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Changing The Face Of Religion : Selections from the Urantia Book Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Various Lord's Prayers
By varied
May 1, 2011 - 5:14:25 PM

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I know I have posted these from the Urantia Book before, on here, with maybe some other versions. Today on glp there was a version posted from the Aramaic to English, so this collection starts with that. then I posted the one from PJ #2, and then the UB ones from other planets.  So here's the whole collection, which I also placed on a couple threads of mine there.


there is a thread today, on a translation from an aramaic record of the Lords's Prayer. And I added the version from Phoenix Journal #2. And after these, I am placing 7 Lord's prayers used on other planets. All nice.

OK first OP's version: (OP means the original poster of a thread on GLP)

The English translation from the Latin translation of the Greek translation from the original Aramaic loses a tragic amount and depth of meaning.

From the original Aramaic:

Matthew 6:9-13

"Therefore, this is how you shall pray:
Our heavenly Father, hallowed is your name.
Your Kingdom is come. Your will is done,
As in heaven so also on earth.
Give us the bread for our daily need.
And leave us serene,
just as we also allowed others serenity.
And do not pass us through trial,
except separate us from the evil one.
For yours is the Kingdom,
the Power and the Glory
To the end of the universe, of all the universes." Amen!

Notice the awesome change in tense and scope?

Your kingdom *is* come, Your will *is* done.
No need to pray for any changes in anything. Just be thankful that, although we might not see or understand it, everything is in perfect alignment with Divine Will.

And the enhancement in scope from not just the Earth, but the universe, and the multiverse!

For completeness, here is the Galilean Aramic from which the above translation is made:

Avvon d-bish-maiya, nith-qaddash shim-mukh. 
Tih-teh mal-chootukh. Nih-weh Áiw-yanukh:
ei-chana d'bish-maiya: ap b'ar-ah.
Haw lan lakh-ma d'soonqa-nan yoo-mana.
O'shwooq lan kho-bein:
ei-chana d'ap kh'nan shwiq-qan l'khaya-ween.
Oo'la te-ellan l'niss-yoona:
il-la paÁ-Áan min beesha.
Mid-til de-di-lukh hai mal-choota
oo khai-la oo tush-bookh-ta
l'alam al-mein. Aa-meen.

OK Now the version from Phoenix Journal #2 This is my whole post to OP's thread. 

This is the translation from the ancient aramaic from the scrolls hidden in the grave AFTEr Jesus died in Kashmir at age 115 or so. He did not die on the cross, he was only in a coma. Please consider reading And they Called His Name Immanuel, Phoenix Journal #2. Judas was not the betrayer, he was Jesus best friend and made many notes at that time. Judas himself recently translated from those scrolls to English from his own Aramaic. This is thus the best rendition fo the Lord's Prayer.

My spirit, you are Omnipotent. Your Name is Holy. Maybe your realm be incarnate in ME. May your power reveal Itself within me, on Earth and in the Heaven. Give me today my daily bread, and thus, let me recognize my transgressions and errors and I shall recognize the truth. And do not lead me into temptation and confusion, but deliver me from ERROR. For yours is the realm within me and the power and the knowledge forever. Amen.

Now this spirit with one, "My spirit" above, is your Father Fragment. it is a part of FAther's mind that comes to your MIND. It is your greatest friend and teacher.

Jesus always taught about this spirit within one. Nobody listened and they still don't.

This is from the Urantia book, paper 144 ( 

From time to time, during the remainder of Jesus’ sojourn on earth, he brought to the notice of the apostles several additional forms of prayer, but he did this only in illustration of other matters, and he enjoined that these “parable prayers” should not be taught to the multitudes. Many of them were from other inhabited planets, but this fact Jesus did not reveal to the twelve. Among these prayers were the following:

(1622.1) 144:5.2 Our Father in whom consist the universe realms,
(1622.2) 144:5.3 Uplifted be your name and all-glorious your character.
(1622.3) 144:5.4 Your presence encompasses us, and your glory is manifested
(1622.4) 144:5.5 Imperfectly through us as it is in perfection shown on high.
(1622.5) 144:5.6 Give us this day the vivifying forces of light,
(1622.6) 144:5.7 And let us not stray into the evil bypaths of our imagination,
(1622.7) 144:5.8 For yours is the glorious indwelling, the everlasting power,
(1622.8) 144:5.9 And to us, the eternal gift of the infinite love of your Son.
(1622.9) 144:5.10 Even so, and everlastingly true.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *

(1622.10) 144:5.11 Our creative Parent, who is in the center of the universe,
(1622.11) 144:5.12 Bestow upon us your nature and give to us your character.
(1622.12) 144:5.13 Make us sons and daughters of yours by grace
(1622.13) 144:5.14 And glorify your name through our eternal achievement.
(1622.14) 144:5.15 Your adjusting and controlling spirit give to live and dwell within us
(1622.15) 144:5.16 That we may do your will on this sphere as angels do your bidding in light.
(1622.16) 144:5.17 Sustain us this day in our progress along the path of truth.
(1622.17) 144:5.18 Deliver us from inertia, evil, and all sinful transgression.
(1622.18) 144:5.19 Be patient with us as we show loving-kindness to our fellows.
(1622.19) 144:5.20 Shed abroad the spirit of your mercy in our creature hearts.
(1622.20) 144:5.21 Lead us by your own hand, step by step, through the uncertain maze of life,
(1622.21) 144:5.22 And when our end shall come, receive into your own bosom our faithful spirits.
(1622.22) 144:5.23 Even so, not our desires but your will be done.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *

(1622.23) 144:5.24 Our perfect and righteous heavenly Father,
(1622.24) 144:5.25 This day guide and direct our journey.
(1622.25) 144:5.26 Sanctify our steps and co-ordinate our thoughts.
(1622.26) 144:5.27 Ever lead us in the ways of eternal progress.
(1622.27) 144:5.28 Fill us with wisdom to the fullness of power
(1622.28) 144:5.29 And vitalize us with your infinite energy.
(1622.29) 144:5.30 Inspire us with the divine consciousness of
(1622.30) 144:5.31 The presence and guidance of the seraphic hosts.
(1622.31) 144:5.32 Guide us ever upward in the pathway of light;
(1622.32) 144:5.33 Justify us fully in the day of the great judgment.
(1622.33) 144:5.34 Make us like yourself in eternal glory
(1622.34) 144:5.35 And receive us into your endless service on high.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *

(1622.35) 144:5.36 Our Father who is in the mystery,
(1622.36) 144:5.37 Reveal to us your holy character.
(1622.37) 144:5.38 Give your children on earth this day
(1622.38) 144:5.39 To see the way, the light, and the truth.
(1622.39) 144:5.40 Show us the pathway of eternal progress
(1622.40) 144:5.41 And give us the will to walk therein.
(1622.41) 144:5.42 Establish within us your divine kingship
(1622.42) 144:5.43 And thereby bestow upon us the full mastery of self.
(1622.43) 144:5.44 Let us not stray into paths of darkness and death;
(1622.44) 144:5.45 Lead us everlastingly beside the waters of life.
(1622.45) 144:5.46 Hear these our prayers for your own sake;
(1622.46) 144:5.47 Be pleased to make us more and more like yourself.
(1623.1) 144:5.48 At the end, for the sake of the divine Son,
(1623.2) 144:5.49 Receive us into the eternal arms.
(1623.3) 144:5.50 Even so, not our will but yours be done.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *

