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Becoming A Messiah : System Busting Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Chemtrails: I did something...
By not to be given
Jan 30, 2012 - 3:48:57 AM

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Chemtrails: I did something...

Hi all, 
since I saw Candace's rant about the Chemtrails at the front page, I wish to inform all of you about my new little side-mission I started about a week ago.
The topic sure is international, literally "higher" than us, but the trigger was of course national -

I hereby invite everybody to read about this new project, and if it is detected to not harm you in any way, to follow the example and help to extend it far and wide.

Here ist the story:

It must have been monday or tuesday last week, one of the recently rare mornings with relatively blue sky and believe it or not, even some sunshine. I love mornings, I love (better I used to love) blue sky and I sure love the sun, and I happen to have a beautiful wide southern view of the sky from where I live.

This morning was not unlike most other mornings, starting out as nearly "normal", as much as people over a certain age can remember "normal", just to see incredible white lines being painted into the sky from about 6 planes (or whatever they were).

I admit, I got really angry. 

And I dislike my own anger.

My biggest trouble with the Chemtrails is that I feel so extremly powerless. The planes doing this are not reachable, neither are those flying them, and most brothers and sisters even deny that they are something different than contrails, or that they even exist.

My stomac was beginning to turn - UNTIL:

I decided to do something. 
Something actually everybody can do.

I called the air traffic control at xxxxxx airport. 
I calmed myself as much as I could, reduced my energie to one of being just a naive but concerned citizen, and I emptied myself of any expectations.

I got a friendly sounding female voice on the phone, and I was asking her in my most unsuspicious voice, if she'd have any explaination about the odd flight patterns above my house.

She immediately lowered her voice, nearly whispering: uhm, yes, uhm, yes, uhm, uhm ... (I'm not exaggerating) and said then, that there was already someone else calling that morning, and uhm, ahh, uhm, the person who could tell me exactly what these are, uhm, ahh, would be in a conference right now.

But she had overheared him saying to the earlier caller that it was a "military operation"

Inside, I was rejoycing of the huge egg she just had been laying herself, wondering how they will get out of this one, since I (and many others all around the world) have documented the chemtrails over years now. 

So, in all naivite, I kept asking: do you know, where this "military maneuver" was announced, since I would expect it to be announced somewhere, wouldn't it? After all these planes fly over highly populated areas in a quite dangerous looking way.

She whispered even more silent: uhm, uhm, yes, no, uhm, Mr. Montag (Mr. Monday) could tell me exactly... if I could please call back, leave my phone number and name please. I denied leaving my number as I am convinced they had it on display already anyway, thanked her, promising to call back later.

That day, I did not reach him anymore - of course - and from the next day on until/including today we had just the usual hazy wisps of white, so there was no detectable actions visible in the sky (besides that I can hear them fly nevertheless, I get bad symptoms ect. meaning I know they are there, but can't use it under the pretended concerned citizen thing)

I will call them every day one can actually see them flying from now on.
Every day.
I hope more people would do this, just to show them: we see.
Not even: we know, since that would immediately put us in the corner of being conspiracy nuts.

But interesting isn't it? 
Military, eh?
And since when is this secret maneuver going on, 10 years? all over the world? Nice huge easter egg!!! 
Eventually, once I heared it directly from Mr. Monday, I might even start calling military installations/bases, asking them about maneuvers. But all to it's time.

Anyway, this, my actions, made my day. I was in such a good mood afterwards, feeling like Yes, I did something, I am not so powerless after all, and got quite some results out of it too. Come on, tell me more, air traffic control, spill more beans... would you.

They know, it's their job for heaven's sake, they see them on the radar, they have to keep the airspace clear for them ect. they know!

And now I know too!

This I made a new side mission to my otherwise still successfully running messianic mission: I WILL CALL THEM EVERY DAY I SEE THEM FLYING. 

Help me/us if you please, the tel.#s are easy to find on the internet. Only go with your local airport for not showing that you KNOW! We only SEE right now, we must not know that this is a worldwide endevour - not yet, that is, to keep the appearance of just being a naive but concerned citizen, maybe a law obeying "plane-spotter" with a lot of time at hands, maybe an amateur weather-frog, maybe a nature fotographer, ect.

Do not raise any flags yet in getting angry or spilling more beans about observing since longer. I believe we should try to get out as much information from their side first and annoy them with lots of phonecalls, so they might be forced to do something, in the best case to make some mistakes. Don't forget, they are the ones having to explain this away!!!

With lots of information from them, we'd have a nice package to use when the time is ripe.

I NEED YOU GUYS ON THAT ONE, it's one of those co-creative efforts, the more we are the more pressure we automatically put on them, all without endangering ourselves, hopefully.

But even if it has any consequences for me, I decided that I don't care, because either consequences are dire, breathing, eating, drinking toxic chemicals or getting into trouble with the bad ones - well, one death we'll have to die anyway, and in this case, I'd rather go down fighting than just dying slowly by toxins and lack of vitamine D.

And, I am NOT open for any chembuster technology or any other "added" thing. We can get all the things in the world trying to balance out what the assholes do to us. We can - I won't. I rather adress the shit happening as it's happening. I am sick of supplements, as I am sick of throwing money at something which is not solveable with money. I want them to stop taking everything of health and life quality away from us. I want them to stop putting the crap out there in the first place. And I want them to stop now.

Of course, we can try to meditate the chemtrails away, but ...
50% robos might not be too helpful in such an endevour, and 49% of souled ones not participating ... no, we have to do something down to earth.

I hope what I did, and intend to keep on doing, is doing something. It does feel good, indeed, but time and mass will tell.

Thanks for reading. I will post any developments concerning my actions.
Love to you all

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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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