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Targeted Messages
Feb 22, 2018 - The Shooting of Yesterday in Florida was NO accident

Dark Brotherhood:  both those incarnate AND those above serving Christ Michael on this world.. KNOW you set that young man up on purpose to go to that school on a shooting rampage.  What are you trying to coverup by KILLING INNOCENT HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS and one Teacher and injuring many others?  Your "karma" grows worse.  Its time to turn to the light if that option is available to those of you still walking the planet.

Targeted Messages
Jan 20, 2018 - We need help with our server costs this month

There are about 1000 INDIVIDUALS who read here each day and about 20 who keep us going.  Please find the paypal button which takes any kind of plastic and use it.  If you have a bank account .. you have a plastic debit card.  If each of you 1000 gave $10 this would last us 4 months.   Please pay it forward!  Thankyou KAN DAEK

We do not charge people to read here.. we depend on reader support for the website.  I am on social security and cannot pay the bills and it is for those who use the site to do so...

Targeted Messages
Jan 15, 2018 - Trump did NOT say "Shit Holes"

I just chatted with CM.  He got a report.. there are always invisibles at these meetings plus the akashic record and he did NOT say that.  Figure the rest readers!


However personally.. I have no problem with the term.. for slang is often far more authentic that the accepted norm and I love the stuff.  KAN DAEK

Targeted Messages
Nov 14, 2017 - The End is Come

This is a piece from years ago I took from Siraya.. the Master Spirit of Orvonton.. Both you of the Dark brotherhood who became overly brotherly in the WRONG WAY and for those struggling for the Light here....For the End is now coming as an intermission and the new to start.  Read inside.

Targeted Messages
Nov 13, 2017 - About the tax reform again...

What did you ones NOT UNDERSTAND that your plans are NOT GOING to happen?  This planet is moving FORWARD and going back on celesltial law. SEE INSIDE THIS POST DARK BROTHERS

Targeted Messages
Oct 30, 2017 - Concerning Employer Retirement Benefits paid to Employee

Concerning Taxation:  Employer Contributions to retirement accounts of employees are WAGES which are personal property and therefore NOT TAXABLE.  However if a Worker invests his retirement account and receives interest from this.. this is TAXALE.. Just the interest.  And at the time of retirment.. since the interest has been taxed there would be nothing to pay taxes on.  Its personal property.

Now as to real estate... the personal money invested in the personal home in which one LIVES.. is not taxable except for increase in value above what was paid.  And that value can be reduced by inflation if there has been inflation.  This concerns ONLY the home lived in.  Not real estate investments otherwise.  Income from those is fully taxable unless the only income of this worker invests AS A private business.  Thus self employed of course.  And business expense deductions do apply since there is a business.  I know this may be blurry.. you must think that one thru.  I have known people whose investments are set up as a personal business and the profit is not taxable because it is personal property meaning the money earned from ones labor.  Same as any personal business.  It is thus from SELF EMPLOYMENT.

What is moral in INTEREST charged on Loans made to another will be covered later.

Targeted Messages
Oct 28, 2017 - About that taxation Dark Brothers

You will not pass a "tax bill" UNTIL you take away all taxation on PERSONAL EARNED INCOME.  Ones income from ONES PERSONAL LABOR IS PERSONAL PROPERTY and MAY NOT BE TAXED AT ALL.  NO MATTER THE AMOUNT OF MONEY LEGITIMATELY EARNED BY ONES LABOR.  START THERE.  YOU WILL HAVE NO SUCCESS UNTIL then with your tax bills.  Your corportations are not People and thus that income IS taxable.  STOP THE WARS and you will not need to STEAL FROM THE FOUNDATION DIVINE either to fund your immoral games. YOU ARE  limiting HUMAN POTENTIAL.   AND IT WILL STOP.  SO BE IT! I AM THAT I AM.

Targeted Messages
Oct 20, 2017 - Counting down....

T Minus 7



Targeted Messages
Oct 16, 2017 - The coolness of the canopy.........

