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Changing The Face Of Religion : Selections from the Urantia Book Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Paper 51 The Planetary Adams
By Secondary Lanonandek Son, with commentary by Candace
Feb 18, 2008 - 2:52:00 PM

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Candace: Hi everyone, here is the next in my series. I suggest reading the others I have posted in order, because of my teaching, but I have sometimes duplicated the material in some, in case it is forgotten or not all were read. Again, as in the others, I have made some commentary within the text of the Urantia Book, in parentheses with my name. I have bolded terms which I have defined at the end of the piece, and these are my definitions. I also have more commentary at the end.  The Urantia Book text was copied from


Page 580


During the dispensation* of a Planetary Prince*, primitive man reaches the limit of natural evolutionary development, and this biologic attainment signals the System Sovereign* to dispatch to such a world the second order of sonship, the biologic uplifters. These Sons, for there are two of them--the Material Son and Daughter--are usually known on a planet as Adam and Eve. The original Material Son of Satania is Adam, and those who go to the system worlds as biologic uplifters always carry the name of this first and original Son of their unique order.

These Sons are the material gift of the Creator Son* to the inhabited worlds. Together with the Planetary Prince, they remain on their planet of assignment throughout the evolutionary course of such a sphere. Such an adventure on a world having a Planetary Prince is not much of a hazard, but on an apostate planet, a realm without a spiritual ruler and deprived of interplanetary communication, such a mission is fraught with grave danger. (Candace: our world was isolated as the result of the Lucifer Rebellion, and is now out of isolation, as the Creator Son is here, returned officially in 1954. He was here 2000 years ago, incarnate as the one that became known as “Jesus”.)

Although you cannot hope to know all about the work of these Sons on all the worlds of Satania*and other systems, other papers depict more fully the life and experiences of the interesting pair, Adam and Eve, who came from the corps of the biologic uplifters of Jerusem to upstep the Urantia races. While there was a miscarriage of the ideal plans for improving your native races, still, Adam's mission was not in vain; Urantia has profited immeasurably from the gift of Adam and Eve, and among their fellows and in the councils on high their work is not reckoned as a total loss.


The material or sex Sons and Daughters are the offspring of the Creator Son; the Universe Mother Spirit does not participate in the production of these beings who are destined to function as physical uplifters on the evolutionary worlds.

The material order of sonship is not uniform throughout the local universe. The Creator Son produces only one pair of these beings in each local system*; these original pairs are diverse in nature, being attuned to the life pattern of their respective systems. This is a necessary provision since otherwise the reproductive potential of the Adams would be nonfunctional with that of the evolving mortal beings of the worlds of any one particular system. The Adam and Eve who came to Urantia were descended from the original Satania pair of Material Sons.

Material Sons vary in height from eight to ten feet, and their bodies glow with the brilliance of radiant light of a violet hue. While material blood circulates

Page 581

through their material bodies, they are also surcharged with divine energy and saturated with celestial light. These Material Sons (the Adams) and Material Daughters (the Eves) are equal to each other, differing only in reproductive nature and in certain chemical endowments. They are equal but differential, male and female--hence complemental--and are designed to serve on almost all assignments in pairs. (Candace: mortal beings are also equal to each other, regards the sexes. Sex is for reproduction only. It has nothing to do with the soul otherwise.)

The Material Sons enjoy a dual nutrition; they are really dual in nature and constitution, partaking of materialized energy much as do the physical beings of the realm, while their immortal existence is fully maintained by the direct and automatic intake of certain sustaining cosmic energies. Should they fail on some mission of assignment or even consciously and deliberately rebel, this order of Sons becomes isolated, cut off from connection with the universe source of light and life. Thereupon they become practically material beings, destined to take the course of material life on the world of their assignment and compelled to look to the universe magistrates for adjudication. Material death will eventually terminate the planetary career of such an unfortunate and unwise Material Son or Daughter.

An original or directly created Adam and Eve are immortal by inherent endowment just as are all other orders of local universe sonship, but a diminution of immortality potential characterizes their sons and daughters. This original couple cannot transmit unconditioned immortality to their procreated sons and daughters. Their progeny are dependent for continuing life on unbroken intellectual synchrony with the mind-gravity circuit of the Spirit. Since the inception of the system of Satania, thirteen Planetary Adams have been lost in rebellion and default and 681,204 in the subordinate positions of trust. Most of these defections occurred at the time of the Lucifer rebellion.

While living as permanent citizens on the system capitals, even when functioning on descending missions to the evolutionary planets, the Material Sons do not possess Thought Adjusters, but it is through these very services that they acquire experiential capacity for Adjuster indwellment and the Paradise ascension career*. These unique and wonderfully useful beings are the connecting links between the spiritual and physical worlds. They are concentrated on the system headquarters, where they reproduce and carry on as material citizens of the realm, and whence they are dispatched to the evolutionary worlds.

Unlike the other created Sons of planetary service, the material order of sonship is not, by nature, invisible to material creatures like the inhabitants of Urantia. These Sons of God can be seen, understood, and can, in turn, actually mingle with the creatures of time, could even procreate with them, though this role of biologic upliftment usually falls to the progeny of the Planetary Adams.

