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The Fall of the Dark
By CM thru Tania
May 12, 2010 - 2:05:23 PM

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The Fall of the Dark
CM and S333 through Tania
12 May, 2010

CM: Dear ones, we are ready to start executing our plans. As I have said, the
show is about to begin. Expect in the coming days many happenings that will
shock many people. Events like a financial melt down is awaiting for you.

Until this day all the delays have been for your own good. And trust me when I
say that the time you had to prepare yourselves was very useful. You now are
going to be confronted with very strong events that it will shake your world.
Events that no one ever lived before in your history is about to unfold.

The curtain has already raised, the show is about to start, you are in your
places, get ready to enjoy the show and later applaud.

S333: Beloveds, don't fear further delays from our part. It's very true that the
deal is done, no more waiting is necessary. It will be all a life changing
experience, the next events. The Dark Ones may expect very hard days ahead of

We understand that from your point of view you may feel anxiety and you are
nervous for the outcome. We can assure you that all is according to our plans
and the people is about to be very surprised for what is about to happen.

The rug is about to be taken swiftly from beneath of the Dark Ones' feet and
they are going to fall. This is going to be such a great fall that they won't
have the strength to stand up again.

Know that the victory is already ours. WE WON!

We are going to update soon. Stay well.


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