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Resources : Websites : Spiritual Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Project World Evacuation, interesting Site.
By Candace
Jul 15, 2008 - 5:33:00 PM

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Hi everyone! The pieces below are interesting and  compiled one called Tuella, who has passed this plane. I have seen a bit on her, but was not very aware of her purpose as a major contact, until someone wrote to me about the book, which was featured on a Dutch site.  So I searched for an English version. (Thanks be to Christ Lippens for the translation of the letter, which was in Dutch.) 

The first link is to a book called Project World Evacuation and there is lots of interesting material in it. The other is a collection of messages through several contacts that worked for Ashtar quite some time ago now. I skimmed both of them today. Read the first link first, is my advice.

  The website these are from appears interesting and I have never seen it before that I recall anyway. You may find additional interesting reading on it. Those of you who followed the Return of the Light Materials, until darkness destroyed that project, will find the book here. I assume it's the book anyway, I didn't wait on the long dowload.

Note added also July 15, 2008. My computer was attacked TWICE by the above site. The first time I wasn't sure which site I had visited that caused the attack. When I visited again a few days ago to read some more, it was attacked again. My star fleet guardians who hang out above my home in 2 suttle craft also maintain my computers, and they got rid of it, and then I got it back again. I am sure this time, so visit with care. You might want to google Tuella yourselves in English and see if this material is carried elsewhere in English. The virus doesn't harm the computer, it just causes annoying little pop up boxes that mean nothing, but are not ones that come with my software.

Now all that said,  I hope I still have the email and didn't delete it, because I should add the dutch language links to this! Not to bright today! Ok, dutch website added here below!  July 15, 2008


Dear Candace,  I noticed your answer from Chris Lippens about my information about the lateTuella.
I was the lady from The netherlands that was sent bij The Galactic Federation tot Tuella in 1991 (under guidance of Archangel Michael and Ashtar) to her. At that time she lived in Salt Lake City. We spent 10 days together. The work was official given to me  to translate and publish and bring the information to this area and I did a lot of that work to other countries too.  You might say "I am a pionier, did the "forework"but I am still working.
I am 73 but feel me 37 years ÿoung".I spread the work, being Headquarter of the Netherlands and got the name G.A.I. too from Tuella. I made her work in all those years  more well known to many many persons in this world. I sporeaded par eacample 14 years long a newsletter (about 20 pages!) with a lot of information .
People ask now for the books and much information about the AshtarCommand more and more and we see a collectiv of persons that understands  what is really going on in this world. You know the troubles and the answers from so many persons (in many eyes I was completely crazy of course!) 1991, 16 years ago! We can say: Slowly on people in this world are awakening more and more. Tuella told me firmly one thing: and that was: The Ashtar Command Logo belongs to my work and it is not permitted to use that Logo with work that is not the work that I have to give for this world. Tonnie please take care for that! The Logo is firmly copyrighted, and that is not my idea but Tuella's . 
You gave information on your site, wonderful, but I ask you, to give too my website that is  Now people are too interested in Tuella's work in dutch.  I Thank you for all your wonderful work and all your information. The masters and Angels are guiding us more and more and that gave me personel a lot of information about the most wonderful crystals that came on my path and I have too to work with. I do working with crystals from my age of 5 years Thank you in forward Candace. What a wonderful time is not it? (I hope theta the man who takes care for my website soon will be healthy again. he has cancer! that's why my Agenda is not good at this moment. Again work what must been done. But that will be oke.  With greeting with love form Me Mrs. Tonnie Eijkenboom and  Adonai...dear Candace.
When I  was being called by the Galactic federation to go to Tuella, I was a publisher of one book! About the impoortance of clean drinking water for all the people in this world. That started in the netehrlands. I speak about now 1987! That system is now used in this country by many persons and too...The Big waterdeliverysystem in this world. I could tel; you much more about it. What I want to say to you is: I am a Lightworker from my age of 5 and I am very glad to work together woth the Command. ( I stop now, before it is a book!) Thank you for all the work that you are doing, dear Candace.      Tonnie Eijkenboom (H.)

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