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Ways to Contribute Financially
By Candace
Jan 31, 2008 - 12:34:00 PM

We are in need at this time of some financial help, until we are funded from other planned sources. We have ongoing monthly website costs, and I have some obligations of small salaries at this time, and other costs related to assisting AbundantHope continue to get on its feet.


There is a place on the front page to use Paypal if you wish. You can use either your paypal account or a credit card.


In addition I have a business post office box here in the Metro Denver area, to which you can sent checks, money orders, certified checks, or cash, or anything else.

If you send cash, please place it wrapped in paper, or a card, so it is not detectable through the envelope. If you are overseas, attempt to send cash in the form of American Dollars. I think my bank can make exchanges for me, but I haven't experimented with this yet.


I prefer that you do not use paypal, simply because of the fees involved which are charged to me, because we have a business account with them. This way, your gift goes further.

You can make checks and money orders payable to AbundantHope. The address is: AbundantHope

                  Check the Contact US section for my postal address.

If using Paypal, and you have a paypal account and don't want to use our button, our paypal address, is: This is our paypal address ONLY. Do not use it for other contact, PLEASE, I don't go there to read and do NOT give to anyone, I don't need junk mail, we have had that problem.

Once we are funded, we will still accept donations, and these will be used to fund mission projects in need around the world. More details later on this when appropriate. I will have a member of my team who will handle this program when it is time. Americans in particular, and in some other countries also, will have great wealth in excess of need, and we will havea program to direct this wealth to where it is needed around the world. Thankyou for your help and support. Take care, Candace Frieze, CEO and President of AbundantHope

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