On Jerusem* the loyal children of any Adam and Eve are immortal, but the offspring of a Material Son and Daughter procreated subsequent to their arrival on an evolutionary planet are not thus immune to natural death. There occurs a change in the life-transmitting mechanism when these Sons are rematerialized for reproductive function on an evolutionary world. The Life Carriers* designedly deprive the Planetary Adams and Eves of the power of begetting undying sons and daughters. If they do not default, an Adam and Eve on a planetary mission can live on indefinitely, but within certain limits their children experience decreasing longevity with each succeeding generation.

Page 582


Upon receipt of the news that another inhabited world has attained the height of physical evolution, the System Sovereign convenes the corps of Material Sons and Daughters on the system capital; and following the discussion of the needs of such an evolutionary world, two of the volunteering group--an Adam and an Eve of the senior corps of Material Sons--are selected to undertake the adventure, to submit to the deep sleep preparatory to being enseraphimed* and transported from their home of associated service to the new realm of new opportunities and new dangers.

Adams and Eves are semimaterial creatures and, as such, are not transportable by seraphim. They must undergo dematerialization* on the system capital before they can be enseraphimed for transport to the world of assignment. The transport seraphim are able to effect such changes in the Material Sons and in other semimaterial beings as enable them to be enseraphimed and thus to be transported through space from one world or system to another. About three days of standard time are consumed in this transport preparation, and it requires the co-operation of a Life Carrier to restore such a dematerialized creature to normal existence upon arrival at the end of the seraphic-transport journey.

While there is this dematerializing technique for preparing the Adams for transit from Jerusem to the evolutionary worlds, there is no equivalent method for taking them away from such worlds unless the entire planet is to be emptied, in which event emergency installation of the dematerialization technique is made for the entire salvable population. If some physical catastrophe should doom the planetary residence of an evolving race, the Melchizedeks and the Life Carriers would install the technique of dematerialization for all survivors, and by seraphic transport these beings would be carried away to the new world prepared for their continuing existence. The evolution of a human race, once initiated on a world of space, must proceed quite independently of the physical survival of that planet, but during the evolutionary ages it is not otherwise intended that a Planetary Adam or Eve shall leave their chosen world.

Upon arrival at their planetary destination the Material Son and Daughter are rematerialized under the direction of the Life Carriers. This entire process takes ten to twenty-eight days of Urantia time. The unconsciousness of the seraphic slumber continues throughout this entire period of reconstruction. When the reassembly of the physical organism is completed, these Material Sons and Daughters stand in their new homes and on their new worlds to all intents and purposes just as they were before submitting to the dematerializing process on Jerusem.


On the inhabited worlds the Material Sons and Daughters construct their own garden homes, soon being assisted by their own children. Usually the site of the garden has been selected by the Planetary Prince, and his corporeal staff do much of the preliminary work of preparation with the help of many of the higher types of native races.

Page 583

These Gardens of Eden are so named in honor of Edentia, the constellation capital*, and because they are patterned after the botanic grandeur of the headquarters world of the Most High Fathers*. Such garden homes are usually located in a secluded section and in a near-tropic zone. They are wonderful creations on an average world. You can judge nothing of these beautiful centers of culture by the fragmentary account of the aborted development of such an undertaking on Urantia.

A Planetary Adam and Eve are, in potential, the full gift of physical grace to the mortal races. The chief business of such an imported pair is to multiply and to uplift the children of time. But there is no immediate interbreeding between the people of the garden and those of the world; for many generations Adam and Eve remain biologically segregated from the evolutionary mortals while they build up a strong race of their order. This is the origin of the violet race on the inhabited worlds.

The plans for race upstepping are prepared by the Planetary Prince and his staff and are executed by Adam and Eve. And this was where your Material Son and his companion were placed at great disadvantage when they arrived on Urantia. Caligastia offered crafty and effective opposition to the Adamic mission; and notwithstanding that the Melchizedek receivers of Urantia had duly warned both Adam and Eve concerning the planetary dangers inherent in the presence of the rebellious Planetary Prince, this archrebel, by a wily stratagem, outmaneuvered the Edenic pair and entrapped them into a violation of the covenant of their trusteeship as the visible rulers of your world. The traitorous Planetary Prince did succeed in compromising your Adam and Eve, but he failed in his effort to involve them in the Lucifer rebellion.

The fifth order of angels, the planetary helpers*, are attached to the Adamic mission, always accompanying the Planetary Adams on their world adventures. The corps of initial assignment is usually about one hundred thousand. When the work of the Urantia Adam and Eve was prematurely launched, when they departed from the ordained plan, it was one of the seraphic Voices of the Garden who remonstrated with them concerning their reprehensible conduct. And your narrative of this occurrence well illustrates the manner in which your planetary traditions have tended to ascribe everything supernatural to the Lord God. Because of this, Urantians have often become confused concerning the nature of the Universal Father since the words and acts of all his associates and subordinates have been so generally attributed to him. In the case of Adam and Eve, the angel of the Garden was none other than the chief of the planetary helpers then on duty. This seraphim, Solonia*, proclaimed the miscarriage of the divine plan and requisitioned the return of the Melchizedek receivers to Urantia.

