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Becoming A Messiah : System Busting Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Matrix Agents: Profiles and Analysis (Part II)
By not sure
Jan 21, 2008 - 8:48:00 PM

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Matrix Agents: Profiles and Analysis (Part II) :: (CC) 15 July 04

A Note of Caution

It is very important to remember that this knowledge is to be used for defense and prevention, not persecution. Organic portals are simply portals, passive beings through which external influences can act61. Preemptively targeting them, or any other agent including souled humans who occasionally succumb to playing part in another’s manipulation, is missing the point because one merely attacks the messenger. While defensive measures to counteract their attacks are appropriate, acting offensively to persecute agents is not.

This knowledge is best used for dealing with agents already present or entrenched in one’s life, and for preventing the formation of relationships, friendships, or partnerships with new agents. Because agents only slow down progress in life, one must not confuse ends with means. The ends is to fulfill one’s destiny, the means is aided by immunizing oneself against the influences of Matrix agents. People who are careless can become preoccupied or obsessed with finding agents everywhere, and can make detrimental mistakes because paranoia dulls discernment. They will be too distracted to follow their life path and pursue their true goals, and may sabotage themselves by being too paranoid to follow beneficial opportunities when they arise. By concentrating only on removing the negative, they forget to also progress toward the positive.

So, one must be observant of priorities. Following one’s life goals (B-influences) is primary, while reducing friction (A-influences) is secondary. Honing razor sharp discernment makes the entire process failsafe.

Additionally, this knowledge is useful not so much for distinguishing between the various types of agents, but for recognizing the presence of any agent at any time, regardless of the type. Endlessly splitting hairs about whether an agent is one type or another undermines the immediate practicality of this knowledge. Also, being too focused on one type distracts from recognizing some of the others slipping by. One must also not forget that even souled humans can act as agents at times, or disconnected from their higher centers. For practical reasons, it is best to initially focus on their mere presence rather than type.

Robotic humans are agents all the time, organic portals are agents most of the time, and souled humans can be agents some of the time. Because of this, without proper discernment, there is great danger in judging whole individuals as opposed to evaluating individual actions. One could easily make the mistake of completely writing off a souled individual based on just a few actions committed during instances when he or she succumbed to Matrix manipulation.

Unless one’s confidence in the nature of a suspected agent is based on accurate discernment and consistent observation, it is best to deal with them on the basis of individual actions. This is because besides one’s judgment being prone to error when higher intuitive faculties are not developed to allow direct sensing of danger, the Matrix itself is known to play upon one’s false perception and amplify paranoia to sabotage otherwise beneficial relationships.

Lastly, knowing type is important for gauging the potential of the individual in question. Robotic humans and organic portals are hopeless cases, for they cannot be taught, changed, helped, or enlightened. Attempting to do so drains one’s energy and slows down progress in life. Souled individuals, even if asleep, have the potential to progress, and helping them when requested can make a difference. Robotic agents and OPs can request help or assistance as well—a common attack method—but it is just a ruse to play upon one’s empathy and naive nature and serve as distractions.

In sum, type and presence have their respective places. Knowing how to distinguish type and knowing when to recognize presence take alternate priorities depending on whether one seeks merely to defend against the Matrix, or whether one engages in assertive action to help a person or fulfill a request.

What is Required to Discern Agents: Critical Analysis

The discussion now turns to what is required to identify the type of agent, recognize the presence of any agent, or distinguish the true nature of a Matrix induced individual action. There are unique and shared traits among the various types of humans. Observing unique traits allows confident determination to be made. Shared traits are more ambiguous, and only provide circumstantial hints as to type. The more obvious an agent, the more he will display unique traits.

As an example, let us compare organic portals with souled humans. Unique traits are those that one or the other type absolutely has, or absolute does not have. For example, independent souled humans are incapable of consistently displaying hive-mind behavior. Observing such behavior means an individual in question is most likely not a souled human. Independent displays of genuine creativity and originality are traits that are unique to souled humans, so someone who has a unique personality, essence, and displays independent creativity and originality is most likely a souled human.

Shared traits, on the other hand, do not allow the discernment between type, merely presence. For example, someone with a loud and prolonged victim mentality may be an organic portal sucking energy ofsouled humans by playing upon their empathy, or it may be a souled human having rough times who refuses to solve his or her own problems. In this case, it is impossible to determine type until observations span a length of time in which shared traits may become unique. To illustrate, while souled humans eventually get over it, organic portals keep talking about the same problems like a broken record. As can be seen, with shared traits one can recognize the presence of individual actions that must be deflected, regardless of the type of person committing them.

