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Changing The Face Of Religion : THE WAVE Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Apocalypse is the greek word for revelation.
By unknown/Alexis
Nov 30, 2012 - 11:17:32 PM

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Posted by Alexis (on another GLP thread...) Considerable 'Wave' information.
User ID: 1317613

Here is the article I talked about. I do not promote fear, I promote trust, love, laughter, expansion.

Apocalypse is the greek word for revelation. It refers to the end of life in this dimension, the end of the illusion and the complete revelation of our vibrational, multidimensional identity. It is the dissolution and transmutation of the third dimensional vehicles that give a very fragmented and separated experience of life through the illusion of time and space. This dissolution concerns all entities existing in the field of our solar system, including the planets themselves.

Our solar system has been entering in an area that is in alignment with the central sun Sirius of our galaxy. (Candace: OUR central sun is Alcyone and there is confusion on his part here, as this is the WAVE but the article is good otherwise, although it wanders between photon belt and Wave.   The wave is the cosmic fire, that appears in teachings, not photon belt or Milky Way energies which have other roles )  This astrological alignment means that, from now on, our solar system and thus the earth will evolve within fields that are in the influence of a form of Light that is very different from the physical light we all know. It is the Vibrational Light or Fire of the Holy Spirit.

This Light is the constituent of our vibrational, eternal and multidimensional identity. From the perspective of life in this dimension, this identity is known as our Higher Self. Yet it is our only real identity as all identities that we have been identifying with in this dimension were merely dreams in the time/space illusion and disconnected from the essence of Life (Unitary Realms). By essence, our vibrational Self does not know separation. It does not know distance, and sequential time.

Thus it is not subject to the law of action and reaction and karma. This functioning cannot be grasped by our mind that has been shaped and designed to work in the illusion of this time/space matrix. Yet, everybody IS this truth and has the potential to access it through the conscious awareness of the vibration, here and now. As we progress in the accelerated times of apocalypse, more and more people become living witnesses of that vibratory state that reveals itself in the individual ability to transcend the ego mind and surrender to the infinite depth of the present moment.

Positive initiatives now birthing all over the world to improve life on earth and manifest a new paradigm show an evolution of consciousness and the connection with positive feelings in many people. This evolution is a witness of the favorable changes happening in the individual and collective consciousness and energy systems. However, this evolution does not constitute or lead to the nature of the paradigm change brought about by the last stage of apocalypse : the cosmic wave and collective ascension. In other words, the revelation is not only the revelation of the human potential to co-create heaven on earth through healing, protecting, restoring, reconnecting, opening, etc… ; the revelation is not only the understanding of the evil nature of the global matrix created by the so-called civilized society. No, these are only relatively superficial preliminaries to the inconceivable event of the end of third dimensional life on earth.

The gradual increase of the exposure of the vibrational Light on the solar system and on the earth has been called Apocalypse or Revelation because it is the collective revelation of our true essence and of the nature of the illusion we have been trapped into. It is not a revelation that comes as an outside information but as a death of one level of experience of self and a birth of a new level of experience of self. The transmutation involved as a result of the final cosmic wave of vibrational light includes the end of the third dimensional earth as well as the end of our third dimensional bodies. However, this end of our third dimensional vehicles is a far more significant event than another cycle of death and birth.

On one hand, a majority of souls currently present on the earth is not ready for surrendering to the Light. Most of them have let themselves be trapped inside a matrix that superposes itself on top of the 3D time/space matrix and have lost all sense of connection with their divine essence. Immature souls of heavy vibrations will perceive the cosmic wave as an event external from themselves and will believe in themselves as being the victim of a catastrophe. Souls who believe in the cosmic fire as a punishment from the creator will experience it as such. As the intensity of the cosmic fire keeps on increasing exponentially, the support of their contracted vibrations (physical body and physical environment, astral body) will literally dissolve into what is then perceived as nothingness but is in fact too high a frequency for their perceptual ability.


Disorientation and the intensified facing of all the suffering and heaviness they carry will ensue. The Judgement is not a punition from an angry father but refers to the capacity of the consciousness to find vibrationnal support in the unitary realms and, if not, refers to the direct facing of all the contractions (fears and attachments) carried by the soul with no place to hide. These souls, not yet mature to explore their multidimensionality and intemporality, will have the opportunity to incarnate in this galaxy on other solar systems that are supporting third dimensional life until they are mature enough for ascension.

On the other hand, mature souls will have already faced and surrendered the totality of their fears and attachments before or during apocalypse and, if not yet the case, will be able to surrender the last shadows in the final blast of unitary Light. These souls will already be conscious of their intemporal body of light through direct consciousness of the vibration in the heart and the head as well as through consciousness of the vibrational “I AM” or universal Beingness. The cosmic wave will propel them in the fullness of their Light Body and will free their soul from all remaining ties with third dimensionality. This ascension of a soul into its intemporal Body of Resurrection has happened only very rarely on earth during the last cycle. Yet, the showering of the earth with unitary light is making it easier than ever to reconnect to Beingness and it opening the stage The cosmic wave will be a very special event as it will be where a high number of individual ascension processes merge into one.

Peak of darkness happens when the light becomes unbearable for the majority of souls that have no way to merge with it and integrate it at the level of their higher chakras. This explains the extremely chaotic state of the world right now that becomes each day more obvious despite desperate efforts by the matrix controlled media to divert the attention of the populace towards political power games, sport and show-business glamour. The climate crisis, violence and wars, economic destruction and inflation, food shortages, increased seismic and volcanic activity, environmental collapse,… that the world is now going through will keep on intensifying until the peak of the cosmic wave transmutes the whole chaos in its light. Personal efforts to improve the situation by trying to lower the amount of suffering that humans go through in this period are useless and represent a waste of energy that would be best used for the personal ascension process. Suffering and intensity is needed to bring the souls that need it to themselves.