The secondary midway creatures *are indigenous to the Adamic missions. As with the corporeal staff of the Planetary Prince, the descendants of the Material Sons and Daughters are of two orders: their physical children and the secondary order of midway creatures. These material but ordinarily invisible planetary ministers contribute much to the advancement of civilization and even to the subjection of insubordinate minorities who may seek to subvert social development and spiritual progress.

The secondary midwayers should not be confused with the primary order*, who date from the near times of the arrival of the Planetary Prince. On Urantia a majority of these earlier midway creatures went into rebellion with Caligastia*

Page 584

and have, since Pentecost, been interned. Many of the Adamic group who did not remain loyal to the planetary administration are likewise interned.

On the day of Pentecost the loyal primary and the secondary midwayers effected a voluntary union and have functioned as one unit in world affairs ever since. They serve under the leadership of loyal midwayers alternately chosen from the two groups.

Your world has been visited by four orders of sonship: Caligastia, the Planetary Prince; Adam and Eve of the Material Sons of God; Machiventa Melchizedek*, the "sage of Salem" in the days of Abraham; and Christ Michael, who came as the Paradise bestowal Son. How much more effective and beautiful it would have been had Michael, the supreme ruler of the universe of Nebadon, been welcomed to your world by a loyal and efficient Planetary Prince and a devoted and successful Material Son, both of whom could have done so much to enhance the lifework and mission of the bestowal Son! But not all worlds have been so unfortunate as Urantia, neither has the mission of the Planetary Adams always been so difficult or so hazardous. When they are successful, they contribute to the development of a great people, continuing as the visible heads of planetary affairs even far into the age when such a world is settled in light and life*.


The race of dominance during the early ages of the inhabited worlds is the red man, who ordinarily is the first to attain human levels of development. But while the red man is the senior race of the planets, the succeeding colored peoples begin to make their appearances very early in the age of mortal emergence.

The earlier races are somewhat superior to the later; the red man stands far above the indigo--black--race. The Life Carriers impart the full bestowal of the living energies to the initial or red race, and each succeeding evolutionary manifestation of a distinct group of mortals represents variation at the expense of the original endowment. Even mortal stature tends to decrease from the red man down to the indigo race, although on Urantia unexpected strains of giantism appeared among the green and orange peoples.

On those worlds having all six evolutionary races the superior peoples are the first, third, and fifth races--the red, the yellow, and the blue. The evolutionary races thus alternate in capacity for intellectual growth and spiritual development, the second, fourth, and sixth being somewhat less endowed. These secondary races are the peoples that are missing on certain worlds; they are the ones that have been exterminated on many others. It is a misfortune on Urantia that you so largely lost your superior blue men, except as they persist in your amalgamated "white race." The loss of your orange and green stocks is not of such serious concern.

The evolution of six--or of three--colored races, while seeming to deteriorate the original endowment of the red man, provides certain very desirable variations in mortal types and affords an otherwise unattainable expression of diverse human potentials. These modifications are beneficial to the progress of mankind as a whole provided they are subsequently upstepped by the imported Adamic or violet race. On Urantia this usual plan of amalgamation was not extensively carried out, and this failure to execute the plan of race evolution makes it impossible for you to understand very much about the status of these peoples

Page 585

on an average inhabited planet by observing the remnants of these early races on your world.

In the early days of racial development there is a slight tendency for the red, the yellow, and the blue men to interbreed; there is a similar tendency for the orange, green, and indigo races to intermingle.

The more backward humans are usually employed as laborers by the more progressive races. This accounts for the origin of slavery on the planets during the early ages. The orange men are usually subdued by the red and reduced to the status of servants--sometimes exterminated. The yellow and red men often fraternize, but not always. The yellow race usually enslaves the green, while the blue man subdues the indigo. These races of primitive men think no more of utilizing the services of their backward fellows in compulsory labor than Urantians would of buying and selling horses and cattle. (Candace: And man remains enslaved now by our monetary system, created by the elites, who are not necessarily elite in their mental development at all. If you pay income tax, you are enslaved and the world global movement in general is about enslaving the less developed peoples and countries to serve the New World Order. Films are finally coming out about this in greater detail. You would not believe how badly many people live in Bangladesh making clothing for Wal-Mart and Disney. Ditto many other slave shops for clothing and manufacturing.) 

On most normal worlds involuntary servitude does not survive the dispensation of the Planetary Prince, although mental defectives and social delinquents are often still compelled to perform involuntary labor. But on all normal spheres this sort of primitive slavery is abolished soon after the arrival of the imported violet or Adamic race.

These six evolutionary races are destined to be blended and exalted by amalgamation with the progeny of the Adamic uplifters. But before these peoples are blended, the inferior and unfit are largely eliminated. The Planetary Prince and the Material Son, with other suitable planetary authorities, pass upon the fitness of the reproducing strains. The difficulty of executing such a radical program on Urantia consists in the absence of competent judges to pass upon the biologic fitness or unfitness of the individuals of your world races. Notwithstanding this obstacle, it seems that you ought to be able to agree upon the biologic disfellowshiping of your more markedly unfit, defective, degenerate, and antisocial stocks.