It should be obvious that intellectual methods of dealing with agents can get very complex. It involves not only eagle-eyed observations, but also skills of logic and analysis. If one takes the time and effort to sift through information and observations, put the pieces together, watch for inconsistencies in one’s logic, avoid assumptions based on paranoia, and take into account the difference between unique and shared traits, intellectual methods alone can be quite effective. But there is much room for convoluted thinking and mistakes without some compass to give orientation and allow for proper perspective. Because intellectual methods by themselves are often insufficient, intuition is the necessary component that completes one’s ability to identify, deal with, or avoid Matrix agents.

What is Required to Discern Agents: Intuition

Intuition or gut instinct is a glimpsed emotional message from one’s higher emotional center, the center that links up to the Higher Self. Pure intuition never fails, because the Higher Self knows objective truth. The better honed one’s intuition, the more easily one can identify which individuals are dangerous and deserve scrutiny, and which actions are detrimental or performed by someone who is being influenced by the Matrix.

Intuition is a gut instinct, and feels like a strong tug at one’s heart and mind. There are differences between intuition and subjective emotions, differences that must be understood in order to know what internal tugs are genuine signals from the higher centers. Intuition is always in agreement with objective facts, and requires an ignorance of certain facts to ignore. Subjective emotions go contrary to objective facts, and require ignorance of both intuition and certain facts to follow. In other words, following subjective emotions or ignoring intuition involves wishful thinking and a conscious effort to not look at certain facts. Intuition is also generally stronger, deeper, and longer lasting than emotions62. Subjective emotions can be triggered by chemicals, electromagnetism, implants, astral manipulations, and basically any stimuli whose triggering the soul has no control over, merely how it responds to such stimuli.

Intuition can inform of another person’s soul frequency, degree of consciousness, intentions, and future actions. Of course, many who have weak connections to higher centers will find it difficult to use intuition to such an extent, but practicing listening to intuition increases its strength. (For safety reasons, one should use intellectual analysis to accompany intuition, to check if both are in agreement. If they disagree, recheck the assumptions upon which the analysis is based).

While OPs are masters of disguise in the realm of A influences, and robotic humans can be programmed to be quite lifelike, both are incapable of bypassing the discernment of a souled person’s intuition. Their nature lies naked beneath the gaze of one’s Higher Self.

One’s intuitive impressions reveal the nonphysical traits of various types of humans. Organic portals share a second density hive mind and therefore have identical auras63, while robotic humans have electronically projected auras that are also nearly identical64. As an aside, one person with clairvoyant abilities has even observed the auras of several people flick on and off simultaneously, which suggests they were probably robotic humans. OPs have dim levels of consciousness, and robotic humans have almost none65. Negative entities of various types monitor through, or possess, these agents at times; the presence of such entities can be intuitively sensed as well.

Intuitive Impressions Characterizing the Presence of Agents

Based on personal observations from others and myself, here are some impressions one may receive from non-conscious or dimly conscious humans. Words fail to accurately describe them, but here is a rapid collection of descriptions:

Generally, it is difficult to mentally or emotionally connect with them because there is nothing there to connect with. It seems like something is missing within them, that they are hollow caricatures or cartoons despite physically looking like any other human. Mentally projecting oneself into their head reveals only silence, or a neutral hum. Concerning robotic humans particularly, one often has the same feeling around them as when alone: a bland, neutral, and quiet feeling. Normally, the presence of a souled human is noticeable, for they have vibrancy, thickness and dimensionality, but robotic humans do not. This can be confusing, because one may be physically in the same room with them, yet in every other way it feels like they are not there.

Being around a souled person, one may perceive energy of a different type if the person has a different soul nature, but there is still something within them that seems conscious and mentally tangible. Being around a souled person who has a similar soul frequency as oneself usually leads to instant rapport and a drive to interact with them, even if they have a different personality than oneself. If an OP does give the impression of soul depth, it is simply reflecting back one’s own soul energy66. They can be discerned because the soul energy is identical to one’s own, but there is still lack of something to connect with.

Neither type of agent has any depth to their eyes, which appear glossed over or blank. Physically, there is nothing glossy or blank about them, but it is an intuitive overlay upon a physical perception. They may be attractive, but like a mannequin or porcelain doll, there is no inner beauty.

Despite projected auras, robotic humans are energetically invisible. The “comfortableness” one may feel around them is actually blandness67, which follows from the absence of uncomfortable energy because they don’t even emit any energy. So the lack of feeling when around them is what should alert one to their presence. Naturally, one may still get an intuitive message that they are bad news, and so a negative intuitive impression can nevertheless arise. One shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that absence of negative feeling alone means they are not agents, especially if the feeling is one of blandness instead.

