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Changing The Face Of Religion : THE WAVE Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Home Study Course - 10 - LESSON NUMBER 38, Walter and Lao RUSSELL.
By WALTER and Lao RUSSELL, transcribed by AH members.
Nov 13, 2012 - 11:05:57 PM

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Walter Russell, Sc. D, and Lao Russell



The Walter Russell Foundation, Swannanoa, Waynesboro, Virginia

Copyrighted 1951 by Walter and Lao Russell





We have talked of many things--many fundamental elements which consti­tute God's creating universe. The only purpose for writing even one line of these lessons is to give men and women a greater knowledge of:


1. Their own individual Source of power.


2. Their mutual Source of power, through mental and physical interchange, or through the unity of balanced mating.


3. The way they can individually or mutually multiply their power to become the Supreme Being whom we all manifest on earth.


4. The manner in which they can intensify desire in themselves in order to multiply the fruits of desire.


5. A workable understanding as to how they can apply this knowledge to build more healthful strong bodies under mind control, instead of sense control, and thus build the human race into more perfect instruments for manifesting its Creator.


We have too long lived in the dark of guessing about the fundamentals of existence. Our lives have been too experimental because they lacked exact knowledge upon which to base the decisions which constitute life.


We have lived in an abstract world of experimental guessing too long. Our human relations have been abstract and experimental, and because of ignorance of the law which governs them we have made a very bad mess of our civiliza­tion.


But HUMAN RELATIONS are not the only consideration of life. We are not here on earth to just trade with each other, or have pleasant social and cultural relations with each other.


It is not enough that we have peace and good will on earth with each other.




We have a far greater purpose than that our sensed electric bodies should sense each other, even if we sensed each other in such harmony and unity that war would be unthinkable and impossible.


We are not just humans--human men and women who deal with each other as humans--human men and women who reproduce male and female children to grow up and be the same kind of humans.


We are more than just human beings, placed on earth to manifest our humanity, we are spiritual beings placed on earth to manifest The One Supreme Being--and to know ourselves as THAT ONE.


Our SPIRITUAL RELATIONS should, therefore, transcend our HUMAN RELATIONS.




In our awareness we are first humans, because we can see our bodies and sense their existence in their electric environment. In other words our elec­tric senses tell us of our physical existence. That is all we are aware of for many aeons, and the evidence of our senses is all we have to tell us of it. Such evidence is unreliable, for the senses are limited to sensing. They have no knowledge in them, and, therefore, all conclusions which are based upon the senses are of no value except for experiment by the senses. This leads to a reasoning process which is not mental, for it has no inspiration in it. We have built our entire civilization through this reasoning process with the exception of the little culture which our few cosmic beings have given to it.


This important fact we want you to know for too many of the creations of men are synthesized from the senses by the experimental process of reasoning. They have no genius in them. They have not even mentality in them, for mentality is spiritual and our senses are as totally unaware of their spiritual control as an electric machine made by man is aware of its control by the intelligence of man.


Our senses, therefore, cannot sense the spirit of man because the spir­itual Source of man is invisible. It cannot be SEEN. It can only be KNOWN.


You cannot acquire knowledge through the senses. Knowledge can be acquired only through desire of the Soul. There is no other way. To acquire knowledge you must ask God for it. You must transcend humanity to ask God for it. You must forget your body and transcend your senses to ask God for knowledge. You must be wholly Mind to commune with Mind.


Knowledge is CAUSE. Cause lies at the Source of all EFFECT. The senses sense only EFFECT. Knowledge can only be KNOWN, for the Source can be only KNOWN. It cannot be seen. EFFECT cannot be KNOWN.


You can see, therefore, that cosmic beings transcend human beings in the measure that their SPIRITUAL RELATIONS transcend their HUMAN RELATIONS. THE GENIUS IS COSMIC. He lives in another world. He can transcend his humanity at will.


Meditation is the bridge which the human must cross to transform the information which his senses have recorded upon his brain into knowledge which centers him in the Light of his universal Self.


These very words which we are writing have a meaning behind them which your senses cannot see. You can read them with your senses and gain no knowledge whatsoever from them. They may be even acceptable to your logic and reasoning, but still have no knowledge in them.