When a Planetary Adam and Eve arrive on an inhabited world, they have been fully instructed by their superiors as to the best way to effect the improvement of the existing races of intelligent beings. The plan of procedure is not uniform; much is left to the judgment of the ministering pair, and mistakes are not infrequent, especially on disordered, insurrectionary worlds, such as Urantia.

Usually the violet peoples do not begin to amalgamate with the planetary natives until their own group numbers over one million. But in the meantime the staff of the Planetary Prince proclaims that the children of the Gods have come down, as it were, to be one with the races of men; and the people eagerly look forward to the day when announcement will be made that those who have qualified as belonging to the superior racial strains may proceed to the Garden of Eden and be there chosen by the sons and daughters of Adam as the evolutionary fathers and mothers of the new and blended order of mankind.

On normal worlds the Planetary Adam and Eve never mate with the evolutionary races. This work of biologic betterment is a function of the Adamic progeny. But these Adamites do not go out among the races; the prince's staff bring to the Garden of Eden the superior men and women for voluntary mating

Page 586

with the Adamic offspring. And on most worlds it is considered the highest honor to be selected as a candidate for mating with the sons and daughters of the garden.

For the first time the racial wars and other tribal struggles are diminished, while the world races increasingly strive to qualify for recognition and admission to the garden. You can at best have but a very meager idea of how this competitive struggle comes to occupy the center of all activities on a normal planet. This whole scheme of race improvement was early wrecked on Urantia.

The violet race is a monogamous people, and every evolutionary man or woman uniting with the Adamic sons and daughters pledges not to take other mates and to instruct his or her children in single-matedness. The children of each of these unions are educated and trained in the schools of the Planetary Prince and then are permitted to go forth to the race of their evolutionary parent, there to marry among the selected groups of superior mortals.

When this strain of the Material Sons is added to the evolving races of the worlds, a new and greater era of evolutionary progress is initiated. Following this procreative outpouring of imported ability and superevolutionary traits there ensues a succession of rapid strides in civilization and racial development; in one hundred thousand years more progress is made than in a million years of former struggle. In your world, even in the face of the miscarriage of the ordained plans, great progress has been made since the gift to your peoples of Adam's life plasm. (Candace: DNA)

But while the pure-line children of a planetary Garden of Eden can bestow themselves upon the superior members of the evolutionary races and thereby upstep the biologic level of mankind, it would not prove beneficial for the higher strains of Urantia mortals to mate with the lower races; such an unwise procedure would jeopardize all civilization on your world. Having failed to achieve race harmonization by the Adamic technique, you must now work out your planetary problem of race improvement by other and largely human methods of adaptation and control.(Candace: as part of our ascension into Light and Life, we will be looking at improving our races, for they MUST be improved. We will have the help of the Life Carriers in doing this. All planets go through the process).


On most of the inhabited worlds the Gardens of Eden remain as superb cultural centers and continue to function as the social patterns of planetary conduct and usage age after age. Even in early times when the violet peoples are relatively segregated, their schools receive suitable candidates from among the world races, while the industrial developments of the garden open up new channels of commercial intercourse. Thus do the Adams and Eves and their progeny contribute to the sudden expansion of culture and to the rapid improvement of the evolutionary races of their worlds. And all of these relationships are augmented and sealed by the amalgamation of the evolutionary races and the sons of Adam, resulting in the immediate upstepping of biologic status, the quickening of intellectual potential, and the enhancement of spiritual receptivity.

On normal worlds the garden headquarters of the violet race becomes the second center of world culture and, jointly with the headquarters city of the Planetary Prince, sets the pace for the development of civilization. For centuries the city headquarters schools of the Planetary Prince and the garden schools of Adam and Eve are contemporary. They are usually not very far apart, and they work together in harmonious co-operation.

Page 587

Think what it would mean on your world if somewhere in the Levant there were a world center of civilization, a great planetary university of culture, which had functioned uninterruptedly for 37,000 years. And again, pause to consider how the moral authority of even such an ancient center would be reinforced were there situated not far-distant still another and older headquarters of celestial ministry whose traditions would exert a cumulative force of 500,000 years of integrated evolutionary influence. It is custom which eventually spreads the ideals of Eden to a whole world.

The schools of the Planetary Prince are primarily concerned with philosophy, religion, morals, and the higher intellectual and artistic achievements. The garden schools of Adam and Eve are usually devoted to practical arts, fundamental intellectual training, social culture, economic development, trade relations, physical efficiency, and civil government. Eventually these world centers amalgamate, but this actual affiliation sometimes does not occur until the times of the first Magisterial Son. (Candace: see my commentary at the end, about the International Headquarters and Regional Centers.)

