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Ways to Get the Word Out
By Daniel Binns.
Apr 30, 2008 - 8:53:00 AM

Hi everyone, There are many internet sites posting articles of all types that have ways you can post comments. I am on many email lists which include notification of new articles, and when you click on the articles, there is often a place to leave commentary, and most are easy to use and require no registration.

You Tube and other video sites have a similar situation. I did have to register to post commentary on You Tube, which I choose to do, because several send me links to videos with sightings covered, and this is a great way to encourage those to come here to read. I rarely watch the video's because they are usually too long for dial up, but I can still direct people here. This is also a great way for you to study other people and what they think and are posting, so I sometimes do make a post in answer to one or more postings by others.

There are many "new age" and religious yahoo groups which can be found by searching. Most of these allow anybody to read without membership. I sometimes do this when I am "bored" and I don't spend the time registering, but often you can send email to those who do post on them. Sometimes there is a way to contact the originator of the site.

Relligious websites always have contact forms or a list of email addresses for contact and these sites are easy to find, just using Google search.

Often Newspaper websites also have places for commentary, or sometimes there an an email address or contact form for the author of the article, so make use of these. It's a great way to get new readers and some of these new readers of AH have written me to say thanks for posting on you tube, or wherever they have seen my posts. Some write nasty stuff too, oh well, part of the "risks" of serving the light.

If you can afford to have copies made, or have a copy machine of some sort, you can also make up flyers about AbundantHope, or maybe 911 truth material, and post these on bulletin boards in your community. Its a rare apartment building or mobile home park that does not have a community bulletin board! 

You can also drop off or mail these flyers you made at local churches, post on Supermarket bulletin boards and the like. You can also use the reply function on your mail coming in lists you subscribe to and give out information.

All these ideas, and I am sure others you might think of, can be useful ways of making contact and spreading the word! And they don't require much expense. Take care, Candace


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