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Telepathic Messages : Targeted Messages Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

By Candace
Dec 26, 2013 - 11:48:42 PM

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Again Dear Dark Brothers, I approach you again.  Surely by now you must understand something of cosmic law.  It is not just laws Celestials make up for it includes that which one might label Natural LAW, or how things just work.

LOVE JUST WORKS..... And it is the only creating energy of the cosmos.... Everything that appears in the cosmos as "nature" simply is and exists only in LOVE.

Some of you think of yourselves as "creator beings."   Now examine that which you "think" or "believe" is a creation of yours in your lives..  Truly examine your "creations"...  In doing so,  you will discover that, that which did not work,,, has no love in it.

If you found something it worked,  and persisted, because there was love in it,,,  It expanded,, it grew. It went some place "more".....   Now look at what you have "lost" because it did not work.... It did not work because there was no love and thus no permanence to it.  Love was not there.  Anger, hate, desires not consistant with Nature as cosmic law, all the negative emotions, they passed downward and came apart.  There was not the glue of Love. LOVE IS GLUE.  The negative emotions are not of Love, they do not glue and expand.

As long as you persist in this negativitey,,  YOU WILL NEVER CREATE ANYTHING ENDURING.  BY NOW YOU KNOW THIS......... I Hope anyway.

You have often heard the expression of Two or More in My Name.... "MY" being Creator.... Where two or more are Found in MY name, There I AM.  You must know by now,  that creating in LOVE is exponential in nature to greater powers in a mathmatical sense.  And the reverse is true also on that which is done in a negative manner.

The above "law" of Two or More applies to cooperative efforts.  Where there is cooperation in the creative Love process,,,, there is explosion of energy.

As I mentioned in the last "target" I wrote......  You have Fucked up Everything and you cannot unfuck it.  To unfuck it requires cooperation in love as to cosmic law, that which IS....

IF you wish to continue to work HERE,,,, you are going to have to come into cooperation with US.  Otherwise, there can be no creativity on your part.  There can be nothing NEW and Enduring made on this world from your efforts for you have hit "rock bottom" now of that bottomless pit of NON CREATION.... What have you to show for your efforts?  NOTHING

It is COSMIC LAW also, that consciousness is expansive. By its very nature.... You cannot curtail it.. Not truly and to attempt to do so is in violation of the Creation AS IT FUNCTIONS.  Because of the cosmic natural law of LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE,,, you are done for.  Again, you have hit rock bottom of the bottomless pit.. You can go no further downhill.  So OUT YOU GO, or YOU GROW UP.

You cannot exist where there is creative love... IT HURTS, doesn't it dark brothers?  YOU ARE IN PAIN.  So where do you go in this pickle you have yourselves in?  Well it can't go down anymore, so either you are out, or you co create in LOVE with Those of us who are Celestial.  Matters not if we walk the planet in the open or ride in the craft above.

Celestial means obviously "Divine"...... It is an earned status.  You cannot at this point in time call yourselves Celestial.   There is no love in it.  What you have done... the natural process of like attracts like is destroying all that you thought you created.

Because consciousness IS expansive,, you cannot contain it.  That is why the Internet was placed in fact,,,, because it blows away that which you did not create as truth spreads.  Because consciousness is expansive and you cannot contain it anyway,,, it is going to do what it does,...... EXPAND.  And you have no RIGHT TO contain it, even if you could do so.

Oh you have so tried over the eons.... and it has kept you on these lower worlds, has it not?  You cannot expand yourselves into truly great beings.  Because only TRUTH and LOVE "write" to the "light body"....... It's simply how it is.... It's simply HOW it is.... It's SIMPLY how it is...... IT's simply how it is...... It's simply how IT IS... You cannot change of it... You can only change yourselves within it.

And this change again comes from cooperation and those who walk in love here,,, that walk in the Alpha and Omega in the concept of Two or MORE in MY NAME,,, form the Sacred Circle of Life... hey,,, wasn't there something taught of that in LION KING?

We are creating that CIRCLE OF LIFE on this planet.  It is impregnable.  And because of that, you will join IN IT,, or it will block you from it.   The Circle has no opening in which to sneak thru...

You are given your final chance to choose to CO CREATE WITH GOD in LOVE .  There is in fact no other way.  If you wish to CREATE that is......... Truly create.  You are invited one last time,, to enter into genuine CO CREATION in LOVE on this planet.  Try it out,   you might like it.  The pain would go away.... the JOY would predominate.... and you would no longer CRAMP other people who are coming into their own Divinity,,,, for you cannot cramp DIVINITY in ACTION.  You cannot stop the Spirit,,, when its set into action.  It is simply again, natural law.

In this long process of darkness you have engaged in,, you have cramped your own divinity.  Ponder that one last time.  You cannot draw others into your crampedness unless they actually desire it..... and it cannot last forever anyway,, do the expansive power of creation.

Look at "outer space".... Its growing.  You cannot stop it.  Its from LOVE.   Do you want to be a part of that in your eternal future, or just slam the door shut on it?  It is your choice and with the incoming cosmic energies,  particularly this thing we call the WAVE, which is the Creator entering the Creation..... You either come into love,, or the door slams very shut,, and that door is a circle without leaks anywhere.  Its just how nature does things....

Come and enter the SACRED CIRCLE OF LOVE/INFINITY and lets build something enduring of God..... Together, Two or More in MY name....Imagine the power extended to BILLIONS of people on this world who are consciousness expanding, if only we could educate them as to what it means to be HUman...... For it means to BE GOD.   Good night.....


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