The continuing existence of the Planetary Adam and Eve, together with the pure-line nucleus of the violet race, imparts that stability of growth to Edenic culture by virtue of which it comes to act upon the civilization of a world with the compelling force of tradition. In these immortal Material Sons and Daughters we encounter the last and the indispensable link connecting God with man, bridging the almost infinite gulf between the eternal Creator and the lowest finite personalities of time. Here is a being of high origin who is physical, material, even a sex creature like Urantia mortals, one who can see and comprehend the invisible Planetary Prince and interpret him to the mortal creatures of the realm, for the Material Sons and Daughters are able to see all of the lower orders of spirit beings; they visualize the Planetary Prince and his entire staff, visible and invisible.

With the passing of centuries, through the amalgamation of their progeny with the races of men, this same Material Son and Daughter become accepted as the common ancestors of mankind, the common parents of the now blended descendants of the evolutionary races. It is intended that mortals who start out from an inhabited world have the experience of recognizing seven fathers:

1. The biologic father--the father in the flesh.

2. The father of the realm--the Planetary Adam.

3. The father of the spheres--the System Sovereign.

4. The Most High Father--the Constellation Father.

5. The universe Father--the Creator Son and supreme ruler of the local creations.

6. The super-Fathers--the Ancients of Days who govern the superuniverse.

7. The spirit or Havona Father--the Universal Father, who dwells on Paradise and bestows his spirit to live and work in the minds of the lowly creatures who inhabit the universe of universes.*


From time to time the Avonal Sons of Paradise* come to the inhabited worlds for judicial actions, but the first Avonal to arrive on a magisterial mission* inaugurates

Page 588

the fourth dispensation of an evolutionary world of time and space. On some planets where this Magisterial Son* is universally accepted, he remains for one age; and thus the planet prospers under the joint rulership of three Sons: the Planetary Prince, the Material Son, and the Magisterial Son, the latter two being visible to all the inhabitants of the realm.

Before the first Magisterial Son concludes his mission on a normal evolutionary world, there has been effected the union of the educational and administrative work of the Planetary Prince and the Material Son. This amalgamation of the dual supervision of a planet brings into existence a new and effective order of world administration. Upon the retirement of the Magisterial Son the Planetary Adam assumes the outward direction of the sphere. The Material Son and Daughter thus act jointly as planetary administrators until the settling of the world in the era of light and life; whereupon the Planetary Prince is elevated to the position of Planetary Sovereign. During this age of advanced evolution, Adam and Eve become what might be called joint prime ministers of the glorified realm.

As soon as the new and consolidated capital of the evolving world has become well established, and just as fast as competent subordinate administrators can be properly trained, subcapitals are founded on remote land bodies and among the different peoples. Before the arrival of another dispensational Son, from fifty to one hundred of these subcenters will have been organized. (Candace: Again, the see the discussion at the end of this piece, about the International Headquarters and Regional Centers.)

The Planetary Prince and his staff still foster the spiritual and philosophic domains of activity. Adam and Eve pay particular attention to the physical, scientific, and economic status of the realm. Both groups equally devote their energies to the promotion of the arts, social relations, and intellectual achievements.

By the time of the inauguration of the fifth dispensation of world affairs, a magnificent administration of planetary activities has been achieved. Mortal existence on such a well-managed sphere is indeed stimulating and profitable. And if Urantians could only observe life on such a planet, they would immediately appreciate the value of those things which their world has lost through embracing evil and participating in rebellion. (Candace: The 5th dispensation on normal planets is the coming of the Bestowal Son. See my commentary under the magisterial material near the end. We had our Bestowal Son, as Christ Michael 2000 years ago.)

[Presented by a Secondary Lanonandek Son of the Reserve Corps.]


Planetary Prince: Ruler of the evolutionary planet, usually coming to a planet at the time the God mind appears in evolutionary man. Comes to uplift the planet. See Paper #50, posted here on AbundantHope for more detail. Descending Son, created by the Creator Son and Creative Spirit, belonging to the Lanonandek Sons.

System Sovereign; Lanonandek Son, parentage in Creator Son and Creative Spirit. These Descending Sons (creation in Godhead, not evolutionary process) are System Sovereigns, and Planetary Princes. Ruler of a system over up to 1000 planets. Lucifer was our system sovereign of Satania, our system. Replaced after the rebellion with Lanaforge.

Creator Son and Creative Daughter: Parents and creator rulers of the local (individual) universes. Creator Son has his parentage in the Universal Father, and Eternal Son of Paradise. Creative Spirit is the daughter of the Infinite Spirit of Paradise. Creator Son of Nebadon, our local universe is Christ Michael (also known at Aton) and Creative Spirit is Nebadonia. These are Father and Mother God in other terms seen. Please see Paper #50 on  for definitions of Paradise and Paradise Trinity.

Satania: Name of our local system of planets. Administrative headquarters world is Jerusem. There are up to 1000 planets in a local system. Currently 639 (I think in ours, with at least 200 more about ready for the initiation of life).  Then 100 local systems are linked into a higher governmental unit, called a Constellation. There are 100 Constellations in each Local Universe. There are 700,000 local universes, grouped into 7 superuniverses of 100,000 local universes in each one. Earth (Urantia)belongs to the local Universe called Nebadon.

