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Update #5
By CM thru Tania
May 17, 2010 - 3:34:49 AM

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CM - Update #5
Update #5
Christ Michael through Tania
17 May, 2010


CM here. This is update #5. Our plans are going exceedingly well but many still don't want to cooperate. They don't seem to comprehend that they have no choice but to follow our plans. They are trying to stall something that is inevitable to occur.

We are not here to play games with them but to get our plans in action. The bankers and the financial institutions are in ruins and still they try to maintain their power. This situation will not last long as their power is no longer in their hands.

We have arrived here to implement great changes and they know it. You dark ones must stop now, as you don't have no where to run or hide. This is My time now to decide the next steps so my people may realize the prison they have been subjected all this time.

I guarantee you that people will know. Yes they will. Some will react with fear and anger, others with ultimate surprise as they would never imagine the amount of huge corruption upon the globe.

This is it folks, I came to regain the power of my planet and if you stand in our way be prepared to be removed. This is how things are right now. Whether you comply to our plans or you are forcibly removed of our way. There is no more time for your silly games. The games are over. For a very long time you have been warned by us and now that we are here you don't want to lose your place. Cease and desist now because this time there is going to be no more warnings, this is action time now.

Time is up for you dark ones and I no longer am going to put up with your silly and pathetic games. You're like little children that when their parents tell them that the play is over you cry and kick in opposition. If you continue with this you'll stay grounded for good. You have been warned again and again, you can't complain.

In the coming days we are taking your media when the time is right. Be ready as people will know everything. They will see that the world they have been living in is much more different from what they have been told. People will see the truth behind all lies.

I place my seal in these words.



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