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Changing The Face Of Religion : Spiritual Nuggets by the Masters Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Mohammed Speaks
By Candace Frieze, Mohammed and Sananda Immanuel
Nov 28, 2018 - 4:11:10 PM

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Mohammed Speaks

By Candace Frieze, Mohammed and Sananda Immanuel
#35 July 2, 2005
(Part from Mohammed)


My dear ones, I AM Mohammed, and it is time for me to tell the story of myself. Once upon a time, I had a special incarnation upon the Earth, the purpose of which was to bring the real concept of God and the Universe to the Arab peoples, who worshiped many local gods, and in general were a warring and rather ignorant people.

As were many of the visits of the avatars, mine was scheduled well in advance of the occasion by many hundreds of years, prior to the Coming of Christ Michael and Sananda 2000 years ago. At the time that I actually made my appearance, it was hoped that my teachings would help to correct what had become of Christianity at that point, in addition to teaching the Arabic peoples something of God.

My mission was in many ways a total failure at the time. The Anunnaki one day took me aboard a ship, during my awake time, so I would have memory of it, but lied to me about who they were. Like all those born into the human genetics of the time, I did not fully know who I was as a young person, but was advised by a large number of guides, such as are many of you today.

These Anunnaki, who made themselves out to be holy men, notably Noah, of which the Arabs had an oral tradition, planted a chip in my brain, an actual physical chip, not unlike a radio transmission device. This ship was a grand and beautiful one, and not knowing any better at the time, I was lead to believe this was heaven.

Since I was awake, I had wonderful memory of the place and returned to my peoples to describe of this wonder. Many of you would do the same now, under similar circumstances, as long you were unaware of star people, and didn't know any better. This chip broke contact with my guides, and I was never again knowingly under their influence.

So, I was not surprised when I began to receive of the communications, as I had been told this would happen. I did not know I carried a radio chip. Now this kind of chip is commonplace, and very useful, and many of you may have them at this time to communicate with the star ships you are associated with.

Even Dharma, who worked for so long with Christ Michael, (aka Hatonn) Sananda, Germain, and others writing the Phoenix Journals had one, to receive very accurate transmissions of material. This method provides great accuracy in the transmissions for those doing this work, and thus leave little room for error and misunderstanding. As with any technology, there is the use of it for good or evil.

My particular chip broke the contact with my guides, by canceling out their transmissions to me, making me unreceptive of their frequencies. Their transmissions were not by this kind of chip, but rather, though methods difficult to describe unto you at this time. Telepathy as you know it, is not usually the mode used.

Some have asked if I am a star person, yes, but of very very long ago. I was from the Sirian star system that was destroyed by some BBB&G’s in that place long ago. These BBB&G’s succeeded in blowing up a sun, thus destroying all of its planets, including two with fairly advanced human life on them. One of the planets did the actual destruction, using scalar wave technology newly learned and not very well understood.

The intent of this planet was destroy the other planet by bouncing scalar waves off the sun. Instead the sun imploded. One of the planets went spinning wildly off into space. Its peoples lived inside the planet, and thus they survived. This is what you know as Nibiru. Nibiru's orbit was eventually stabilized in its current orbit around Earth and into the Sirian Star system, that lasts 3600 years.

There is rumor on Earth, that the Sirians are trying to capture Earth's Sun to replace its lost sun. This is not true, but I have no doubt that the rumor was put forth by some Sirians, that are not all that advanced yet. Your Sun is being moved closer to the Pleiadian system of which it is part, and also, simply because of location, closer to the Sirian system also.

The planet I lived on also did this, having no gravitational control of our Sun, but we lived on the surface and perished. Since we no longer had a planet to evolve on, the decision to bring our souls to Earth was made, to be used to continue our incarnational cycles again here.

This was a few hundred thousand years ago, and at the time there were few bodies on Earth to incarnate in, the population was small and the humans still rather immature. So we incarnated into dolphins and whales, these animals having greater intelligence. As mankind grew on Earth, we incarnated more often in the human soul carrier bodies. We were given Earth as our planet, loosely told of in the Bible, in the Dominion Story.

So, though I am from the stars in this one sense, I am in the other, an Earth Soul. We in later years incarnated heavily in Egypt, and are responsible for the ancient Egyptian culture you know of at this time. I made very good progress on Earth, and became an advanced soul. I am an Ascended Master and I am returning with the other Masters with the Second Coming process. Many of you who know yourselves as "Earth souls" are from this group.