When you are simultaneously INFORMED by your senses, and INSPIRED by your Soul by reading them, you are then MANIFESTING GOD IN YOU THROUGH YOUR SENSES because your spiritual relations are as strong, or stronger than your objective material senses.


Perhaps it might be clearer to you to exemplify this idea to one who lis­tens to a musical masterpiece. The purely physical materialist will hear nothing but sounds. Their rhythms may entertain his senses but that which is spiritual in music does not touch him.


One whose Soul responds a little to that which is spiritual in music is reinspired in the measure that his Soul is touched by the Soul of the composer. If such a one carries the memory of that music into his meditation he awakens his own genius more and more deeply by such meditation.


That is what we mean by cultivating your spiritual relations to such a high potential that you can live more and more in that other cosmic world of ecstasy which transcends the limitations of the material world of sensing.




Unless we make this idea as clear as crystal to you we are not accomplish­ing the purpose of giving you knowledge by awakening your Mind. For this reason we must dwell on this idea until it is more fully understood.


There are a large number of people whom we familiarly call THE INTELLIGENTSIA. The dictionary defines these as "the educated classes".


These include the teacher of history in the university who can tell you every important event in world history, even to the dates of their happenings. It includes the astronomer mathematician who can calculate an eclipse to the split second--the inventor who can make a machine for doing marvellous things--the physicist, chemist, or metallurgist who can combine countless elements to create countless effects--or the electrical engineer who can cause your voice to be repeated thousands of miles away or to tell a ship in the dark that another is ahead in its path.


It is commonly assumed that these people have great knowledge. That does not necessarily follow. As a matter of fact there is very little knowl­edge in the world, even among the greatest of scientists or philosophers.


Great intelligence in combining observed effects, or great intelligence in reasoning from conclusions arrived at by the evidence of one's senses, does not constitute knowledge.


Science terms such conclusions "empirical knowledge". Philosophers have another term, "empiricism", which is an assumption that all knowledge is gained by experience.


If conclusions arrived at by the evidence of one's senses can give knowledge to such an observer science would have knowledge of the Cause and Source of its' observed effects. Science has great skills, great reasoning and great intelligence in combining effects. It knows HOW to do many things but it admittedly does not know the WHY of anything.


Ask one of the greatest scientists in the world what electricity is--or light­-gravitation-energy--radiation--heat--friction--magnetism--oxygen or polarity. He will tell you that he does not know. Ask him why a falling stone accelerates or why orbits of planets are elliptical.  He will also tell you that he does not know. Ask him why you can insulate electricity but cannot insulate magnetism. Again he will tell you that he does not know.


He has sensed all of these effects but comprehension of them has not gone beyond the senses to the Mind.


He has many theories and many laws which are also conclusions arrived at by the evidence of his senses, but the most fundamental of them have no relation to Nature's workings whatsoever. The Coulomb electric law--the first and second laws of thermodynamics--the theories of attraction and repul­sion of matter--of the birth of planets- -of the construction of the atom and practically every theory of the CAUSE of things show no evidence of knowledge in them. They show merely that the senses have observed what are presumed to be facts of motion, not realizing that all motion is illusion--all of it--not just such familiar illusions of perspective as the seeming fact that railroad tracks meet on the horizon, or that humans seem to grow smaller as they walk

away from one. To reason from such observations does not give one knowledge. It merely increases one's ability to guess logically.


Further evidence of the impossibility of gaining knowledge through the senses without a spiritual transformation of sensed observation into Mind-knowing through meditation, lies in the searchings of science for such hidden secrets as the shape of the universe, which has no shape, or the relation of time to the universe, the time of its beginning and probable ending, when time in itself is an illusion, its forward flow being cancelled by its backward flow--or the search for the life principle in some germ. One might as well cast nets in the sea for oxygen as to continue that search, for the life principle is not in matter nor motion.


To assume that the teacher of physics in College has great knowledge when the theories he teaches are pure invention, and are not founded upon Nature, is not logical.




We tell you these things to point out the difference between the material thinker and the cosmic one. The genius KNOWS. He thinks from knowing Mind instead of senses which sense effects without knowing their Source.


