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Telepathic Messages : Solon Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Update #8
By CM, S333 and Esu thru Solon
May 17, 2010 - 2:31:17 PM

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May 17, 2010
Home 18:14 PM

Update # 8

S: I feel the presence of the Fleet's Command for an update message. I give myself in reverence to receive it. Follow in, beloveds.

CM: Here is your Father and older brother [grins]. Outside the time you know, these two qualifications have equal value, both for you and for all and any person who opens his intention in talking with Me. No restrictions. The only condition for this is the individual CHOICE of each of my sons.

Let's do an update number 8.The trench of Darkness is weakening.Those who have not passed on to our side are being continually pressed, and are seeing their support succumb to My Light. The Dark support is continuously being eliminated and the effects will be felt soon in the Light of Your Reality. The Main Stream Media manipulation will be taken in due time so that everyone knows the truth that still try to deny. A pity, because the evidence is there for anyone wanting to discover the reality behind the reality constructed by the Dark.

Jupiter has an important role in raising the vibration of the planet to accelerate the collapse of these old power structures. Politicians who will not cede, will get their fate sealed in the manner they choose. We are continuing the quiet Sun at the moment, because there are events in the political and economic arenas to happen. Giving sequence to my Divine Plan, the increase in CME's [Coronal Mass Ejection] of the Sun will start increasing the exposure of Jupiter out of the solar corona in order to advance the process of ascension of Mother

The Creation is scared, dear ones, very scared. (Candace: I have written Solon because I am not sure if he meant sacred, rather than" scared." I will get back to this when he writes back Ok, the intent was scared, as in frightened.) Especially on Earth, a stronghold of rebels for so many millennia. What humans have yet been able to perceive from the energetic point of view, their pets and wild caught long ago. The event of a whale attacking its long time trainer is just one of many examples happening around the world on how the animal world and Elemental already stepped into the 'Unknown', as stated in the previous message by S333. Humans have already entered into it unconsciously, and external events of their world will be in charge of bringing this knowledge to Light.

Although there is no reason to be scared to step into the unknown is not something comfortable. Anda there you have your Internal Guidance. Those connected with Me and all my creation will find the whole purpose of these events, where there is no 'UNKNOWN'. Only the 'KNOWN' of My Will of My Life as your Father in My Divine Plan being driven at full power.

While writing this message, we realize that some politicians have given the evidence of our presence on the ground of the planet, MY Planet. No refuge for those placed in our way. Politicians and Bankers, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! We are already infiltrated amongst you, and when your ROBBERY systems start to fail, you will see Our Savior hand for My Kids taking effect.

Our tactical squads are promoting at this very moment, taken important positions throughout the planet, whose missions are secret for now and aim to further weaken the ranks of Darkness. Even Dark children of your country are included in the list, to whom Divine Corrective is Underway.

My mate in command takes the word now.

CM Aton out.

Beloved, put the link on the message 'This is not the time for the faint of heart' on the words you write, because I realize that you are already thinking about how the followers of the Light will easily find the message. Keep the messages tailored for your content is always richer for everyone.

This really is not the time for the Faint of Heart. We are on the verge of explosive events in all spheres of your existence and to feeling LOST - for our Lightworkers dedicated to the cause - is NOT an option. YOU Long wanted this, and when ESU put options in the polls, the winner was 'set all on fire' in the process. This is what you will have. But not material fire, but the fire of God manifesting on Earth and burns everything that is old and should give way to the Light of the Father

Exactly. We needed your vote so that there was an agreement, a formal CHOICE of our representatives to implement the Earth Force increased from 5 to 8 in the ascension process. The Force has been increased. And everyone, without exception, is this sense Strength. It will literally disintegrate any waste dark inside all the inhabitants of the earth, and those who can not cope with the increase of vibration, will express his dark side, brought up to be lit .

This is and has always been the tactic of the Army of Heaven, and there is nothing in the universe that can combat its effects. Follow the Light, Bring the Light, Be Light, Anchor the Light.

The times ahead will require strength of ALL Lightworkers, our Power Transformers.

Namaste, Esu.

S: Namaste to all.I am honored by your deference.

End: 18:54

Candace:  First, I don't know who did the piece, "This is not for the faint of heart," I suspect Vince, but it didn't come up in our lousy search engine, under his name, and I want to get this posted, so I will add it later. If one of you has it bookmarked, feel free to send it via the contact form!

We have at times before covered the concept of Finding the Unknown, which we are all engaged in personally in our journey's and collectively as part of this far reaching deal with the corrupt beings that have gotten a little out of hand in this new creation of Orvonton, it being the "youngest" of the 7 Superuniverses.  Nebadon has had some serious problems as have a few other Local Universes, and it must be solved or the creation is in trouble.

Esu's comments relate above to a piece I did with him, gosh, maybe a year ago now, not sure.  He polled all of you about whether we would come in strong or gently and I had the word on the tip of my tongue, in fact typed it and then this whole piece just disappeared on me, and I had to start over.  OK, here it is, "Let it Rip."  So the Let it Rip won the poll and some of you wondered when Let it Rip would start. Well, this is it, fasten your seatbelts!  Alfter all, Let It Rip had to be approved and planned!


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