All is happening NOW
By S333 thru Tania
Apr 24, 2010 - 5:24:09 AM

S333 - All is happening NOW

24-04-2010, 14:50
S333 through Tania

Dear ones, I`d like to tell you that now is the expected time for all of you. We
are expecting some major upheavals upon your globe in the coming days.

I already told Candace about the possibility of an earthquake in California. We
want people to be alert and ready for some kind of emergency. Know that your
planet is changing a lot now.

Besides the expected earthquakes, we are also monitoring some volcanoes that
might begin to erupt. Know that although people don't expect more disturbances
in their daily life, as with the previous eruption of the volcano in Iceland,
that can happen again. There is a strong possibility of another volcano in the
area to put a show.

This is not by any means a lull time. All is happening NOW and we are very
pleased by the way things are going.

To the Dark Ones: just know that your time is up and that people were never so
close to their freedom. They are soon to be freed of all your dark deeds.

Candace: There was a question yesterday on AHS that considering we are on the final lap, should we need to prepare with storage of water and supplies. Yes indeed, until the day we go into stasis.  Some of you, if you live in an area that gets activity, can be lifted off in you are in danger, and put right back again. This has been done a LOT.  People just don't have the memory and wonder how they managed to survive, or how they got in a somewhat different place they were when the problem hit.

There are going to be increased bad storms, and problems with delivery of supplies.  The air shutdown in Europe for several days could have affected the delivery of food and supplies into stores, for example.  Gasoline might be in short supply for deliveries and shopping also. Man is going to discover that all these arranged in place shopping malls may not serve him as well as in the past.

Stock of on anything of extreme importance, and that would include toilet paper. Look at your life.  I keep a large stock for 2-3 months anyway on toilet paper, detergents, pet food, and the like.

You need to anticipate electrical outages and have food stored that does not require refrigeration. Now that it is warming here in Colorado,  I can't count on the weather to keep food cold, but that is a possibility in winter months. Highly advisable to have coolers for use in summer and winter.  The cooler is better than 90 outside.

Do have means of lighting, but it you are in the north, the days are longer! Do have radio's in case. I have one on batteries but I also have a lantern that winds up with a radio. I need to stock batteries again and keep my recharging ones, recharged when not in use.  If you are on meds, over the counter or prescriptions, you need to have enough on hand. I REQUIRE supplementation of certain minerals, like Potassium and Magnesium and Calcium.  Have enough of these important items on hand, because if transportation is affected you may not be able to get them. BE WISE always. And if you live somewhere where water is delivered by electric pump...... you best have a goodly supply on hand.


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