This is from Brian.. you have seen his stuff on TIU.  I think its a target message.. maybe related to Gabriel's.. who knows.. but FUN to read.


the coolness of the canopy
on the ground
of entropy
shade dwellers
listen to sun levelers
moon stones
from others
are found
while gathering
from the rain forest breeze
maybe its the thaw
from the
this release
of thermal dynamics
to be present
in the star ships that have entered
while dragons
have been hidden
for now
all will come out
like holes through swiss cheese
when you go fishing
always remember
to catch and release
the mystery of the enigma
has a stigma
though the boss
is at a loss
for his spaghetti
hasnt any sauce
and his noodle
is like a poodle
who's lost
at a circus
in the den
of lions
while the elephants
bend their knees
when speaking

Targeted Messages
Sep 15, 2017 - Lighting the Earth is ESSENTIAL RIGHT NOW

Hi Everyone who reads here.. it is EXTREMELY important now during this manifesting "short period of controlled chaos"  to work intensely on lighting the Earth.  You do this by behavior and also during meditations or pauses thru your day deliberately drawing Light energy by whatever label you like INTO and Around the planet thru the genetic mind uplifting.  When you are shoppng ... push that energy into the store you are in too and at your places of work.

Targeted Messages
Sep 11, 2017 - Hurricane Irma

Irma is another superstorm.  It is very likely going to go up the eastern Atlantic seaboard and come onto land around Washington DC or there abouts.  If you have not prepared.. best get it done if you live in that zone and realize this is going to affect shipping too. I may add links inside this later.

Targeted Messages
Sep 10, 2017 - “A Message of Mercy for the Dark Worker.”

Asheville, NC, US of A, July 2, 2017. 
Teacher: Unrevealed Celestial Agent. 
Subject: “A Message of Mercy for the Dark Worker.”
Message received by Chris Maurus.

Agent: “There are many forces at work in and around the earth plane and the dimensions surrounding it. Both humans and celestials are acting upon universe energies in a proverbial ‘tug-of-war’ to influence the minds of those on the earth who can make a difference in the path of Correction. You and others who are doing the Work of Correction are but a link in the chain that is feeling the ‘tug’ from both sides. As you have experienced, there are those who are pulling from a place of darkness working against Christ Michael’s Plan for the redemption of the Earth and the path to Light and Life. On the ‘good side’ of the rope, there are myriad forces of celestial operators working on many dimensional planes to assist those ‘agents in the field’ to accomplish the Will of our Heavenly Father.

“Darkness knows that its time of dominance and control over the lives of so many on the earth is coming to an end. Human consciousness is waking up to the illusions, manipulations, and propaganda that keeps them divided and in the chains of their own making. It is a futile attempt now to hold onto power using the same methods that have worked for so many centuries — human consciousness is changing and is no longer satisfied with the mere illusions of freedom. For those humans who practice the dark arts, they have but a short time to do their dark deeds and soon they too shall succumb to the grave and to the point of transition where they shall have to decide, by the mercy of Christ, if and how they shall participate in the reparations of their actions while on the earth. Their leaders are no more and there is no rebel glory to claim victory — only the lucid reality of their own judgment knowing they have wasted their time on the earth working toward some dark end that has no place in the Great Plan.

“It is not too late for these dark workers, for they can, even now while they still live and breathe, turn from their destructive ways; renounce the allegiance to their former leaders — who are no more, and accept the mercy of Christ Michael. It is entirely within themselves to change their destiny from one of great darkness and oblivion to that of a glorious future where they may participate in the Great Plan of eternal life and enjoy the benefits of Sonship with all the astonishing experiences of exploring the Master Universe — becoming like the Creator Himself! Why would any soul choose oblivion over that?

“Come back, you prodigal sons and daughters, to your Father’s house and receive his mercy and partake of his bounty — His arms are open wide with love and desire — willing to accept you unconditionally. The Unholy Trinity can promise you nothing for your wickedness but oblivion — the same fate they have chosen for themselves. You have been lied too — your leaders are defunct and you are only left with a decision while you still breathe — Life or oblivion? To harm or to heal? Which will you choose?