In many cases, agents can be physically very dynamic, loud, seemingly spontaneous, attractive, smiling, or they can be using positive body language, but the impression one receives is that it is all artificial or an act, form without substance, that they are little more than elaborate animatronic meat puppets. Souled humans who act positively or dynamically have a beaming face and a sparkle in their eye. Or when they are sad, they emit sad vibrations and the air turns heavy. When they are neutral, there is still activity within their minds; they are thinking, perceiving, being. Organic portals or robotic humans can act sad but shed only crocodile tears; there is no anguish or sadness there except what a souled person has been tricked into imagining or projecting upon them.

As can be seen, robotic humans and OPs give off similar impressions, though it is more severe with robotic humans due to their unnatural nature and comparative rarity. No matter the type of agent, something can be felt as being “off” or “wrong”, which can often be ignored out of wishful thinking or when succumbing to perceptual skewing.

The importance of balancing intuition with critical thinking cannot be adequately emphasized. With these skills in tandem, one can accurately detect and avoid agents before they become entrenched in one’s life. Striving for one’s destiny (that which fills one with enthusiasm and joy)68 will naturally detach a souled person from those who cannot keep up, particularly agents of all types who would otherwise cling on like barnacles.

Dealing with Close Agents

Of course, we may have made errors in our lives and become mired in the consequences through financial, legal, or moral obligations. These include lovers, roommates, spouses, and offspring who are detrimental to one’s life plan, especially if they are organic portals or souled individuals with entirely different life paths who do nothing but hold one back. Nevertheless, one must take responsibility for past irresponsible actions. Depending on the legal and moral viability of leaving, some may be stuck, and some have hope for escape and starting anew.

Not everyone is a permanent agent, and no one is perfect. Souled partners can have different views and opinions, cause distractions and upsets sometimes, and occasionally delay one’s plans. They can act as vectors of Matrix attacks when not watchful, and demand certain sacrifices. Here, it is a matter of degree that determines if they are ultimately beneficial or detrimental to one’s life path. If possible to leave, one’s decision should not be based on the consequences of leaving, but the consequence of staying. Emotional weakness and dependency is the least valid excuse for staying. Following one’s destiny is the best reason to leave.

The choice to leave is personal; each individual must decide whether it is appropriate based on circumstances. It must be said, however, that when a souled human is matched with another souled human of an ideally compatible soul frequency, the relationship becomes virtually superconducting, without resistance, heavy demands for sacrifice, or hope that the other partner will change. There may be external interference by the Matrix attempting to break such a partnership apart, but the interferences are usually based on misunderstandings more so than fundamental differences and ongoing resentment. Because an organic portal is not part of the life plan, staying with them is delaying the arrival of one’s destined relationship with a specific souled person69.

For cases where escape or removal is not an option, agents must be dealt with on an action-by-action basis. The skill of properly handling attacks by the Matrix is of inestimable value. So the positive side of this is that dealing with permanently present agents sharpens one’s ability to deflect Matrix attacks.

But no matter how deep one is, there is no point in getting deeper, which is why prevention is the prime mode of application of this knowledge. There is no excuse for continuing to form associations and relationships with Matrix agents if one has this knowledge. Ultimately, it does not matter if one’s partner is an OP or not, and often it is impossible to be absolutely sure either way. What’s more important is the nature of the relationship, whether it is oppressive or expansive.

Other Methods of Attack

Aside from the intimate avenue of family and relationships, agents can attack in a far more impersonal manner. The crudest method of attack happens via harassment by strangers who are part of the Matrix hive-mind network. When walking down a street, through a shopping mall, around a university campus, or riding the subway, etc… one must realize that at least half of the strangers around are organic portals, and most of the rest are asleep souled humans. All of them are open to temporary animation by the Matrix for direct interaction with a targeted individual. They may mumble cryptic phrases with synchronistic meanings, yell offensive statements tailored to press one’s emotional buttons, and rarely but occasionally engage in a physical attack. What separates them from ordinary crazies or random acts of harassment is that their actions seem unrelated but are far from random. There is timing, engineering, and synchronicity involved in what they do that singles out a specific target at a time. They could be OPs looking for a quick gulp of energy from vulnerable targets, but the Matrix ensures that whom they pick “deserves” it. Other examples of hive-mind harassment may include hateful stares by strangers for no apparent reason.

