Seraphin through Rosie, 7th April 2011

R: Dearest Seraphin, I am sitting in my small garden and the sky is surprisingly blue. I am exquisitely happy to feel the sun on my shoulders again with this advent of spring. The forecast for the future seems idyllic from this perspective, yet there are two blackbirds fighting over my garden. Both of them want possession of it to build their nests. What is it, Seraphin, which we need to heed in the coming times? There is an unusually strong wind too …

S: Dearest, the wind heralds the fresh energy directed at your planet, destined to permeate every core and cell of your existence and experience. Unseen like the wind, its effects will be as clear as a mountain river rushing down waterfall after waterfall with tremendous force to shatter the limpid pools of stagnation and complacency. And only when this wave of energy has subsided, when the pools are again clear and peaceful, will you be able to see yourselves in your true colours. Only then will you see yourselves mirrored, your deeds and secrets uncovered, your grievances explained, your “fates” viewed in a new context which provides understanding of the part you have played, SINGLE-HANDEDLY, WITH OR WITHOUT MOTIVATION, WITH OR WITHOUT PASSION, WITH OR WITHOUT DEDICATION, WITH OR WITHOUT LOVE TEMPERING YOUR ACTIONS.

Imagine, as you look into this clear pond, that you will see THE SUM OF YOUR LIFE EXPRESSED SO FAR AND THE DEGREE OF AWARENESS REACHED BY THIS STAGE. This is not an occasion for dismay – though dismay it will cause on a scale as yet unknown to you – but an occasion for rejoicing, a time for recognising the root of evil and evil intent which has been responsible for manifesting this hell on earth.

This recognition enables THE GREAT SWING OF RENEWAL TO A SHIFT IN VALUES AND IN THE QUALITY OF YOUR INTENTIONS. These are the building bricks of paradise.

As we speak, the “blackbirds” are fighting over this future, but as I have said before to you personally, one bird will tire, but the other bird – the wings of fleet and their unseen galactic forces – will never tire. Again and again we are chasing the power-grabbers from the field, and though your gaze may be on the garden, we are at work in the sky.