Dispensation: See paper # 52 Planetary Mortal Epochs. (Epochs are Dispensations)

Paradise ascension career: Basically the process whereby the mortals (humans) are educated and attain the Father. After death, if one has received a Thought Adjuster, one is taken to the Mansion worlds of the Local System, and attend school through 7 of them, and then graduate to the System Headquarters, in our case, Jerusem. Then there are the Constellation schools to attend, and then one moves up to the schools of the Local Universe headquarters, in our case, Salvington. After graduation from Salvington, one is pure spirit, having undergone a process of gradually giving up the physical over a period over a long period. Once one graduates from his/her local Universe of origin, one becomes resident and student of the superuniverse of one’s origin. Then after this graduation, one is taken to the Central Universe of Havona, around which all of creation moves, hence the term “central”. Upon graduation of the Central Universe Schools, one is a 6th stage spirit and stands briefly at the right hand side of the Father. This is what was demonstrated on Urantia 2000 years ago, when “Jesus”” ascended to the Right Hand Side of the Father. All Ascending Sons who have received the Thought Adjuster (Father Fragment) and fused, (become one with) their Adjuster (also called mystery monitor), are destined to one day to “attain the Father.”  That does not end one’s career as graduates, called “Finaliters” go forth in service in many ways. Life is Eternal! 

And many of these finaliters will one day be the Creator rulers of the universes forming in outer space. Urantia is a special planet, because of the rebellion, as many are incarnate here from the higher realms to learn in preparation for these forth coming careers. There are many churches on this planet who teach that if one is a good guy, one after death goes to heaven to sit at the foot of the Father for eternity. How boring!!!!!! Total untruth. One goes to “Heaven” to learn to become like the Father. The will of the Father, is for his Ascending Sons to become like him!!!!!!!  Suggested reading:  Part 4 (The Ascending Mortals) of Paper #30, starting on page 340.

System Capital: Capital: Headquarters world of a local system. Our system is Satania, and its Capital is Jerusem.

Life Carriers: Created by the Creator Son and Creative Spirit with an Ancient of Days (rulers of the Superuniverse). These beings implant the evolutionary planets with life. Life rarely happens spontaneously. See Paper #36 of the UB at Not published on AbundantHope at this time.

Enseraphimed: There exist ‘transport seraphim” that transport spirit entities to and from the various worlds, both physical evolutionary worlds, and the architectural (synthetic) worlds of the higher realms. The process where the spirit entity is prepared and secured for transport is being enseraphimed. These are living beings, angels, sometimes called transport angels also. These are not space ships, but they are visible even on the evolutionary planets and are amber hued, and long. I suspect at least some of the “cigar ships” are transport seraphim. Seraphim are angels created by Mother Spirit of the Local Universe (Creative Spirit, Mother God). For us this is Nebadonia. There are several types of seraphim, and you can find the transport seraphim described on page 430, topic #5, page 434,topic 5, page 436, topic 5, and page 438, topic #5. Once an Ascending Son arrives on Paradise, he know longer requires angels for transport. Of course there are physical ships also, for transfer of the physical body. We have lots of them in our solar system now. There are also light ships which are not as physical, in fact they are organic and living beings, and not seraphim. Confusing, I know. Not to worry at this time.

Dematerialization:  The converting of the physical body to its atoms. You were taught about this in the Star Trek stuff, the beam me up Scotty method. I have been dematerialized many a time for transport to ship. Not everyone has a body that can be dematerialized, and I am making that statement, because if any evacuation, full or partial is carried out when an evolutionary planet is in trouble, if the body doesn’t dematerialize, only the soul boards ship. We have covered this a bit. I will be posting more at some point about some special training I have undertaken and continue to work on. There is preparation required for dematerialization to make it more “comfortable,” taking a couple hours taking from a couple hours to a couple days. The evacuation ships, if used, have special healing areas for those made ill by sudden dematerialization. If the planet must be very rapidly evacuated, as in the case of nuclear devastation, this can be done in 15 minutes, but only souled entities are removed, and a lot of bodies to not go along.

Edentia, the constellation capital:  There are 100 systems to a Constellation. This is not the same as what our folks on the planet have labeled constellations in the sky, such as Orion. This is an organizing unit for government. Our Constellation that Satania belongs to, is named Norlatiadek. It’s capital sphere is Edentia. Edentia is a huge architectural sphere surrounded by 700 subsidiary spheres. Edentia is 100x the size of Earth. It has 70 spheres around it that are each about 10X the size of earth, and then each of these 70 spheres has 10 smaller spheres surrounding it. 70 X 10 equal 700.  Urantia is planet #606, of Satania in Norlatiadek of Nebadon.

 Just as we have governments of cities, counties, states and countries on this world (by various names), so does the Universe also have levels of government. The basic unit is the System, as described in these pieces of up to 1000 planets, then the Constellation, then the Universe Headquarters (Salvington, of Nebadon). Then there are the minor sectors of the Superuniverse, collected into major Sectors. The Capitol world of Orvonton, our superuniverse, is Uversa.

The Constellations are ruled by the Vorondadeks, called the Most High Leaders. This is the reason behind the terms of the Most Highs and the Most High God in the Bible and elsewhere Suggested reading is Paper 43.

