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Spiritual Bill of Rights
By Candace
Jul 18, 2010 - 6:06:23 AM


Hi Everyone, there is one part in error in this.  And that is #8 about the right to make a free will choice to leave an incarnation when the body is terminally ill or damaged.  This would for most require euthanasia on this plane and is a no-no.  We are to strive until we do die, but also we do NOT have to engage in bad medical processes that artificially prolong life, we have the right to refuse terrible chemotherapy and the like.  All experiences in life should consciously be considered and lived thru, including the process of death.  For the person doing the euthanasia, that is murder and on low life planets like this it can and will be abused.  To the person seeking it, it is suicide which is self murder.

Spiritual Bill of Rights

This is a great message from Germain on the Spiritual Bill of Rights, which he says if applied, would transform our world. It is an old message through Isaac George. The website is now shut. Tony  (Candace: thanks to tony for providing this gem!)


Spiritual Bill of Rights - St Germain through Isaac George - January 16, 2002.

With great blessings of a joyous New Year do I, St. Germain, greet you in Spirit.

I Am the Presence of Our Spirit, and I Am indeed grateful for the opportunity to share with you regarding the nature of Sovereignty, and the Ultimate Truth beyond all forms.

Even as you see the world trembling in fear at so many discordant manifestations, there is still that Hope - that Victory that is attainable by all. That is attainable by all. Therefore, be not disheartened by the appearances, especially the appearance of limitation regarding your personal and collective freedoms and rights. Certainly the Truth shall prevail, and it is up to each of you, and us, to be vigilant and in deep understanding and compassion regarding the prevailing clamor for "security."

At the end of the 18th Century and in the beginnings of the 19th, great revolutions engulfed the Western world. These movements were bred by the oppressive behaviors of the monarchs in Europe that ruled by "divine right of kings."

In just a short span of 30 years, two of the most powerful of these, England and France, had been rebuffed or deposed. During that time, and under the direction of Spirit, I attempted to influence particular individuals and groups with the concepts of democracy and representative self-rule. This concept was derived from what is known as the Universal Law of Divine Sovereignty. This law is written in the hearts of all beings, and is always the intense yearning that is experienced whenever oppression and injustice is holding sway.

Now certain beings sometimes come under the mistaken influence that they have a bit more sovereignty and a few more rights than other beings. When this distortion occurs, they begin to learn how to manipulate others in order to gain a semblance of control. This is based entirely on the illusion of need and a belief in "spiritual significance."

Simply stated, spiritual significance means "I have access to God (or special powers, or special knowledge) and you do not." The first attempts are always a gentle persuasion or a form of lobbying to inform others of the special qualifications that one has to lead others and give orders. If others resist attempts at this friendly coercion, then the next step is to force their will upon those who disagree, by any means available - usually through threats and intimidation.

This intimidation usually takes the form of making something or someone else the "enemy." Then this [first] being is seen as the solution and/or protector. Actually, he/she is neither.

The biggest and most compelling argument by these beings for surrendering rights and freedoms is the perceived need for security. When a society and its individuals believe that security is based on strength of arms, or limited movement, or limited information, or special powers, then through the magnetic Law of Attraction, all that seeks to demonstrate chaos and insecurity is called forth. This, of course, leads into a vicious cycle of more security and a corresponding loss of more liberty, followed by more erosion and chaos, followed by more draconian acts, etc., etc. Well, you get the picture, do you not?

By contrast, a truly open and peaceful, freedom-loving society or civilization that practices the principles of honoring the sovereignty (right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) of all beings, then attracts only that which affirms openness and freedom.

The reflection of the Divine Law of Sovereignty appears in some of your more cherished documents, such as the Magna Carta, the American Bill of Rights, and the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Some private organizations such as your Amnesty International also have as their stated mission the Divine Right of Life to exist and [they seek] to alter circumstances so that all beings are given an equal voice.

In this part of the timeline on Planet Earth, so many are intimidated and fearful that any limitation of personal freedoms in exchange for the illusion of security is tolerated. It is the intention of the All That Is that all beings remember that they are already protected under Divine Law and have inalienable rights accorded to everyone.

You who are reading this recognize the greater Truth, and know that you are Eternal and Everlasting, and that the ultimate security is to be and act without fear. This is the basis for true democracy, or a spiritualized society or civilization that agrees on the basic premise that there is a Spiritual Bill of Rights that all imperfect forms of government attempt to emulate. And these Rights are unchanging and Eternal.

The first of these Rights was reflected in the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States of America, especially the parts regarding "certain inalienable rights" and "the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Another one was inspired to be said through another: "All men, and women, for that matter, are created equal." So the Spiritual Bill of Rights can be summed as follows:

1. All Beings are created equal and possess the same qualities, attributes, and desire for Unity and Freedom as their Creator.

2. All Beings are granted full freedom of Divine Expression, Divine Voice, Divine Movement, and Divine Activity as their Spirit directs them, without the interference, manipulation, or judgment by another Being.

3. All Beings are entitled to all resources that are required to maintain Life in Physicality without respect to the nature and substance of their physical embodiment, their personal beliefs, or their behaviors and actions. The mere fact that one is alive confers respect, love, and honor.

4. All Expressions of the Creator are living Beings, whether animal, mineral, or Pure Energy, and are accorded the rights previously stated. This includes Planets and all Celestial Forms.

5. All Beings may disagree with any other Beings without fear of intimidation, retribution, imprisonment, torture, or death.

6. All Beings have an Eternal Passport to Creation. No expiration date and no travel restrictions.

7. All Beings recognize that all forms of legal governance are imperfect and temporary, and that the ultimate Divine Authority resides within each individual. No temporal authority has rights or laws greater than the One Truth and Reality that is inherent in each representative of the Supreme Individuation of the One Life and Power, henceforth referred to as God, Spirit, All That Is, I AM THAT I AM.

8. All Beings have a right to consciously and mindfully terminate their physical experience if it no longer serves their Evolution, or if their physical vehicle is damaged or diseased beyond repair.

9. All Beings have the right to joy, play, laughter and Love. It is the only purpose for Life.

These nine Rights are simple, and if applied would transform your world. Every expression of humanity to feel free and unfettered comes from these Laws that are written in all of our Hearts. They guarantee our mutually security, our mutual benefit, our mutual desire for peace and happiness.

It will take some more time, patience, and compassion for the full awakening within the breast of humanity. And be ever mindful as those in fear attempt to use fear as a weapon to appropriate ever more control and power. Know that you are given even more of an opportunity to stand tall and to demonstrate your spirituality through enlightened politics and a steady voice. When you center into your I Am Presence, the Voice of Truth will resonate forth from you like a silvered trumpet, clear and commanding, and the souls around you will pause and remember the Law in their Heart of Hearts. Just sing forth your song, and the walls of fear will shatter and fall into dust!

Be of good courage and joyous, for as was said before, when you see times that trouble you, know that the hour of salvation and victory is close. Know that the Victory is ours and cannot be forestalled or prevented.

This I, St. Germain, declare as my I AM PRESENCE to your I AM. And so it is!


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