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Telepathic Messages : Solon Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Defining Roles of various Fleet Members on the Ground
By CM and S333 thru Solon
May 16, 2010 - 5:07:02 AM

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Solon  ( who has been doing most of the Portuguese translations lately)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Start: 21:00 PM


S: A high pressure was over my head all day. I knew I had something to write, but was unavailable to write throughout the day. I give myself now in reverence for the Fleet Command can transmit an urgent message for us all.

CM: Beloved son, here is your Father. I see that you have been in conflict between translating recent messages posted from S333 and Mine or receive the message we have been pressing you to get all day. The time is urgent and you may not have time to translate all, but those that are urgent and important place for everyone to have access.

We landed on your shores, and this is a fact. All the Fleet Command and millions of soldiers from many many star nations who are in service of the cause are in the ground in order to run my Divine Plan on Earth and its inhabitants. Some members of the group Battlefront will have closer contact with us because they play the role of tactical information to Lightworkers to maintain your positions within and outside themselves, that the unfolding of my plan to have the desired success.

Some members landed on your soil has the task of defending those with the task of transmitting this information, which is an important tactical role. All the rest is fulfilling missions of infiltration between the dark lines for the disintegration can occur in an orderly, safe and sure manner. As stated by S333, the acid will begin to spread by the structures of your world in many different fronts, and there will be - as is already happening - a desperate attempt to hide it from the general population. This will not last long.

Those who come into denial when the evidence is present for all to see are missing the train of universal history, to the extent that this attempt is unique throughout the history of creation. When I made my proposal to create approved by Havona I did not realize how far we would go to the evolution of My Universe take place. The learning was to All of us, AS ONE, but who enriched with it was whole Creation. Great rewards come with great sacrifice, as you say.

The country of North America, the most belligerent country in the world is our focus right now, but our troops are not only placed there. They are scattered all over the world waiting to play your tactical missions that unfold the Divine Plan, which has taken place as planned so far. Other countries that made the choir with the United States by the seat of power will also be our target, because it is these 20% of world countries that concentrate 80% of all your problems. These will have fast and accurate outcomes.

Your country should be alerted, including its armed forces, that the Army of Heaven is on the ground, but there is no need to worry because My troop brings with it My seal. The seal of Christ Michael and your Divine Plan on Earth. Contrary to what many think, the troops of the air have a different kind of act that you are accustomed to on Earth. By that I mean that no Earthly tatics that could possibly fight us. We maintain our offer of unconditional surrender to the Forces of Light, My Light. For the Fall of Darkness will be smoother, but certain.

You Inhabit a country blessed with immense natural wealth and cultural diversity that few in the world enjoy, whose role in the future is assured as a storehouse of not only food, but of beings and ideas important to the rebuilding of the new civilization of Earth. Nevertheless, today this country is largely dominated by the Forces of Darkness. Those who are not subservient to the great 'powers that be' of your world, sell themselves at any price for your own benefit and for the few they represent. They also committed crimes against humanity, misled the people and has increasingly tried to enslave the individual liberties of people in favor of the gang who wats - unsuccessfully - to remain in power.

These, however, has power to damage much more limited than those of 20% of the most aggressive on this planet. Will be removed very easily, because these are children unbalanced and poorly educated, they will receive the divine correction they deserve. If they had the vaguest idea of what awaits them, they would think twice before continuing deceiving its people. Everything will come to a close soon, so that for the time to come the best thing to do is focus on the transmission of our messages, be ready for possible evacuation, focused and firm in your determination to serve the cause. My mantle will protect you, and landed troops under my command as well.

We will not make our appearance now, as this is not suitable tactical time to make it happen. We have much to do in the process of disintegration of the old and the new integration before it happens. With this integration in the new, I mean the minimization of certain difficulties, although a degree is crucial for humans to learn the lesson about the mistakes they made to surrender your power and to omit in favor of worldly pleasures and material.

However, our plans are mobile and can adapt quickly to prevent any attempts to attack from the Dark, our trenches penetrate deeply into the ranks of the Dark and there is not only one step they try to have and we do not know about preventive measures.

The universal calendar now puts us under pressure for us to follow a pace faster than we normally would do. This is because we postponed our plans to try to awake more humans, but sleep is too deep, and we no longer have time. Those who decided to take the long way on the road will do. So be it.

Our future activities will focus on kill by suffocation these structures that should give way to structures of light, because the human learning process is most important. Then come the difficulties that you need to pass as a mandatory graduation in this evolutionary process. So our appearance still can not occur.

The geophysical events occur in parallel with the political process, social and economic development. These events, which increase in magnitude and frequency, may bring some contingencies for some countries and joining other that already occur in some places. Evacuations occur in these places as needed. The list of missing will prove the fact. The removal of others to your new address also thicken the list of missing persons.

Our troops, while writing this post, is now finally acting to thwart the attempts of the dark in create artificial natural disasters in large geological faults locations. Those who engaged in these tasks have definitively sealed your fate in this process.