“Choose wisely, for now you have been given the truth, and you are wholly responsible for all future actions — you may no longer claim ignorance at the mercy seat.”

Targeted Messages
Sep 7, 2017 - What in HELL are you Talking ABOUT Dark Brothers

Fox News is covering the idea of the totally nuclear removal of North Korea from the Planet today.. NOT A GOOD CHOICE.. Have you considered what could then happen BACK.... The US Military is NOT the most capable military in this world you know.  And you aren't allowed to use nukes anyway for this purpose.  STOP THIS GAME NOW.  NK HAS NO NUKES and IT CANNOT EMP whole cities in the US either.

Targeted Messages
Sep 6, 2017 - There was NO hydrogen Bomb in North Korea

This is entirely fake news on September 3.  North Korea has NO nuclear bombs of any sort and I reviewed the very bad videos that are reused  and blurry.  The Video of KIM "inspecting" a nuclear bomb is also fake news.  They do NOT look that way and there was no protection.  I doubt Kim was involved in that little show and tell.

Targeted Messages
Aug 23, 2017 - Today Begins Year 30 of the "new age" of counting

Today is 30 Years from Harmonic Convergence.  Many thought that day important.  I remember it only vaguely and it didn't mean much then.  Then I noticed a new dating system and inquired about it of Christ Michael which was being used in the Phoenix Journals.

Harmonic Convergence was the day the planet was taken out of Quarantine that resulted from the Lucifer Rebellion.  Connunications to the angelic realms of Earth began again after 200,000 years and there began also many more celestial teachings to this world.  There is no "year 0" like with the Gregorian Calendar to separate Before Christ from After Christ and that year is wrong anyway.. as Christ was born on August 21,  7 BC.

So year 30 starts today.  It is intended to use this in the new counting system/Years after the dark are removed.  Check a Phoenix Journal of your choice.. at the beginning of each chapter in any of them.. if gives the proper date of the new counting.

I asked Christ Michael today if we should used August 16 or August 17, as the celebration back then was given as August 16 and 17.  Year 1987.

See short note inside





Targeted Messages

Dear Dark Brothers.... IF the USA attacks North Korea.. China WILL INTERVENE.  If  North Korea attacks the US of A.. THEY ARE ON THEIR OWN.   Ponder the full meaning of that before you carry out a pre-emptive attack.   Doing so will cause CHINA TO REACT.  Do you really want to go there?

Targeted Messages
Jul 30, 2017 - McCain.. the partisan party system

McCain: The partisan party system will always produce tribalism and competitiveness for the different SIDES.  You are getting nothing done right now on Obama care and other issues because of the party system which generates following for personal preferences and power games.  Its like a sports competition.. Somebody has to win.. one side or the other.  Ties don't work in Politics.

When we get RID of this system and grow some more spiritually... elected representatives will begin to work for the BEST solution for ALL .   We need thus NO PARTIES.. which is not the same as "one" party.

People needed to be elected on merit.  The 2 or more party systems need party winners and will never work.  You cannot work together in this way.  Political opponents always exist in party systems.

Your canned speech today Sir... is laughable at best.  I could shred it much more.. but for now.. its my starter.  It was full of lies and untruths.  When I get a copy of it.. I may well shred it some more.

Targeted Messages
Jun 13, 2017 - Dear Dark Thugs.. and the Media who carries them...

Understand AGAIN .. Everything is recorded and your fake news leaks you create and then have discussed endlessly by method of "talking points" to the media can be proved totally FAKE stories.  It WILL BITE YOU IN THE BUTTS.

NOW FOX NEWS... you do make some efforts to get out truth but you too are guided by "talking points" and its time to start to start telling your readers that the talking points ARE FAKE NEW and stop having YOUR teams discuss them endlessly to NO PURPOSE OF HONESTY. EXPOSE THE FAKE  NEWS and get on with the WHAT IS and stop the discussions by your own dark employees as if it were "truth."   The public deserves better.  You are watched all over the world.  ENOUGH.