The planetary helpers:  5th order of seraphim. Including 7 subtypes, including “The voices in the Garden” which is This seraphim, Solonia in the text above. See pages 436-439.

Seraphim: Angelic order created by the Creative Spirit of the Local Universe. (also called Mother God, Mother Spirit, Creative Daughter)  named Nebadonia in our local universe of Nebadon. See Paper 38, pages 418-422  for introduction, and then Paper 39 for a more thorough discussion of the seraphim.

Secondary and Primary Midwayers:  As above, the Primary Midwayers are the offspring of the 100 physical staff of the Planetary Prince who came from Jerusem with Caligastia. These mortal beings (the staff, not the offspring) are not yet fused with their thought adjusters. Secondary Midwayers are created during the later Adamic Mission as above, often as progeny of the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. I believe in one area of the UB, I read that some of the progeny of Adam and Eve produced a secondary midwayer, that was invisible in ¼ of the pregnancies.

 This is a somewhat confusing topic, and not fully covered to my satisfaction in he UB. Midwayers are named thus, because they are between angels and men, the Primary group closer to the angel, and the Secondary group closer to man. I have posted a couple little pieces on the site with a primary midwayer named Andrea. See page 424-425, The Midway Creatures. I will be posting more chapters on the Adam and Eve mission to this planet, and I think there is more detail about the Secondary Midwayers in one of them.

Caligastia: The former Planetary Prince, who entered into the Lucifer Rebellion and as above, assisted in the miscarriage of the Adam and Eve mission. He is interned on the Father’s prison world in Satania, and I am not sure if he has had his “trial” or not, but I think so. Our “heaven worlds” as I sometimes call the administrative spheres to others, include a legal system of judgment.

Machiventa Melchizedek: This was a Melchizedek that incarnated in a special body created by the Life Carriers, instead of by birth, as an emergency action to help keep some knowledge of God on this dark planet. He worked with Abraham for about 60 years, and then gave up his physical body and returned to his previous position. This is the Melchizedek spoken of in the bible, and also I believe in the Quran. The Melchizedek’s are the first order of Son’s created by the Creator Son and Creative Daughter, after the creation of Gabriel. See Paper 35, the Local Universe Sons of God. The Melchizedeks are also mentioned in new age literature about Atlantis set. They often run “mystery schools.”   The are invisible but can make themselves visible, and can incarnate.

Machiventa is now Planetary Prince in partnership with Sananda Immanuel. Sananda Immanuel is visible, and will establish an International Headquarters in Colorado. This is a temporary position for him, lasting a projected 1000 years or whatever it takes, and then Machiventa will remain on permanently as the representative to this planet from Nebadon. Sananda Immanuel is the stronger force at this time, as Planetary Prince, in assisting the planet, and AbundantHope is partnered with him. Machiventa will provide the invisible link to the administration of Nebadon.

Light and Life:  Advanced stage of existence of a planet, in which it become immortal, being in the higher universe energy circuits. This is the goal for Earth which is very behind the times. This is what is called the Ascension, in new age material. A planetary people must create this state. War must be ended, and all sorts of sustainable manufacturing, agriculture and culture must be developed. There is a lot of misunderstanding in new age on this. It is thought to be a magic event of sorts that will occur in December 2012, and it could have, had things gone better by now even.

There is NO magic in that date. It was an alignment of various celestial bodies, and it occurred in October of 2006, because of miscalculations. Now it was possible that the efforts put into this planet might fail, and it could experience again another pole reversal to cleanse it, or the people would destroy it with nuclear war. We are past both those ideas. Had the pole reversal occurred, the planet itself would be ascended into higher vibration and then re-peopled with advanced Ascending Son’s of God and healed and the new energy systems for the monopolar state instituted by them.

Our current electrical energy systems on the planet will not work in a monopolar state. By the time the planet ascends, with its peoples on it, it will be straight up and down, and will not have Magnetic North and South poles. It will still turn on its axis and have a physical north and south pole by our definitions of such. When we and the planet ascend into light and life, time will still exist, the sun will still rise and set each day, we will still be going around our sun and will still be “in time” because of this. There has been nonsense put out about the that also, stating we will be no longer in time.

There is always time. The only place in creation that has no time is the Paradise Isle which is stationary, it does not rotate. Other wise, everything goes around something and rotates, creating time. Now on the other side of our planet, which is populated by invisible beings and earth souls between lives, they do not perceive the sun rising and setting, that is an alternate existence, but they still measure time. All the universe government worlds have a stand time associated with the central sphere’s they surround and there is a standard Nebadon time also. These are covered in the Urantia Book, and I don’t have the equivalents to “earth time” in memory.

universe of universes:  the 700,000 evolutionary universes outside of the Central Universe Havona. Right now, we have the Grand Universe, which encompasses the Central Universe and the Seven Superuniverses, the creation to date. Then there is the Master Universe, will includes the Grand Universe, and the new universes forming in the first regions of “outer space”. There are 4 regions of outer space. Nebadon sites to the outside of Orvonton, and thus many of the nebulas and other formations seen from our telescopes are universes in outer space in the making.