Personal efforts to take care of others suffering usually comes from some levels of denial of one’s own pain, hidden in unconscious parts of the soul. Allowing the process of apocalypse to play out for the collectivity, including for mother Earth and its mineral, animal and vegetal realms, without feeding old reactive patterns of wanting to feel the victim or the savior is the challenge of many. If you feel the call for ascension, transmuting the reflexes of the dual consciousness that reacts to the dramatic events of the end of times will be a crucial part of your personal process. Indeed, opening up the consciousness to its natural non-dual perspective is a preliminary requisite for reconnecting with our 5th dimensional perceptions. The non-dual perspective invevitably means the letting go and dissolution of all emotions (grief, feeling sorry, anger, fear,…), judgments, interpretations and other reactive patterns. It will sound empty to the illusory personality when in fact, the non-dual perspective opens the space to the absolute fullness of our glorious Body of Beingness.

It is indeed the highest form of contribution to the collective ascension process to take the non dual perspective and focus on surrendering one’s own tensions and densities to the light. Standing in pure Beingness, some actions may occur through us, yet, we need to let go of all the identifications that seek to define ourselves through these actions, ideas & thougts, contributions, sharings and all other movements that occur through time and space in this dissolving matrix. It is necessary for us to let this level of interest and self definition dissolve to open the space to the consciousness of our true, vibrational self as this is the only vehicle that will take us through the coming wave.

Alternative scientific circles are now discovering elements of the multidimensional nature of Self. We can expect that these scientists or others will continue to go through major breakthroughs during the whole apocalypse period. It is nevertheless advisable to remain conscious that explanation and external demonstration is very different from Self-Realization. You can only Know what you ARE. Indeed, the disconnected mind can understand the concepts and this understanding can be used as a convincing factor towards surrender of that mind. Yet, this understanding, however accurate and precise, will not as such help the soul to journey through the cosmic wave. Channeling most of our attention and energy towards intellectual analysis slows the pace of the individual process of surrendering to the vibrational light. Thus, scientific discoveries and realizations are not an end in themselves but merely an optional first step towards surrender for the individuals that might be ready to ascend but are still stuck and identified with their mind. Obsessive need for intellectual understanding of the apocalypse and ascension process are tentatives from the mind to hide soul contractions linked to the need to control, to explain, attachments and fears of letting go completely. We need to realize and recognize that our 3D mind will only grasp a fraction of the universal understanding and that we will naturally and spontaneously reconnect to that universal understanding through full embodiment of our christed, vibrational Body of Beingness, without the intervention of external teachings. Surrender to the light is all that is required. It is easy and ecstatic. Are you listening to the mind that wishes to make you believe otherwise ?

It is to be expected that most of our so-called modern technology will be rendered useless by the vibrational light and astrophysical conditions several weeks or months before the final wave. Most of the infrastructure that currently provides energy, communication, food and transport to the populations will gradually or suddenly loose its functionality. This will represent a blessing rather than a curse and will free up much of the space and energy to be redirected inside in support of the individual ascension process. The intensity of the vibrational light in this period along with global food shortages will make the mature souls realize food as secondary or unnecessary while not any amount of food will be able to bring a sense of relief to the immature souls who will be trying anything to go back to a place of hiding from their unresolved pains. For the sake of your own individual process, don’t give much of your attention and energy to the manifestations of the dissolving matrix. Instead, let go of all the traces that matrix imprinted in your soul and turn all your attention towards your center. At the center of your being is the center of the universe and the vibrational light that is showering the earth is coming from that very center. It is both inside and outside of you, yet it becomes one and unique as you discover the essence of Beingness, I AM. True Life is waiting for you there…

Apocalypse is now. Prepare yourself and spend your time wisely by turning the attention inside and allowing the light (consciousness) on all your remaining shadows. No external preparations will help you deal with the wave of Vibrational Light that is currently showering the earth and which intensity will increase drastically and exponentially from today to the final wave, before the end of year 2012. Don’t build your house on the sand has never been more applicable than today. Stop building your reality with the help of the personal ego/mind self, even a positive one. Say goodbye to your life circumstances and develop your ability to bless its dissolution. Turn your attention/energy inwards and let “you” die… This message is not intended to generate fear and attachements but only to uncover these and enlighten them. They are weighing on your experience of life and that of the whole humanity, it is time to allow the consciousness to transcend them and move on.

Our collective ascension is the most beautiful event that can happen to us, and it is happening now. It is quantumly superior to even the transformation of our current 3D world into a place of peace, fairness, co-created beauty and abundance for all. This transformation will not happen and will not need to happen as we will instantly manifest such a world from a very different perspective, in different bodies, on a different planet Earth and in the context of very different physical, chemical and biological rules. The earth we will see will look profoundly different and will not carry the traces of the abuses that have been taking place in this dimension. We will no more know any kind of dependence nor any kind of separation, limit of form, limit of movement or limit of time. Freedom will not only be freedom from the matrix, but the absolutely free exploration of the unified field (the whole creation) as unified consciousness. As crazy as it might sound, you are invited to simply open your heart to the possibility that it might be true…

It is now time to surrender to the light, alone and together. Every individual will express this non-doing, vertical event through different activities and inactivities. Each and every circumstances can be used as a context of surrender and your focused intention will bring about the most supportive context, recognized through heartfelt resonance. You are thus invited by your own heart to design the remaining days of this separated life in a way that supports the reconnection to your own vibrations, as well as their acceleration and expansion. Very soon, we will find ourselves together in Beingness, celebrating the True Life through our pristine, eternal Light Bodies. As unbelievable as it might sound, don’t waste your energy believing it or not believing it. Instead, start living this truth now !

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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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