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Changing The Face Of Religion : Spiritual Nuggets by the Masters Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
By Soltec thru Ed Young
Sep 17, 2011 - 8:21:44 AM

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hi all,  I was at Ed Youngs site today and found a new piece from Soltec on 911. you know this site is good to recomment to people who can let themselves stretch a bit but are in the early stages.  the material here is more "readable" to those minds not yet well into changes and new teachings, but will to at least take a risk of looking.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

9/11/11 - Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec

Good evening my friend and thank you for hearing my signal despite the “jangle of vibrations” in the air right now. Many ones who have awakened and now no longer believe the official lies concerning 9/11 are resenting, ever more angrily, the stepped-up replaying of those lies at this 10th anniversary time by a compliant media. Indeed, you chronicled many of the lies in the months of your publication right after the event occurred. Now the perpe-traitors worry how much longer their boat will float in an ever more turbulent sea of growing doubt. On this front, the financial front, the health and energy fronts, and so many others, The Big Squeeze that I alluded to in my last message (6/27/10) is now well underway.

Indeed I shall identify myself before we proceed further with this message. Never feel it to be an offense to any from the Higher Realms to demand such. The Dark Tricksters work overtime these days, especially in this tenuous realm of subtle communications. I would expect no less from you! I am known as Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, geophysical commander of this present Earth Transition Project, and longtime friend and scientific colleague. I am of the Host of God, come in and of the Light of the One who created us all, happy to be of service at this most auspicious time.

Besides all the natural adjustments being made by Mother Earth herself, great mischief is afoot all around your planet at this time. Behold, for example, the 50+ fires that were just ignited (and still raging) by very unusual “dry lightning” in your immediate area, literally within a few-hour overnight window. This we are watching carefully—now on top of a suspicious airplane crash into your local mountains, just a week earlier, that ignited 17,000 acres and set most of an entire residential community on fire (for the second year in a row) on the other side of your town. Then there was the series of odd personal attacks during this past week, aimed to throw you off from this writing project—and launched before you even knew you were about to be called to duty. Yes, all around your planet ones are being challenged in one way or another during this time of the “last hurrah” for the Dark Energies and their remaining puppet minions.

This long-awaited upshifting of the frequency band of your planet’s energy signature manifests outwardly in many kinds of human unrest and heightened geophysical activity. With our oversight and assistance, Mother Earth is constantly making adjustments and otherwise readying herself for what you ones term Ascension. But more accurately, this amounts to her movement back up into the higher-frequency realm wherein she once resided before graciously offering to host, over these many past millennia, your daring spiritual journey downward into the challenges of lower-frequency duality experience.

As we monitor the sometimes tumultuous activities of and on your planet at this time, we hear many an anxious and sincere plea among Lightworkers for Guidance concerning how best to be of help. It is your nature to show such high compassion and desire to be of service. And beyond that, it is also your nature for each of you to want to challenge yourself, perhaps even overdo things and otherwise take on more of a load than is reasonable or healthy or balanced.

The reason for this message is to call attention to the fact that, while Mother Earth knows exactly what she is doing at this time, we see many Lighted ones becoming overwhelmed by unfolding events, often feeling helpless, and then distracted from what is actually most beneficial for YOU, personally, to be doing, on a constant basis, to assist the Greater Good. This is something that is seemingly so simple that you overlook its power—that is, find a way, whatever it takes and no matter the circumstances, to achieve, maintain, and radiate an attitude of Joy. Yes, so simple to state, but maybe not so simple to consistently do, without practice.

You ones have a great cheer that goes: “Keep your eyes on the prize.” The prize is Ascension. And Joy is a potent energy-wave that would be most wise to “surf” to surmount being caught-up in the many distractions being engineered and thrown at you, as last-ditch efforts by the desperate Dark Tricksters, to pull you down in frequency, into a state of fear, seeming helplessness, and even utter despair—conditions that energetically feed the efforts of these Dark Ones, while simultaneously disconnecting you from your Higher Guidance and even from the kind of Common Sense that would otherwise remind you to, say, make sure you have emergency supplies.