I am returning once again to my people to right the wrongs that occurred long ago when I came. I intended no wars in my name that have happened. The name Allah for God was not the Arab name for God at the time, as the Arabs had many deities. It was my intention to teach there is only One God, and that we are all fragments or children of God. This message was largely destroyed.

The Surahs were messages sent through my radio chip. I was illiterate at the time, as were most, but also by design, as on Earth, people made a very large "deal" of written messages left by the messenger. The word Allah was not my own word, but given by the Anunnaki through my chip. These Anunnaki, were in fact, "Allah," and not God the Father of the Central Universe of Havona, or Christ Michael of our Universe of Nebadon. I was an Ascended Master when I came, and as such, was part of the over all lifting up of Earth begun so long ago.

My mission was totally hijacked. Those who wrote down the Surahs changed them further, as was done also with the Bible, and added many other writings, called the Hadiths, not my own for the most part. Many of the wars ascribed to me, I did not create. At that time, the only warring I did, was totally in self-defense.

Although certainly the teachings, that I would have given minus my chip, were meant to be widely shared, they were not to have been enforced by warfare. This is totally the "gift" of the BBB&G’s. I certainly do like this little term by Candace, we all do, it just works very nicely, as the BBB&G’s come from many sources, in addition to the Anunnaki.

Much warring has been committed, so very sadly, in my name. This I am come to correct, and bring the true teachings to the peoples who believe in my name. Much is true in the Quran, but just like in the Bible, particularly the New Testament, there is much degradation of the teachings. Enough is put in to make the assorted holy books appear to be truth, and enough added to make people what they have become in this day, a motley group, each with its own "real" persuasion of God, the only truth, making any others the infidels. You not only have Muslims on Earth crying that the Christians are infidels, you have many Christians crying that the Muslims are the infidels. I find it so very sad that neither group looks at the other and sees themselves a part of the game.

I have always remained carefully at watch of the ones that follow Islam, trying to touch upon a few and get through that what is going on is completely absurd. In the early days of Islam, it was in one sense a great religion, in that one of the successes I had, despite my chip, was that knowledge was important and in those early days, it was sought after.

Woman obtained some greater roles in the societies. Many people, still mostly men but some women became very educated, and made amongst the best of scientists, philosophers, and doctors available. Architecture, music, and many arts thrived and traveled the Mediterranean and Arab worlds. Although there had been quite a bit of warfare, many peoples after being rather easily conquered for the most part, fell in love with the good parts of Islam.

Eventually, through the control of the BBB&G’s, much adversity became more of the norm, and the good parts of Islam are in great decay in many areas. Islam intended the liberation of woman, this was my intent, and it did happen, as I taught this, and made demonstration of it during my lifetime. I was successful, despite the chip in many ways, by my actions and effects on my friends and business associates.

I did have a number of wives, including some girls as told. These were not sexual relationships. I took these women into my family, as they were widows and orphans, and I taught them a better way. My first wife, a business woman was my true love, and she was never replaced by another. That I married these women is true, it was the only way legally at the time to provide for them, but I was not the sexual monster as being taught by Jerry Falwell and others in the Christian faith in America at this time. I am so very offended by this.

These woman and girls were as sisters and daughters to me, and I did love them dearly, but I was not in bed with them. I taught them honor and self esteem, and that all are equal in the eyes of God, and that woman are every bit as intelligent as men. These close to me knew about reincarnation, and they made great progress in the lives at that time, and have returned themselves now many times to show a better way, always as a women.

Some of the greater women on Earth, in future incarnations, were my "wives" at the time. A major part of this mission was to enlighten women, and I find it most sad that the part of my mission, other than the general enlightening of the nature of God, was to enlighten people of woman and their power, now gone down the trash heap of beliefs. To see Islamic women today wearing head coverings by various names, and covering their bodies the way they do, is the work of the Anunnaki influences to keep 1/2 of the human races in slavery based on sex.

If there are any Islamic women reading this today, please understand that these were not my teachings. You need to uncover your heads and your bodies, by that I mean those awful robes, and stand proudly for who you are. After the Second Coming event, I ask that you stand tall in your womanhood and help show the better way. The only main difference between men and women, is the physical body of occupation, and its role in reproduction of your species. The mind and the soul have no sex as in the meaning of the word in use on Earth.

