Selections from the Urantia Book
Thoughts from the UB
By UB with some commentary by Candace
Jan 1, 2012 - 8:52:51 AM


Thoughts of the Day from with some comments by me, which I placed mostly for readers on my urantia thread on glp.

The actual paper, chapter and paragraph are at the end of each quote.


"Be not downcast by your failure wholly to forget some of your regrettable experiences. The mistakes which you fail to forget in time will be forgotten in eternity. Lighten your burdens of soul by speedily acquiring a long-distance view of your destiny, a universe expansion of your career."

Teachings of Jesus,

[b](1739.3) 156:5.8[/b]


"True it is, you mortals are of earthly, animal origin; your frame is indeed dust. But if you actually will, if you really desire, surely the heritage of the ages is yours, and you shall someday serve throughout the universes in your true characters-children of the Supreme God of experience and divine sons of the Paradise Father of all personalities."  (Candace, I AM one of these who is serving in such at this time.  I AM a Mighty Messenger.  I have obtained the Father on Paradise.)

(1240.1) 112:7.19


"In the fraternal realities of the kingdom of heaven the faith sons of God find final deliverance from the isolation of the self, both personal and planetary."

(1985.1) 184:4.6



"The spiritual forward urge is the most powerful driving force present in this world; the truth-learning believer is the one progressive and aggressive soul on earth."

(2063.2) 194:3.4



"As the days pass, every true believer becomes more skillful in alluring his fellows into the love of eternal truth. Are you more resourceful in revealing goodness to humanity today than you were yesterday? Are you a better righteousness recommender this year than you were last year?


The Teachings of Jesus,  (C, this is a good thing to ask at the end of each day, or even during the day, or in your preparing for the day, each morning.  And this applies to all of us here, no matter even if we have reached Paradise, the learning never does stop and there are always challenges even when Incarnate as Michael and Esu experienced 2000 years ago. )

(1740.2) 156:5.15



"Man must become hungry for truth as a result of the experiences of living, or he must desire to know God as the result of contact with the lives of those who are acquainted with the divine Father."  (C, there is not yet enough hunger on this world for truth, only the following of poorly created religion.)


(1466.2) 132:7.2


"When a personal duplication or divine extension of this Original Son starts on a bestowal mission of mortal incarnation, it becomes literally true that the divine "Word is made flesh," and that the Word thus dwells among the lowly beings of animal origin."  (C to new readers of UB material, this refers to the bestowal mission of Michael of Nebadon as Jesus 2000 years ago. And dear ones, each of you who has the Father Fragment within,  YOU ARE THIS WORD ALSO.  If man only knew he was the "word of God"  and could also access the Spirit of Truth bestowed 2000 years ago, this world would be so different now.  Stop putting "God" up in the sky someplace.  )

(227.4) 20:5.1



"Your small and insignificant planet is of local universe concern simply because it is the mortal home world of Jesus of Nazareth. It was the scene of the final and triumphant bestowal of your Creator Son, the arena in which Michael won the supreme personal sovereignty of the universe of Nebadon."

(C  to those not yet reader of the UB,  the Creator Son only bestows himself on a single world of his realm.  Presently there are 3.8 million inhabited planets in Nebadon. Ponder this special gift.  Other planets do receive when ready though, a bestowal of a high son from Paradise.  But the Creator Son bestowal makes a planet STAND OUT.

(228.2) 20:5.5


"In the study of the religious life of Jesus, view him positively. Think not so much of his sinlessness as of his righteousness, his loving service. Jesus upstepped the passive love disclosed in the Hebrew concept of the heavenly Father to the higher active and creature-loving affection of a God who is the Father of every individual, even of the wrongdoer.  (C  now religionists, pay big attention to this one.  For the biggy message left out of the bible anyway, was the greatest teaching by Jesus, this one right here.  His Father is also YOUR FATHER and you are a SON OF GOD, even if you are big bad and ugly.)

