, for some would want to call 911 on me, assuming massive HIVES.

I still get it off and on but not near as intense. Sometimes just one part or another of my body.  And not always including the head, but in the beginning my head is what BURNED first.  Sometimes started at nap of neck, other times top, or front or one side of face.  I learned to quickly relax during it.  Once I went off to bed to do the relaxation, that was in fact worse, because it was difficult to "tune out" and I found what works best actually is just to keep busy, a walk is useful, or a bit of housework or whatever.  Keeping the MIND busy will help tune it out.  The whole process when intense was at most an hour, which included the time for my skin to get normal again.  If you have this, you WILL LOOK AWFUL and people who know what you usually  look like will be alarmed.  I meant to show one friend over Skype but I kept forgetting and didn't sometimes want to disturb her day.

You will have other issues. Hot flashes, cold flashes, dizziness, vertigo, various aches and pains and heaven only knows what else. Blurred vision is another.  Lots of muscle twitching may be an issue.  I get days where i have a particular new strange pain and some of this I assume is tissue healing or something going on and I have forgotten to ask if some of my improvements are do to this, or assistance aboard ship from sky docs.  Do keep your diets in good shape and your minerals properly replenished. I do have an issue with low Potassium, have since my high school years and I make sure at this time to keep it in good shape.  Because that causes a slow irregular heart beat when low. And odd little itches etc.  But itching without cause may also be related to this and I do itch some during the "radiation" attacks, and it is indeed radiation beloveds.  Way past sunburn in feel.

I am seeing some healing and I don't know if its the WAVE or from my sky docs. I forget to inquire.

Doesn't matter if the WAVE is doing some healing or those staying are getting some from craft. I just forgot to ask on that detail.   This fiery redness is not the same heat from being beamed too and from ship. Totally different.   One of my strange healings is I am no longer walking on the outer right foot which my whole life has worn my shoe heels and leather on the outside.  I actually feel my foot hitting the ground straight and I am not having to use all that shoe glue I use to extend the useful life of the soles of my shoes.

I am going to place THIS in the WAVE section and I suggest re reading some of the work we have placed before.  In particular to read is that piece that was provided by Prophet on GLP that somebody put in my wave thread there.  The DIVINE FIRE.   It does not describe HOW the Divine Fire deals, but I assure it does feel like radioactive FIRE but it will not harm you.  So if you find some with FIRE to the SKIN and lots of Heart rhythm issues, please give them support. Some are going to visit their doctors and they should just in case they do have an emergency situation pending.  Do not stop them, leave it to them to decide.

I have received reports off and on in the past couple years from team members who have people they know running off the emergency room with heart stuff, only for no cause to be found. I did NOT run off the ER so I have no idea what my heart tracings might have looked like.

Again, be prepared for this, and do not be alarmed by the burning, it is harmless as long as one doesn't FEAK OUT but there will be people who well and might well drop dead from it.  Both the heart and the burning.

PS:  I also have developed intolerance to a few foods that were once OK and I don't know if this is WAVE or the processing of food.  I seem ok with home roasted organic peanuts for example, but one of my favorite brands of Peanut butter does not sit well and I forgot that recently and bought some more and was reminded.  I do not tolerate foods with added gluten either, but am fine still with normal gluten content of whole grains.

I have felt a strong need to further improve my diet and am enhancing my green food intake with Chlorella as there is only so many green smoothies I want to eat. I have increased the percentage of raw food.  Raphael does not recommend a raw only diet.  Some foods are better cooked and he has always suggested to at least make raw, 50% of the diet.


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