Targeted Messages
Jun 13, 2017 - Dear Fox News

It is time to stop "fair and balanced" and report the truth and nothing but the truth.  The time approaches for the dark to be removed and its time to give people all the Truth in the political realm.  Fair and Balanced includes the LIES and that is NOT God's WAY. RID YOUR SHOW OF THOSE OF UNGODLY DISSENT.  YOU OWE THE PEOPLE MORE.  I AM THAT I AM   KAN DAEK

Targeted Messages
Jun 2, 2017 - There must be the TRIODITY

Dear Dark Brothers... if even ANY OF YOU wish to go on with this planet.. the TRIODITY MUST BE ALLOWED TO DEVELOPED. WE OF THE CELESTIAL GOVERNMENT KNOW BETTER THAN DO YOU.  When do YOU comprehend that one?  WHY DO YOU BATTLE AGAINST THIS?  LEAVE TRUMP.. PUTIN..  XI and HANNITY ALONE to work.

Targeted Messages
May 19, 2017 - Everything is recorded

Dear Dark Brothers, understand that EVERYTHING IS RECORDED and Everything Recorded can become public.  Your deeds can and will be exposed.   You don't have anything on Trump either.. because all HIS everything is also recorded.

Targeted Messages
May 1, 2017 - On "Climate Change" Dear Dark Brothers

Almost all of the climate change is out of your control.  Its called being in the PHOTON BELT which we entered back in 1992.  You can stop your TAX GAME anytime now.  The core of the planet is being heated which causes.. guess what... magma heating and volcanism and thus heating of the oceans.    I see you hve your controlled DUMB climate change people out today against Trump.  The anger being stirred up on this world does not aid "cooling off." -KAN DAEK

Targeted Messages
Mar 20, 2017 - Enough of the Russians already Deep State

Russia did NOT interfer with your failed Hillary election. Human Kind in the United States voted in TRUMP and your own RIGGING of some of the elections was reversed to HOW THE PEOPLE VOTED by STAR FLEET CREWS.  GET OVER IT ALREADY DEEP STATE for "God" is not on your side and you cannot win this one.   How would you have sustained the very ill HIllary.. continous look alikes would NOT HAVE WORKED.   You have little time left to join the lighted realms and SERVE in that manner.  For the SAKE of yourselves... I suggest you DO JUST THAT.  YOUR DAYS AS DARKIES ARE OVER.  SO BE IT.  For the people's sake do what is right.  As "right" is the only thing that is going to work for you.

Targeted Messages
Feb 7, 2017 - Cease and Desist

To the dark brotherhood:  Understand we protect all the cabinet and similar high level  selections of Donald Trump's team and you will cease and desist on any further attempts to  murder  the Supreme Court Nominee.   I AM THAT I AM    CHRIST MICHAEL OF NEBADON the CREATOR SON.


Posted Feb. 1, 2017

Targeted Messages
Jan 31, 2017 - The darkness is apparent now

Target Message

The drama of darkness has lifted the curtain,
and they show their horrible journey with their  squirming gesture.
It is done.
Mercy to the ones returning,
pity to the ones not returning.

I am Michael of Nebadon.


KAN DAEK.. see explanation inside.

Targeted Messages
Dec 3, 2016 - Truth
Published on 10-27-2016 10:44 AM

Targeted Messages
Nov 11, 2016 - NO NESARA OR GESARA

Although this is a "target" by David's request.. the content is inside... too long to post up front.  It is a target to get attention is all.

Targeted Messages
Nov 9, 2016 - Ignore the Al CIA DUH threats

Dear AH members.. We have many people on the ground and above right now to prevent or reduce any attempts of "AL CIADUH"  to interfere with the election process today and tomorrow.  For stability this election MUST happen so there is a chain of command ready.  We also have many on the ground who are making sure most votes are recorded accurately and we change them back if not.  So worry not too much on that one.

You don't get this one Dark brothers... Christ Michael Aton

Targeted Messages

Just admitted on Fox news..... we don't have a national election.. its all in the hands of the state electoral counts.. just thought you would like to know.. This has been the truth for a very very long time. People don't grasp it.