(68.3) 5:4.15


"...there is an instinctive longing in the heart of evolutionary man for help from above and beyond.  (C, heed this!)

(1008.7) 92:5.5


"Jesus introduced the evening's conference by saying. 'My beloved, you must always make a difference in teaching so as to suit your presentation of truth to the minds and hearts before you.' " (C, which is why I teach somewhat differently from thread to thread here on glp. )

(1691.4) 151:3.1


"Knowledge pertains to things observed, but truth transcends such purely material levels in that it consorts with wisdom and embraces such imponderables as human experience, even spiritual and living realities."  (C thus "knowledge" NOT learned from experience and wisdom, is just facts from a book or other observations, and its not always correctly interpreted, what is labeled knowledge on this world.  For example, to your knowledge by observing, you could think the sun moves across our sky, but your observation, and thinking about it would supply you the wisdom of knowing, its an illusion, caused by the movement on earth on its axis.  "knowledge is NOT always accurate and I knew this a lot in my school years, because some things taught as true knowledge in science were in fact wrong.  My 'wisdom" remembered of the ages told me that, or even what I observed around me.  You can read the knowledge of fixing your car in a book, but it does NOT become wisdom until you try to fix the car. Then it is wisdom from your experience.  )

The Teachings of Jesus,

(1459.2) 132:3.2



"The fact of Jesus' earthly life provides a fixed point for the anchor of time, while the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth provides for the everlasting expansion and endless growth of the religion which he lived and the gospel which he proclaimed."  (C we do now have an anchor of time, but his birth was 7 bc, the calendars are a bit off, but our world runs on the After Christ time, does it not?  even if a bit inaccurate.  Notice he LIVED HIS RELIGION and taught that religion is YOUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with the FATHER WITHIN YOU and not an outside corporation.  That is his Good news of the Gospel, that his father is YOUR FATHER and most of you who have not read the UB still don't get that one.  )

(2063.6) 194:3.8


"What the world of today needs is the truth which your teacher of old declared: 'Not in word only but also in power and in the Holy Spirit.'" (C, and this world is being given the truth, such as the UB which goes put down by our thugs and otherwise ignored in favor of old corrupted teachings in the various holy books. Not in word only, means you have to LIVE IT not just "read it" )

(380.7) 34:6.6


"You must not forget the great law of human fairness which I have taught you in positive form: Whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do even so to them." (c the greatest commandment that is present in similar words in all religions on this world. The do unto others as you would have them do unto you.)


The Teachings of Jesus,

(1931.3) 178:1.12


"As natural religious experience continues to progress, periodic revelations of truth punctuate the otherwise slow moving course of planetary evolution."  (C "religious experience" is NOT what goes on in your church buildings.  It is what goes on IN YOU personally.)

(1129.2) 103:0.2



"The rule of the Most Highs, the overcontrollers of political evolution, is a rule designed to foster the greatest good to the greatest number of all men and for the greatest length of time."  (C  The Most High[b]s[/b] are the administrators  of the constellation governments, who are directly involved in the affairs of men in their realms, which are a LOT of planets.  )

(1488.2) 134:5.4


"The ability of the mortal intellect to conceive, design, and create automatic mechanisms demonstrates the superior, creative, and purposive qualities of man's mind as the dominant influence on the planet."  (C  This means the creating of tools and machines, and such as the internet. This is what makes man above the animals)

(483.1) 42:12.1



"Urantia is now quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment."  (C well this was written in about 1934, and while there is some of this continuing, by and large since 1950's, man is moving backwards in these topics as the thugs continue their work. )

(2082.7) 195:9.2


"Until you attain Paradise levels, goodness will always be more of a quest than a possession, more of a goal than an experience of attainment. But even as you hunger and thirst for righteousness, you experience increasing satisfaction in the partial attainment of goodness."  (C to those who think going to church and doing a false born again baptism,  causes the perfection of soul, best READ this one.  For its a long  journey to Paradise)

(1458.5) 132:2.8


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