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We need a little financial help with the bills.
By Candace
Oct 16, 2008 - 4:19:00 PM

Hi everyone, after a stronger period of donations last spring, which kept of going for awhile, we are in need again, just for the website costs, we do not ask money for anything else, except when we had the fund raiser for Giuseppe last winter.  If I had greater income i would support the site totally my self as part of my gift to the world. So if some of you could send some funds for next month and perhaps December, it would be greatly appreciated. You can mail cash or checks to my mail box listed under "contact" us, or use paypal, which ever you wish. Thanks so much!  Take care, Candace


PS, the next week I will not be on the net very much, taking time off, have a long list of to do's and several appointments. I won't be checking mail during this time.  We are getting close for real this time, unless something is blown, and I have some stuff I must take care of before I leave myself for the Capricorn.   This is still posssibly a few weeks away, depends on how this banking, election, and the like pans out. CM really does prefer because of the food shortages and the like coming up, and the market issues to get into stasis at least several weeks before Jupiter is behind the sun again, which is around the end of January. The planet still needs some lessons, otherwise the intervention and announcements of star fleet will not be welcomed. It is difficult to "save" somebody who doesn't think they need saving! 


Regards the October 14th event that did not happen, I haven't seen anything by Blossom yet when I checked her site, but SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey claims it was canceled, and I don't know where that comes from, because it was never a Galactic Federation of ligh event in the first place. I guess Blossom put up another video in late Sept, which I never watched saying only spiritual people might see it, but this is rumor.

I checked further into her site about a week ago, to learn that it was thought by somebody the ship would be 2000 miles in diameter, and still down in our atmosphere! Well, NOT possible, because that would be sightly smaller than the moon, and would have to have been considerably further away than the moon to not affect earth fields and possibly cause something untowards.

And earth folks aren't ready to look at a ship so large, as to be roughly the size of the moon at this point. However, the evacuation ships of Ashtar command are up to 8000 miles long, the cylinder still.  Shops this size do not come down close to the planet. Shuttle craft are used. Something of this sort would cause great fright at this time. Lets let earth folks get over these monetary and other crisis first, otherwise a lot of overload that is NOT necessary yet.

I had some snotty emails from angry people a couple weeks ago stating I better have my apology prepared, because that ship was going to be there. Jess and I have both put out the ship would not be there. Esu even said through Jess, a piece posted to AHS that NO WAY was he allowing such, and so I was challenged. I invite those ones to send me an apology back for their rude emails.

There remains the possibility of the elections being canceled for any of various reasons. I think Americans hopefully well be angry for Paulson's recent lies about his plans, which didn't include out and out purchase by our government of banks, and possibly real estate too.

These stories are complex, it is difficult to read all of them right now. Although the bank buyings and the like are part of NWO order plans, which included the sending of a huge amount of Amero's to China, as debt payment (meaning of course the Amero must be worth something to be accepted, it if was),  these NWO plans will make it actually easier if banks have been nationalized. At least they are sort of owned by the Treasury anyway. Just read, watch, think, observe, and please continue to have some preparations for shortages and the like.

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