He whose thinking is based upon the evidence of his senses alone may have great intelligence, be very successful in material things, make a lot of money and stand high among men. But the very same man who awakens his sleeping Soul sufficiently to transform his material sensing into spiritual KNOWING finds himself living in another world of glory indescribable.


His is the glory of knowing himself as Universal Man instead of being a separate unit among many men.


He who has thus transformed his sensing to KNOWING has multiplied his power immeasurably and his capacity for living as a transcendent being in a transcendent world.




We explain this idea in such detail because it is generally assumed that sensing, and reasoning from sensed observation, is thinking from the Mind. Sense-thinking is merely making use of the countless memory records which have been stored upon the brain and assembling them into varied forms.


The brain is not the Mind. It is but a storehouse for memories of experiences of the senses. The brain does not KNOW. It but repeats recordings of the senses.


The brain remembers, repeats, assembles and rearranges memories, compares them, adds one to another, and reasons new combinations of things remembered by the senses which will do this or that. By an analytical com­parative, synthesizing process the senses will put things together which the senses have observed and remember.


If such a brain "composes" music the result will be a synthesis--or complex plagiarism of many things heard and repeated. Such music cannot endure, even though many of its motives may be repeated from the enduring works of such transcendent beings as Beethoven, Mozart or Wagner.


The reason for this is that transcendent beings put their Soul into their creations, and that is why the work of cosmic thinkers endures.


We have explained to you that the Soul is the desire force for creative expression in Mind.


Works of man which emanate from Mind endure. He who has arisen above his sensing, and thinks from the still Light of his Mind has a vast power which those who think from the senses can never have.


The world needs transcendent thinkers in all works of men, whether in the business, professional or cultural worlds. Sensed thinkers are materialists. Mind thinkers are idealists. Idealists are world leaders, not materialists. Likewise, spiritual thinkers transcend sense thinkers. We will expand this idea in lesson 39.


Our human relations sorely need the guidance of leaders whose spiritual relations are the source of their leadership. Mankind needs the spiritual thinker in all elements of life, not merely in the arts and other cultural elements.




One whose thinking stems from his senses alone might be likened to the pendulum which swings both ways as an extension from the still fulcrum from which it swings without having an awareness of that still power of its source.


Those transcendent beings who give the world its enduring truths think from the Light of Mind which centers them and THEY ARE FULLY AWARE OF THAT SOURCE.


Our first four lessons told you how to reach that stage of Soul-awareness through meditation, which means to decentrate instead of concentrate. Such a transition consumes much time, but as you become more and more accus­tomed to making that transition you will find that you can remain in that exalted and ecstatic condition while you work at your creations of any nature.


You will find that your Soul-awareness will make you forget the senses of your body as you think with full awareness of the Source of your thinking.


That is what we mean by "working knowingly with God". That is the trend of the unfolding race of man. That is what we mean by your spiritual relations with the spiritual Mind of the universe.


We shall continue this thought into the next lesson to explain in greater
detail, by word and diagram, how each individual multiplies his Self as either man or woman, and how man and woman multiply their power as a unified pair.


Few people realize the multiplied power of a completely unified and balanced man and woman, nor is the scientific aspect of such a union even faintly understood. It is vitally important that it should be understood, for balanced mating is the most important element in everyone's life.


Also we will scientifically explain the principle of thought communication with those who have "passed on".

AbundantHope works towards making priceless books (all of which are found already scanned and free on the internet) into further formats which are friendly towards the growing types of personal computing and reading devices. We employ the use of non other than the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process.
It cannot be over emphasized that our role is merely that of applying the OCR process and making sure that the product accurately reflects the original version (as best as humanly possible and without guarantees) - We attempt to correct no more than the actual inadequacies of the OCR process itself.
In the case of  this particular unit of the Home Study Course, it came littered with edits - further inputs, corrections and perhaps, merely added notes or opinion - to such an extent as to either ‘make sense' or change meanings completely - we do not know - plus it remains unclear who made such edits or why.
As a result, all such additional input, corrections or edits (even down to punctuation) which do not appear to be part of original document itself, while still included, are placed within square-brackets "[ ]" regardless of how much sense they seem to make. Cancellations are also reflected too. Some additions are difficult to read and in such cases, an actual snap-shot is placed for your convenience.
Happy Re-learning folks,
Transcription Team - AbundantHope



All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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