I have a soul mate, as do all the Masters. She is incarnate on the Earth plane at this time, to become a teacher and way shower for women. You would recognize her incarnate name if I gave it, but for her protection I will not at this time. Later that may become a possibility.

To all in Islam, it is time to drop the Quran. It is not my work, and it has been used to control, rather than free you up. It, and many of your clerics, have been used to continue the warring on Earth, in the name of God. The whole event of 911 was created in the manner it was, to make it all right for the Americans to attack the Middle East for the oil, and dominion. And Islam has been used also in this in the creation of more war, against the Christians, and Jewish peoples.

Now, you have every right to your defense, because you have been attacked by the United States, and its minions, but the peoples of these countries are no more infidels in beliefs, than are you to them. It is so very the time to stop this absolute horrid and destructive nonsense.

Christ Michael has been quite heavily involved behind the scenes in Iraq and has negotiated the removal of the American troops by the end of this year. This negotiation, worked at also by myself, was not made with the current Iraqi puppets installed by the American regime, but with those who will be the temporary leaders of Iraq soon after the NESARA announcement. These include not only Iraqi's but also a few star people participating in the project until the country is stabilized.

The American military is behind many of the atrocities in Iraq at this time. They plant many of the car bombs, which are then publicly blamed on suicide bombers. They beheaded Nick Berg and others. The beheading of Nick Berg took place in al Garib prison, as some surmised from the color of the walls, and markings on the film.

The American Military are also killing various clerics of both persuasions in Iraq, and making the blame appear to be occurring from the opposite group to provoke civil war. It seems that since the BBB&G's controllers are beginning to realize that the Iraqi peoples will defend themselves to the end, and it is known that the American peoples are not going to tolerate the obliteration of the country, that it would work out nicely to have these people obliterate themselves via civil war. If fact, tolerance between the factions of Islam is the more acceptable way to go, and always has been. Islam, in all its factions was a peaceful religion, and still remains so, unless the clerics who are BBB&G’s themselves rile up the peoples.

Iraq, despite its former dictator, who has always been a power monger, and stooge of bigger players, is an educated country, and as usual, those with an education are being destroyed and otherwise hampered. Saddam was not a Muslim at heart, he was as is Mr. Bush in the United States, a total fake, merely using religion to gain support. By their fruits you shall know them, is a commandment of God, that so very few actually adhere too. Where are the fruits of Saddam? What are the fruits of Mr. Bush? What are the fruits of Mr. Blaire? Destruction and nothing more.

Yet the Masters come unto you, bringing you love, skills, education, great fruits, and we are called Satanists. Your very own Christ Michael, brought you the Phoenix Journals, and many rejected him. You have believed in only one antichrist that so many still expect to come. However, they are all around you, and you do not see them by their fruits. God never sends peoples to war in his name. God never limits people by sex, education, race, region of Earth lived on. God never creates the other side of the tracks. People do.

God never puts veils or coverings on women's heads or their bodies. God never makes women inferior to men. God never asks women to deeply cover their bodies because men are sexual brutes, and it is the women's responsibility if a man rapes her, because she let some little part of her body show. An individual is responsible for his behavior unto him or herself, and no other.

It is the man responsible for rape, always. Unless of course the woman rapes of someone, which does happen, especially to little children by women. Women do indeed seduce men at times, and lie and carry on, and these are responsible also for their behavior, and not another. But if a woman seduces, and changes of her mind, then it is rape, plain and simple, if the man does not stop of his behavior.

In America and around the world last March of 2004, many partook in peace marches to get out of the war in Iraq. What has happened to this? It stopped. Probably the Republican convention in 2004 scared some off, but otherwise, did you all just give up? There are many small happenings and tribunals around the world, but no major "waves" going on. There is power in numbers, where did the numbers go? You should have moved passed the marches and into greater ideas still, using the marches for impetus.

You should have organized marches every month or so. You should have continued the making of noise. You should be going in big groups before your leaders and TV stations, and putting on the pressure. Writing emails in not enough. Many of you read the alternative news, but where are your works? You have to move past the reading and into the doing.

I want to make a statement to those of you that read these messages, who are mostly what is called New Age, or Metaphysical. You yourselves need to wake up and do. The learning is needed, but then the doing must happen after the learning. Instead there is the competition of the best and correct channel to follow, who has the best and most accurate truth.