Souled people may consciously do these things as well, but there is selfish reason for what they do, whether boredom, general hatred or anger, or just for fun, rather than direct manual control by a hive-mind. With intuition, one can sense the difference. With agents of the Matrix, there is sign of a single coordinated intelligence behind multiple strangers. When staring into their eyes, one is looking directly into the eyes of the Matrix and the negative beings that maintain it.

The Path to Liberation

What is one to do about all this? What can one do? The first and simplest step is to seek out those who share a similar soul frequency, other souled humans with whom to network and form friendships. They provide support and can form an impenetrable nucleus, an island of refuge, and a counteraction to the Matrix’s divide-and-conquer tactic. How does a person know he or she has found another with similar soul frequency? There is a mutual enthusiasm that lacks any need to put on a mask or hide part of oneself, and the intuitive impressions and logical observations are positively in agreement.

Aside from this, the basic way to proceed is to immunize oneself against the manipulations of the Matrix and its agents, conserve soul energy, gain awareness about the true nature of one’s reality, and strengthen the connection with the Higher Self.

Immunization comes with knowledge. Because agents hide behind one’s blind spots, the more one knows about them, the less room they have in which to maneuver. Much of their power lies in the illusions they project, illusions that lead one to make false assumptions about who they are and what they want. Naturally, illusions only have as much power as is granted by the perceiver. In judo, the superior force of an opponent is not confronted directly but cleverly displaced and therefore used against him. In Matrix tactics, the superior spiritual force of a targeted souled human is also cleverly displaced via illusions so that his freewill fails to directly engage the spiritually weaker manipulator. Having knowledge prevents one from misplacing this force and allows successful defense.

Adequate soul energy is necessary to reach escape velocity. The lower one’s reserves of energy, the stronger one is pulled into the sphere of A-influences. Energy is also needed to fuse consciousness and personality into a coherent whole rather than fickle fragments that change to the whim of environmental triggers70. Lastly, energy is required to build a strong connection with the higher centers.

Conservation of energy is accomplished by not succumbing to emotional drain attempts by agents, by not stressing or worrying about trivial things, and by redirecting and transforming negative emotional energy when it arises by consciously focusing inward and becoming aware of oneself when such emotions are generated, rather than becoming lost in the source of what originally triggered their response.

Energy can be generated through enthusiasm, the aforementioned transformation of negative energies triggered by external shocks, and conscious suffering71, which involves asserting the will of the conscious core over the body and ego. This can be achieved by practicing going contrary to the desires and inertia of the body and ego, within practical limits. It is a form of discipline.

In short, the entire process concerns making the internal mental, emotional, and spiritual state not only coherent, but also independent of external actions and stimuli. This does not mean shutting off or doing/feeling/thinking the opposite, as that is not independence but mere inverted dependence. Independence means being sovereign king of one’s inner kingdom.

As long as the mind is chained to the environment via a one-to-one correspondence between internal emotion and external trigger, we are at the mercy of the Matrix. But when this dependency is severed, one becomes free. External triggers do not have to stimulate negative internal emotional responses. External actions and internal emotions do not have to be absolutely consistent with each other. For example, just because one feels kindhearted inside does not mean one must act kind to absolutely everyone on the outside, especially toward predators or agents who rely upon the sheepish non-resistance of some people to make an easy meal out of them. In fact, to be truly kind, one must also be cruel to be kind to those who indirectly ask for such treatment by initiating hostile behavior. It is one’s right to resist being eaten.

Ideally, one can and should burn with a permanent flame of positive enthusiasm that cannot be extinguished by any external wind, while externally one should act in whatever manner necessary to most efficiently and safely repel attacks from hostile people, act in service to those who request and deserve it, and follow one’s destiny. When combined with knowledge and awareness derived from contemplating information to derive truth, one becomes evermore impervious to impacts from the Matrix. Then there is no longer any need to dodge bullets, as hinted in the movie72. Positive enthusiasm does not imply dopey ignorance, because when combined with a drive for greater awareness, one would also be aware of external dangers and intuitive messages of warning. Intuition is a genuine internal message from the higher centers, not a false signal from the lower centers or external triggers.  


Matrix agents are both a hassle and a great learning tool. While possibly slowing us down in life, they also indirectly urge us to exercise our freewill and develop spiritual muscles. They are not to be redundantly sought out, or prematurely eliminated. In fact, it is impossible to do so. All one can do is steadily strive toward liberation. Knowledge shows the way.


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To read excerpts from some of the sources listed below, download this supplement: opsources.pdf (PDF file, 260 kB).

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