No More Evil
By Esu thru Tania
Apr 24, 2010 - 3:43:42 PM

No more evil
Esu through Tania
24-04-2010, 22:00

This is Esu. I come this day to warn you dear ones. The Dark Ones are planning
horrid things to harm you. This is not possible for them to achieve. We are in
their way and how upset and concerned they are.

You Dark Ones can make every sort of plans in secret but you are being watched
and you always have been. You see, we are the Light Forces so it's better for
you to get out of our way. You won't be able to hurt or even touch a hair of our
dear ones of the light.

You know you are living your last days upon the planet, your last days of very
dark deeds, so it's better for you to stop right NOW with your horrid plans.
This isn't going to be allowed. You are struggling really hard to keep
appearances that life goes normal. But everyday there's something new that
brings little by little your power down.

Now you are in your death throes and there is NOTHING you can do about it. NO
MORE EVIL upon this already battered planet. You've been hurting this place for
millennia now. You will have no more chances. This is the final game for you.

My beloveds, brothers of the light, I wish to say to you that the time for you
to act is approaching now very fast. Stand in your positions as the show is
about to start. You will be called to play your part, your life performance is
coming your way.

Rejoice of this great news. And remember we are always here just a breath away.
Stay well with all the love in your hearts. Peace will abound upon this globe.
This is a promise.


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