Trump MUST win Florida to win.  You in Florida please vote.. especially if you are voting Trump.

Targeted Messages
Jul 30, 2016 - Last Chance to Prepare

Period of Controlled Chaos is shortly to begin.. actually it already is... -C  This is thru an AH telepath that prefers still to remain unknown.  Divine beings name not given and I can suspect any of about 3 from the energy in it .   I am placing it as a target to you folks.

Targeted Messages
Jul 28, 2016 - Nederlands: Laatste kans voor voorbereiding.

Een periode van Gecontroleerde Chaos zal binnen kort beginnen... in feite, is reeds begonnen...

Dit werd gebracht door een AH telepaat die verkiest van ongekend te blijven. De naam van de Goddelijke Entiteit is niet gegeven maar ik denk, op basis van de inherente energie, dat het één van drie gekende Meesters is. Ik plaats het hier als doelgerichte boodschap voor jullie, mensen. - C.

Targeted Messages
Jun 24, 2016 - DEAR CNN

I assure you as you trash Mr. Trump today after his Hillary Speech that every single statement he made  IS provable as there IS evidence for all of them.  Stop your own lying and report truth. To continue to do otherwise will seriously hamper any future reputation as a global news agency.    The United States of America  citizens deserve the Truth as does the rest of the world in some of the situations she was involved in.

Targeted Messages
Jun 8, 2016 - Changes Coming

Two Messages inside that ARE important if you are not a TIU reader.

Targeted Messages
May 3, 2016 - Regards Mr. Trump

Dearly Beloved Dark Brotherhood
Mr. Trump is chosen of the celestial management and myself. Be very careful what you continue to do for I have ones now on the ground making sure it gets done RIGHT... Christ Michael of Nebadon

Targeted Messages
Apr 13, 2016 - Stupid Won



Prepare for Magnetic Reversal AND Planetary Evacuation to happen soon!
For more information click on link.

see inside. Posted  on april 11.

Targeted Messages
Mar 10, 2016 - On this primary system in the United States

Florida is a take all state along with several others.  IT IS NOT MORAL to have some states take all on the delegates and some which split according to percentage. THIS IS WRONG DEAR DARK BROTHERS .  Notice Florida is a strong Bush state and its also the state which has the rules all the other counties and states copy as to NWO law which infringes the god given rights of Humans and forces PUPPETHOOD on us.  My own state this year has done something strange with the republican caucus I don't understand and I suspect its really around Trump.

Targeted Messages
Feb 28, 2016 - Do not violate that ceasefire

Dark Brothers in the United States.. it is highly advised that you do NOT do what you intend as to the ceasefire YOU SIGNED.  WE KNOW what you are up to and it will not do you one bit of good.  It may result in a necessary spanking.  I AM Michael of Nebadon.

Jan 23, 2016 - Various tipping points coming

Same Anonymous AH telepath as the others with General Radetsky.  I will perhaps tomorrow update a bit on TIU on what I have noticed in terms of planet rocking again and the like.  If you have paid attention to the markets.. they are not looking so good.  I have posted this late Thursday January 21.

Targeted Messages
Dec 19, 2015 - Message to USA folks

Hello Beloveds of the US of A.. this is Machiventa Melchizedek and I need to give you a special warning... and that is you are likely to come under serious attack between now and roughly Christmas or the New Year.... I am telling you this now so that you can become fully prepared in both food... financial arenas... and anything else necessary to where you live.  I cannot give further detail at this time..... be prepared....

Targeted Messages
Nov 15, 2015 - Time to END the dominance of the NWO

Beloveds of Earth.. recently the highest Orion member of the dark side on earth came over to this side...  Now it is time.. in my speaking in behalf of that person... for those who served him to come over and end the dominance of the New World Order.  You cannot win. Surrender now.  He who lead you is not in your realm anymore and without his influence... you are powerless.  Lets Stop your STUPID behavior which only makes everything worse for the people of Urantia.  I AM The Constellation Father of Norlatiadek

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