Avonal Sons of Paradise, Magisterial Sons, and the Magisterial Mission: The Avonal Sons come from Paradise, the central disk of the Central Universe of Havona, the perfected center of all creation. They have their parentage in the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit, 2nd and 3rd persons of the Trinity.  (for really new readers, deities do not procreate by sex, as they have spirit forms).  These high Sons serve the evolutionary planets by being Magisterial Sons and Bestowal Sons.

 As to Bestowal Sons on Bestowal Missions, these Avonals incarnate by birth to woman for the spiritual uplifting of the Planets, at the appropriate time in their evolutions, after the Planetary Prince and Adams, and the Magisterial Mission. We did not have an Avonal Son on planet earth, our Bestowal Son was Christ Michael about 2000 years ago. One planet is each local universe experiences the Bestowal of the Creator Son. And we are out of order, as usually the Creator Son does also come after the Magisterial Mission.

Now the Avonal Sons can also come for the Magisterial Mission and each planet receives a Magisterial Mission with an Avonal incarnate by not by birth but by down stepping their high-energy form into the likeness of whatever body type the race has. We have an Avonal Son here beginning his Magisterial Mission, with a large team of assistants, some of which are also incarnating in the same manner. His name is Monjoronson, and we have a number of works with the Son on the website. I have experienced his presence personally and seen his incarnate form in my 3rd eye. 

I have done some works with him and we have a 12 Chapter Book of his work through Daniel Raphael on the site in pdf file also. All can be found by going to the menu and looking for Monjoronson. The Magisterial Mission has as its main purpose the judging of the realm but also it is a mission of spiritual upliftment and teaching also. Monjoronson expects to be here 1000 years or more. He has actually been here behind the scenes since 1200 AD, and is responsible for the Renaissance, in encouraging and organizing the many masters that incarnated at that time to provide great music and art. Avonal Sons can come many times to planets in need for upliftment, but are rarely incarnate unless they are here on for the official Magisterial Mission.       

Review Paper #52 from the Urantia Book that I have placed on this website in this section, about the Epochs and the Son’s that come for each one. Also Paper 20, the Paradise Sons of God for further information on the Avonals, the Mortal Bestowals (by birth to woman), and the Daynal Sons, which are called the Trinity Teacher Sons. We have these also now behind the scenes, but it is not time to announce the Trinity Teacher Sons Mission yet. We have the return of  Christ Michael also for new readers to this, he returned in 1954, in body, but not of the type used on this earth at this time. He is in a ship called The Phoenix, and is primary author of the Phoenix Journals.

Candace: I have posted these papers #50 and #51 because for Sananda, he sort of combines the missions of the planetary Prince and our missing Adam and Eve, except that he has no roll in the Adamic type uplifting. This of course is because of the failure of those missions.  The “Adamic uplifting” is being done behind the scenes, by our various visitors who are uplifting the genetics through incarnation, and the use of the laboratory techniques of the life carriers to modify embryos. I incarnated in a modified embryo, and this explains my telepathy since birth and my knowing that I am from another place coming to serve at this time. I carry some of my original genetics of my light body in my current body.

Understand that the little greys, who are associated with the syndrome of abduction, are doing so to create a soul carrier body for their own race through genetic retrieval, as they hoped to have the earth for themselves after the supposed magnetic pole shift that will not happen. Although geneticists of reasonable skill, they have no power, not matter their skills, to create a soul carrier form. So it has been in vain. Also, black ops folks have done abduction, and if a woman thinks she has been raped during abduction, the little greys do not have the necessary organs to “rape” anyone, and thus this is black ops wearing silver suits and masks.

However, because my embryo was manipulated to better serve my goals at this time, this is not “abduction.”  But it was required to harvest an egg and sperm from both my earthly mother and father, and this is done simply while they sleep, and then the implant done also during sleeping, much as was done to create the embryo Mary carried to birth Esu and Christ Michael. (This was a double incarnation for readers not yet familiar with this.)  Many souls incarnate right now are also going to ship at night for uplifting of their physical form by light treatment of their DNA and this is by the choice of the higher self, and is not abduction either.

The International Headquarters of the Planetary Prince and AbundantHope will include a university, which will bring gifted people from around the world for needed education in the art of trading, in technology, and in normal social progression for a global society. Included will be philosophical and spiritual teaching.  Then these ones return home to help uplift their societies. We will also have an intentional community consisting of those associated with the International Headquarters; it will help to have those of like mind and purpose gathered together.

Our Regional Directors will have Regional Centers, consisting of offices and schools, and possibly also an intentional community in the regions under their direction. Esu and I have decided to have a singular staff, rather than separate teams, as it was becoming difficult to decide who would be responsible for what, so we merged the idea. These installations of the Regional Directors will thus be “satellites “ associated with the International Headquarters of the Planetary Prince and AbundantHope. Forgive the errors in my typing that I have not discovered. I am having some difficulty with the sleepiness associated with “ascension syndrome” lately and I simply don’t see all of them, until I re read the material much later.

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