Many lessons are unfolding all around your world at this busy time. Trust that these are tailored for those who need those experiences for their own chosen reasons of spiritual growth. What YOU need to do is be cautious about vicariously taking on others’ lessons, especially through over-indulgence in the addictive sensationalism all too often screamed at you by your so-called news media sources. Yes, say a prayer for those you see and hear being affected by challenges that may greatly disrupt their normal life routines, and perhaps even help in some more direct way when and where you are truly nudged to do so. But it would be wise to not become so fixated (“glued to the tube” as your saying goes) on what is primarily for THEIR experiencing, that you forget to live YOUR life.

This kind of calculated, low-frequency, media bombardment—actually a subtle and sophisticated form of mind control—has risen to epidemic proportions. Much that is of a negative sensational nature is being trumpeted even through more trusted “alternative” media sources that not only should know better, but were actually brought into existence to be of positive value and responsible influence at this time. Please realize that even these sources get off-track, driven by adrenaline and the allure of greater ratings and related revenue rewards. So always pay attention to what your “gut radar” is telling you as you consider the output of ANY news source, media or otherwise. Which brings me to my next point.

Besides efforting to not become a media junkie, please try also to avoid falling into the trap we observe among some number of Lightworkers who focus an unhealthy degree of attention on anxiously awaiting whatever the next channeled message, that comes across their computer email, has to say about Big Picture events that are really OUR concern—and may or may not ultimately be accurate for reasons of the “chess game” we play with the Dark Energies. Now effectively sidetracked by either media scare-hype or alluring Big-Picture prognostications (or both), otherwise well-intentioned Lightworkers not only get disillusioned (“Why hasn’t such and such happened yet?!”), but more importantly, forget to radiate Joy. Furthermore, we see many such distracted Lightworkers continue to ignore “seemingly insignificant” matters their Unseen Guides consistently place on their doorstep exactly for THEIR personal growth at this special time. Appreciate that whatever Big Picture plans we have engineered must work just as well for Lightworkers too busy being useful (maybe to even realize they’re Lightworkers), much less glued to whatever the next grandstanding channeled message may have to say.

Over many years of public visibility in professional capacities and for us, whenever this receiver has been asked to comment about various fear-provoking media stories, this one is fond of impishly replying: “Well, don’t you think it possible that Beings who can create and direct the evolution of planets and solar systems and galaxies and universes, might just be capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time? Why would you assume nobody’s minding the store?” In other words, the suggestion is that it would be wiser for you ones to focus on that which is in front of YOU—the challenges and opportunities to serve and grow spiritually that are right there on your own doorstep—rather than get too caught up in worrying about the Big Picture of Ascension that is unfolding, truly, very well under our direction and control. Do you really think we would, for instance, allow some wayward asteroid to strike Earth and devastate all life onboard such an exquisite schoolroom that we’ve been watching over for eons of time?

Might it not be more useful to pull yourself away from whatever’s being hyped on your media or emails, and, for instance, go check on the elderly neighbor wearily dedicated to caring for her invalid husband? Perhaps the simple act of offering fresh green beans from your garden, along with a big smile that says you care, would bring great Joy to all concerned. And what about taking a moment to Joyfully appreciate the miracle of Nature that those green beans represent, and thank the unseen Nature Spirits for their help in tending your garden. And when you walk back home, surely uplifted from such a heart-felt visit, how does your dog greet you? With pure Joy, of course! As you learn to pay more attention to such, you will find that you are often being gifted with Messengers of the Divine—like that Ascension-bound pooch radiating pure Joy from head to tail.

My point here is simply to remind you, at this time when so much can seem chaotic and senseless, that “keeping your eyes on the prize”—that is, working to radiate an attitude of Joy—is the single most important thing YOU can do, energetically speaking, to aid the entire Ascension process. Let us sweat The Big Stuff; we really do know what we’re doing. And if you do get away from that television or computer, and get outside more, and keep your eyes open, you’re sure to spot some examples of our presence for yourself; neither those fascinating cloud formations, nor those dazzling spectrum-twinkling stars on a clear night are necessarily what they are assumed to be by the uninformed.

So take a deep breath, relax, find something around you to be truly thankful for, and you’ll soon be well down the road to living a Joyful life. With Joy from my heart to yours, I am Toniose Soltec, teacher and wayshower, friend and fellow traveler along the ever-expanding Road of Life. May we each honor, through our own unique outpourings of Joy, the One who so Joyfully created us. Salu.


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