My friends, the truth is that your governments manipulate the world, where they instigate it or are pawns of the instigators. The truth is that God is all of life, plain and simple. The truth is that all of you are of God. The truth is that you must do something, other than fight and argue the channel, the holy book, the whatever you argue about, and stand in allegiance to. The anti-Christ is alive and well in the New Age and Metaphysical community. There are those that plan regularly the fake Sananda or whoever, to put down our work, and you get upset and in doubt when this happens, and wonder who you should follow? Maybe the point is that you should stop the following and become the doing.

It is not important to worry whether Matthew, or Blue Star, or The Tree, or even Candace has the truth. The truth is, that there is NESARA, the truth is that there is to be a Second Coming, by whatever label. Some, who deny the Second Coming, believe there will be a massive contact event with the return of the Masters, of one sort of another. What my friends, do you think the Second Coming, that they are calling it but another name is? Massive contact with the return of the Masters, certainly does sound like the Second Coming to myself!

Many are still playing the discernment game, taken to new heights in recent years. Yes, discernment is necessary, but any more discernment is used as a small act of war. Truth is there are many millions of ships here from the Stars, most of them advanced and nice, a few not. Most are here to observe rather than be a part of it, for the learning. But many are here in service to Christ Michael, and doing the doing. Yes, Hatonn is Christ Michael, but if you can't handle that, then just use the Hatonn of his name. It is not that important. Even I have another name, that is not Mohammed, but I will release it at a later time. For now, Mohammed is desired, because of my following, there would be too much confusion.

Stop the worry of the small details that are used to separate you one from another and decrease your power. This separation is nothing more than the game played for what seems like eternity itself by the BBB&G’s. And it is heavily played at this time with the New Age movement. Recognize it for what it is, please, and stop playing the game. God is so very simple and what is called the Ten commandments is so very simple. What is so very difficult about Thou shall not murder, Thou shall not covet, and on and on? These are the plain and simple rules of living in love and trust and caring, by whatever name they are given in any of the various faiths.

I am asking you personally, as the readers of these messages are predominately New Age, metaphysical, and less by nature of the various religions of control, to recognize that you are controlled by the BBB&G’s. Yea need not all these games, ey need only loving and caring for fellow man, and the desire to live in right manner, by the simple rules given to all, since time began most likely. If you want to be part of the Galactic Society, you must move beyond the games, and you can't until you recognize what has been done unto you, in the organized religion of New Age.

There are too many of you that have been distracted by using crystals ad nauseum, and ceremonies ad nauseum, that have little real relevance to spiritual growth, and promote little real healing of your soul. These are mostly substitute behavior for going to church, baptism, and other ceremonies of control.

You are sovereign, or at least that is the intent. We need you to be sovereign, doers and not followers of useless material. Being spiritual is about standing up, and solving problems. You incarnate over and over until you master this, and then you incarnate some more, the Masters do at times, especially in the Earth plane, and young societies elsewhere in the universe to teach the simple and sacred truths. And then you work like crazy on other planes doing the same thing, while you continue your journey of learning.

Always you learn and then teach what you know, how better to understand your leanings? Earth is in terrible need of learning, and doing at this time. In this Second Coming, as others have said, we provide the opportunity, with the release of much of the control of the BBB&G’s for you to grow spiritually, and this growth comes not only from the learning, but the application of what is learned.

Crystals and chanting have little place in the coming times. And the "mystical or mystery teachings" have little place here, until there are major changes in the knowledge of all and in the healing spiritually and physically of this planet. Sananda has said more than once I believe in these messages, it is the works that are of greater importance at this time.

The walking through walls, manifesting whatever out of what appears to some to be thin air, this is for after much of the doing is done, and this part of the journey becomes more appropriate. Most on earth are not spiritually ready to be able to walk through walls, and have the ability of mental telepathy. These are the skills of very advanced societies and of the few people that might truly use them correctly. As a silly example, do you really want Rumsfeld or Cheney to have the actual skill of walking through your walls and showing up in your living room at the present time? Visible or not? It is the works for now that matter.

Salu and Namaste,

I AM Mohammed.

[Ron: This message was taken when the Second Coming Plan included NESARA.  Subsequently the NESARA idea was changed to GESARA and then, because of difficulties in implementing GESARA, that plan was again altered and now, as I understand it, the plan is for Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi JinPing to take down the cabal of global matrix controllers followed by Three Days of Darkness (3DD) and stasis which will usher in the Second Coming process.].

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