Seraphin through Rosie, March 23rd 2011

R: Dearest Seraphin: last night while walking I suddenly stopped to wonder at the stars. A minute later I noticed a movement in the CORNER of my eye. When I looked down again I was shocked to find myself staring straight into the golden eyes of a very large tabby cat, sitting on a doorpost. Corners, and their surprising revelations, seem to be significant for me at the moment. I have found dust, spiders, lost money and old diaries while cleaning out. Frustratingly, one lamp does not work, making one of my dark corners difficult to spring-clean. Presently there seem to be so many dark uninvestigated corners and issues in our world (the dangers of nuclear power, to voice an immediate concern). What I know for certain is that there is always something “unknown” beyond the perimeter of my present vision or perspective. I feel that it is this cleaning of corners which you would like to comment on today…

S: Dearest: it is of utmost importance for everyone at this time to OPEN THEIR EYES AND CLEAN OUT ALL THE CORNERS THEY HAVE BEEN AVOIDING. This is a time of personal and cosmic spring-cleaning. It is as if a very finely meshed net is being pulled systematically through and across your planetary system, through every cell of every person, SIFTING OUT EVERYTHING WHICH IS NOT OF GOD. NOTHING CAN HIDE WHEN IT IS ILLUMINATED BY DIVINE LIGHT.

If you so desire – and this is my greatest wish and highest recommendation – you can examine your corners previous to the arrival of this mantle of light which comes to reap the harvests of seeds sown. This includes not only the state of your immediate physical surroundings but the condition of your minds. WEED OUT ALL SENTIMENTS WHICH YOU STRIVE TO KEEP UNDERCOVER, FOR IF YOU CONTINUE TO HARBOUR THEM, A GREATER FORCE WILL COMPEL THEM TO SURFACE. 

This is an appeal to look at everything – without exception – straight in the eye, in full awareness of your surroundings, in full awareness of your concealed thoughts, of your unexpressed resentment and your unexpressed LOVE. Attempt to understand the roots of why you find it difficult to have loving thoughts about any particular person, however horrific their crime appears to be, in the knowledge that you are not yet privy to a further enlightening perspective.

The time for stargazing – drifting away from immediate reality – is over. The more you have drifted, the greater the shock. The more you have failed to investigate, the more appalled or delighted you will be at the results of your investigations. The more you have been asleep, the greater the wake-up call. And if you wait too long, you will not be staring into the eyes of a cute kitten but the eyes of a lion.

So we say to you all: GET YOUR LAMPS WORKING and look eagerly to discover the truth. Do not allow truth to be presented to you conveniently on a plate, always coloured by the same perspective, always flavoured by the same familiar and reassuring condiments, always at the same temperature for exactly the same tastes. Go beyond the boundaries of the familiar, for this will serve you well. Search the dark corners and you will throw out the cobwebs of neglect and the dust of resignation to discover your inner wealth and the true story of yourselves and of this planet. Retrieve your own biographies and reclaim your divinity, realigning your purpose with the incoming light before it arrives to force open your eyes. Your wellbeing will depend on the degree of your authenticity, and the intensity with which you have searched out your shadow worlds.

And I say THE HIDING GAME IS OVER. Preceed the wave. Purify yourselves to better serve as an instrument of peace. Use these moments to examine your relationships in gentleness, knowing that this process of recognition on all levels in all areas has already begun. We joyfully await its intensification until it is clear to all that paradise is living in eternity in a room with no corners.