Interesting site about brain/human mind capabilities
By Candace
Oct 29, 2009 - 4:57:00 PM

I think I have been to the site before, looks familiar. This is the article I found on another forum that got me there.  It's very interesting about how to program your amygdala consciously. In the menu areas on the right, there is an amygdala section with several articles in it. Have fun!  I think we all can learn quite a bit of ideas on this site about our brains and the purposes of various portions. This is part of us becoming an ascended society, gaining knowledge of how our body functions and how to program the brain with our minds.

Your mind is NOT located in your brain. It is NOT physical, but it can and does inform your brain. Your brain is the tool of your mind. Your mind can and does connect with the genetic mind of earth and even the higher mind systems of the universe and with great minds some distance away. Some can do that, as can I.  

Some of you have heard of the Spirit of Truth from the Urantia Book and the Bible, that was bestowed on the planet on Pentecost 2000 years ago. This was a huge upgrade to the genetic mind of earth, which is the sum total of all the mind that has even been on earth. Earth's mind was thus gifted with new advanced information for the taking  by earth's residents, by the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth.   is the home site.


There are all sorts of articles on the brain and how to use and program it. Perhaps some of us have our brains growing for this reason alone, we are using them!  In this we succeed over the animals, but I know that animals also program their current brains based on life experiences they have, the higher animals at least.


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