Seraphin through Rosie, 24th December 2010

R: Dearest Seraphin, it is Christmas Eve and the church bells are ringing in the distance. As usual, the feeling of wonder and joy that I feel is so much in contrast with the jingle-jangle Christmas tunes which pervade supermarkets: I am wondering what – exactly – do men dressed in red admonishing small children and showering them with masses of presents (Only if they have been “good”, of course) have to do with this astonishing and momentous birth? And what does it have to do with slaughtering fattened birds for consumption and slaughtering trees for twelve days of decoration (Oh, and by the way, if you really love someone you are going to buy them presents for every one of those twelve days, and for goodness sake, DON’T FORGET THE FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!!!). 

Surely we could have seized on other aspects of Christ’s birth instead of gluttony and present acquisition. Let me see: how about a National Donkey Appreciation Day, or camel racing tournaments across the desert where teams of three compete for a star-shaped trophy, or stable-building competitions for homeless mothers, or visiting new-born babies, or sponsored walks to distant relations, or Holy Carpenting Courses, or a day where all hotels throw their doors open for free to the travelling poor. BUT NO, none of that: we have decided to concentrate on the gold and the perfume …

S: Yes, Dearest, the distortion of this major event in the history of your planet is so immense that it is difficult for you to rediscover the real essence. Your “Jesus” was a spirit from the higher realms in human form who, in the course of his own awakening, grew very quickly in awareness of his holy mission. Once his earthly responsibilities had been carried out, this was his absolute focus without compromise. IT IS THIS ASPECT OF ABSOUTE FOCUS AND DEVOTION WHICH IS LARGELY LACKING IN YOUR SOCIETY. YOU ARE DISTRCTED BY THE GOLD AND PERFUME, BY THE GLITTER AND POMP WHICH OVERLAYS AND CLOUDS YOUR TRUE PURPOSE.

Never for a second did Jesus deter from his soul path. The temptations laid in his way did not distract him. The splendours of offers made to him did not sully the simplicity of his truth. For all these encumbrances of your Christmas have been invented for your distraction, to detract from your wholeness, to make you busy yourselves in the preparation of large feasts, to make you spend your money in jostling crowds for poor quality products which – if you are lucky –will last until the next year’s Christmas bonanza.

How convenient for the money-makers that their products have a life of one year, you may say. I would suggest to you that this is THEIR SOLE INTENTION, and that endless chains of fat smiling father christmasses have been specifically shaped to bring these sorry presents to you personally via mass transit.

Will you accept them? CAN YOU ACCEPT THEM IN THE NAME OF JESUS AND WHAT HE STANDS FOR? DO YOU LOOK UPON THEM AND REMEMBER HIS NAME, HIS INTENTIONS, HIS LOVE FOR THE WORLD, HIS ATTEMPT TO ERRADICATE INJUSTICE AND SPREAD PEACE? I say to you, rejoice in your hearts that there was such a man and rejoice that he will return to you. This joy will surpass all material wealth, all expectation of material reward. For the reward of simulating his behaviour – focussing on your true path without deviation – shall lead you to your ultimate “heaven”, the true gold in your heart. And so we bless you this day, our children upon the earth, in great anticipation of the days to come.