The economy in crisis from a European country is just the tip of the iceberg for the collapse of the economy on that side of the world who collaborate to bring the rest of the global economy with it. Politically, a country in North America will suffer a concussion in your foundations called 'democratic' with the discovery of an illegitimate leader for the position. The Revolt of Mother Earth against the reckless exploitation of your bowels is another factor catalyst of my plan. The lack of responses from institutions will cause social imbalance to the point of revolt, as we are experiencing in Greece.

Internal resources of your country and the strength of your society will help to minimize this overwhelming process, but we need much more waking up about the reality of My Divine Plan and its schedule and without further delay, so that together, one taking care of another individual, can go through all these experiences more smoothly. This is already happening with recent major floods occurring in various places in your country. The solidarity of its people and the resilience demonstrated can be very important in the near future. In the event of disruption in the supply chain due to geological occurrences, any piece of fertile land may kill the hunger of many, since used in a cooperative and sustainable way. Mother will not allow deforestation and attacks against Her anymore.

Another important feature arising from the floods that occurred recently is the lack of commitment from your dark leaders with something other than their pockets and privileges. The population begins to question this, and begin to wonder why they are paying taxes. This is just a sign of old structures that need to die to make way for Light, dear. Few ever should have the right about a lot of people again.

Jupiter still should not appear, although we need to use your sun screen to "transform" the energy coming from the source for the acceleration of the various radiation entering the planet. We should accelerate Coronal Mass Ejections to some extent, where we will monitor the exposure of Jupiter for the acceleration of energy does not cause sudden change in Earth axis, but in an orderly manner.

All these events are occurring simultaneously, because it is what it is about the Divine Plan. Many diseases must be removed together by many different fronts, but all at once. Those of you who can not follow the flow of events, may find themselves suddenly completely lost.

The awakening of many will occur abruptly now, because instead of having had a gentle awakening, with time and lots of love, they unfortunately will receive a bucket of ice water to wake up quickly. Are the rights and obligations arising from free will, the greatest power of My Universe. Those lightworkers who know people with severe disabilities graduate mentally to help the best way possible these beings, because they'll need.

This was your case, dear. When choosing your adventures of conscience in this world of illusions, while you has acquired a range of tools that will be very useful in times to come, also postponed its entry into its true role in this plan. So as I asked the first channeling, there would NOT be time for a mild weather training.

And here you are, writing words that do not even passed through your head, suffering a great deal of pressure on your crown chakra to cede space to the Fleet manifest. I give room now for other being that is accompanying me to make your lecture.

Know that, although late, your choice to participate in the ascension process is a continuation of your soul contract in this plan and put you in a position to fulfill your role within my Divine Plan. Welcome.

Aton, your Father, out.

S333: Beloved, I come on behalf of your father congratulating you for join the team. The incisively way I transmit my messages is due to the need to maintain pressure on the Darkness, whose fate is already sealed. The message I sent in the past about Channelers and Translators Corrupt was because, in your own country, there are those who deliberately alter the contents of the messages to give little or no clear trends on the subject addressed in the message, or perform a poor translation or copy without giving credit for the work of those who strive to bring to light information to the people of Earth.

And you needed to be confronted with your choice at that moment, a form of selection of the Tares and Wheat

At this crucial juncture, it is necessary that all telepaths are available as much as possible, because we need to give messages at any time. The great pressure you felt today was due to our physical proximity. We are in your soil for filing the Darkness of this planet once and for all and nothing will stop us. Any attempts of darkness to attack what is ours will suffer the ultimate sanction, the same chosen by Lucifer when he was confronted with the Rebellion's consequences inside of Christ Michael's Universe.

You already know who I am inside the Universal Hierarchy, but the secret is something that can only be revealed in due course, when the Dark have been deleted forever. We were together in some of the battles in other star systems millions of years ago. And we'll be together in this final chapter to Mother Earth, who rejoices with your participation in this event.

S: We're talking about the Orion Wars?

S333: Not only this, but prior to this also, and whose stories are lost in the mists of time. We have a task to perform much less bloody than these, but equally important to the successful outcome of the Divine Plan of Christ Michael. The energy codes from these Battles was preserved in your being so that the tools acquired at that time were working to assist humanity to overcome their fears when they rob the unknown.

We are very close to what you would call 'unknown', and that's where it will come largely with fears. The 'unknown' derives from its deconstruction of the old archaic structures of power and money. Your society has forgotten how to live without power and money, because it is based on them that the relative positions of some over others exists. Superior and inferior beings. What hypocrisy! What will this hypocrisy be when ALL are leveled by their bases? The characteristics of your country, cultural and social flexibility could bring an important example for the world, but time will tell, and will be put to the test.

The spacecraft you know as "Aruanda", part of our Starfleet, ceded many of your guardians for your protection and your families in times to come. Those who you had close contact with send you all their love and devotion to the mission that you had engaged, and the fact that you chose a different path than when they initiated contact with you was only one step in your spiritual growth. All are in place and ready for action with a sigh and prayer away. All willing to walk hand in hand with you to Victory.

Darkness is advised! We begin our maneuvers to get back what is ours, and what gives us the Divine Decree will be fulfilled before they can move any piece on the board, which is already frozen.

I AM S333, and put my stamp on these words.

S: Thank you, beloved, for this vote of confidence. I dedicate my life to this mission. Namaste.

End: 00:15 - 05/16/2010


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