Selections from the Urantia Book
Forging Strong Character here on Urantia
By from UB
Nov 26, 2010 - 6:39:11 AM

Found on the forum from the UB.-C


Hi everyone.

I found a couple of paragraphs in the Urantia Book that might make the waiting a little easier, and also the roller coaster ride - elation with promises and dissappointment when the promises fail to manifest. 

It is not supposed to be easy.

We're playing our part in God's divine plan. We are being seasoned for future assignments on the developing universes in outer space.

So it is hard, things are going as they should.

The more difficult it is the better we like it. Bring it on.

(Candace: after all, you are in training to become God's here!) Remember?) 

(291.3) 26:5.3 .............. But long before reaching Havona, these ascendant children of time have learned to feast upon uncertainty, to fatten upon disappointment, to enthuse over apparent defeat, to invigorate in the presence of difficulties, to exhibit indomitable courage in the face of immensity, and to exercise unconquerable faith when confronted with the challenge of the inexplicable. Long since, the battle cry of these pilgrims became: “In liaison with God, nothing — absolutely nothing — is impossible.”


258.11) 23:2.12 The confusion and turmoil of Urantia do not signify that the Paradise Rulers lack either interest or ability to manage affairs differently. The Creators are possessed of full power to make Urantia a veritable paradise, but such an Eden would not contribute to the development of those strong, noble, and experienced characters which the Gods are so surely forging out on your world between the anvils of necessity and the hammers of anguish. Your anxieties and sorrows, your trials and disappointments, are just as much a part of the divine plan on your sphere as are the exquisite perfection and infinite adaptation of all things to their supreme purpose on the worlds of the central and perfect universe

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