(1623.4) 144:5.51 Glorious Father and Mother, in one parent combined,
(1623.5) 144:5.52 Loyal would we be to your divine nature.
(1623.6) 144:5.53 Your own self to live again in and through us
(1623.7) 144:5.54 By the gift and bestowal of your divine spirit,
(1623.8) 144:5.55 Thus reproducing you imperfectly in this sphere
(1623.9) 144:5.56 As you are perfectly and majestically shown on high.
(1623.10) 144:5.57 Give us day by day your sweet ministry of brotherhood
(1623.11) 144:5.58 And lead us moment by moment in the pathway of loving service.
(1623.12) 144:5.59 Be you ever and unfailingly patient with us
(1623.13) 144:5.60 Even as we show forth your patience to our children.
(1623.14) 144:5.61 Give us the divine wisdom that does all things well
(1623.15) 144:5.62 And the infinite love that is gracious to every creature.
(1623.16) 144:5.63 Bestow upon us your patience and loving-kindness
(1623.17) 144:5.64 That our charity may enfold the weak of the realm.
(1623.18) 144:5.65 And when our career is finished, make it an honor to your name,
(1623.19) 144:5.66 A pleasure to your good spirit, and a satisfaction to our soul helpers.
(1623.20) 144:5.67 Not as we wish, our loving Father, but as you desire the eternal good of your mortal children,
(1623.21) 144:5.68 Even so may it be.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *

(1623.22) 144:5.69 Our all-faithful Source and all-powerful Center,
(1623.23) 144:5.70 Reverent and holy be the name of your all-gracious Son.
(1623.24) 144:5.71 Your bounties and your blessings have descended upon us,
(1623.25) 144:5.72 Thus empowering us to perform your will and execute your bidding.
(1623.26) 144:5.73 Give us moment by moment the sustenance of the tree of life;
(1623.27) 144:5.74 Refresh us day by day with the living waters of the river thereof.
(1623.28) 144:5.75 Step by step lead us out of darkness and into the divine light.
(1623.29) 144:5.76 Renew our minds by the transformations of the indwelling spirit,
(1623.30) 144:5.77 And when the mortal end shall finally come upon us,
(1623.31) 144:5.78 Receive us to yourself and send us forth in eternity.
(1623.32) 144:5.79 Crown us with celestial diadems of fruitful service,
(1623.33) 144:5.80 And we shall glorify the Father, the Son, and the Holy Influence.
(1623.34) 144:5.81 Even so, throughout a universe without end.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *

(1623.35) 144:5.82 Our Father who dwells in the secret places of the universe,
(1623.36) 144:5.83 Honored be your name, reverenced your mercy, and respected your judgment.
(1623.37) 144:5.84 Let the sun of righteousness shine upon us at noontime,
(1623.38) 144:5.85 While we beseech you to guide our wayward steps in the twilight.
(1623.39) 144:5.86 Lead us by the hand in the ways of your own choosing
(1623.40) 144:5.87 And forsake us not when the path is hard and the hours are dark.
(1623.41) 144:5.88 Forget us not as we so often neglect and forget you.
(1623.42) 144:5.89 But be you merciful and love us as we desire to love you.
(1623.43) 144:5.90 Look down upon us in kindness and forgive us in mercy
(1623.44) 144:5.91 As we in justice forgive those who distress and injure us.
(1624.1) 144:5.92 May the love, devotion, and bestowal of the majestic Son
(1624.2) 144:5.93 Make available life everlasting with your endless mercy and love.
(1624.3) 144:5.94 May the God of universes bestow upon us the full measure of his spirit;
(1624.4) 144:5.95 Give us grace to yield to the leading of this spirit.
(1624.5) 144:5.96 By the loving ministry of devoted seraphic hosts
(1624.6) 144:5.97 May the Son guide and lead us to the end of the age.
(1624.7) 144:5.98 Make us ever and increasingly like yourself
(1624.8) 144:5.99 And at our end receive us into the eternal Paradise embrace.
(1624.9) 144:5.100 Even so, in the name of the bestowal Son
(1624.10) 144:5.101 And for the honor and glory of the Supreme Father.

(1624.11) 144:5.102 Though the apostles were not at liberty to present these prayer lessons in their public teachings, they profited much from all of these revelations in their personal religious experiences. Jesus utilized these and other prayer models as illustrations in connection with the intimate instruction of the twelve, and specific permission has been granted for transcribing these seven specimen prayers into this record.



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