Seraphin through Rosie, 16th July 2011

R: Dearest Seraphin: it is a beautiful Summer evening, but for me – as a vegetarian – the atmosphere is ruined because I can smell the neighbours’ barbecue, which saddens me greatly. Also, as I have had the words “divine dustbin” in my mind for the last few days, I suspect that this too may be part of this message.

S: Yes, Dearest, the way people on your earth continue to feed on dead animals while they could be fully aware of the devastating and dying effect which this has on their own cells, never ceases to amaze us who are of different body and of different mind, but this is only one of the methods you purposely use for self-annihilation. There are other slow ways, like other inappropriate substances introduced into the body, as well as inappropriate mind and soul food (which creates almost as much havoc) and there are quicker ways like multiple risk-taking, dangerous operations and use of weaponry and nuclear power in large-scale scenarios.

Not only do you treat your bodies as DUSTBINS, rejecting the miracles of yourselves, as well as the Divine Fragment which lives within, but you treat the whole earth as your backyard, conveniently stationing your refuse in places or countries where you will never again be confronted with it with your naked eye, BUT IT IS STILL THERE. Your body REGISTERS that dead flesh is passing through, your minds REGISTER that disabilitating poisonous thought structures or habits are passing through, and THE DAMAGE IS DONE although you may have the impression that the momentary or temporary problem or indigestion or pile of rubbish, will disappear almost immediately.

And again I say: THE DAMAGE IS DONE AND CONTINUES AS WE SPEAK ON ALL LEVELS. While help may be forthcoming in the future, humankind must change its concept of the human body from being a dustbin to that of a DIVINELY SACRED VESSEL, IMBUED WITH STARTLING CAPABILITIES BEYOND YOUR PRESENT KNOWLEDGE, ONCE PURIFIED OF MENTAL AND PHYSICAL INFECTION.

Similarly, you will have to change your concept of your earth, which is not simply a fairground where you can push others way, scrambling for the fastest ride, or where you can cram the sweetest food into your mouths to obliterate the spiritual craving. And we say to you BE VIGILENT: EXAMINE EVERY CENTIMETRE OF THE EARTH YOU TREAD AND ASK YOURSELF IF THIS FEELS LIKE HOLY GROUND. EXAMINE EVERY PHYSICAL PART OF YOURSELF AND RECOGNISE THE MIRACLE OF EVERY CELL, AND REMEMBER THAT THE PURER THE CELLS, RESULTING FROM THE PURITY OF INTENTION, THE GREATER THE SPARK OF SACRED FIRE WITHIN YOU WHICH WILL HEIGHTEN THE INTENSITY AND JOY OF YOUR DAILY EXISTENCE:

EXTEND THIS RECOGNITION AND ATTENTION TO “ALL THAT IS” AROUND YOURSELF, for only then will continuous peace on a cleansed earth be sustainable. We encourage you to use your critical faculties, look beyond the desires of your stomachs, look beyond your back doors, ingesting only that which is truly beneficial and sustainable SO THAT NO DUSTBINS ARE NECESSARY. We are not advocating that you all become pillar saints who ate no food and who had no bodily secretions, but we are advocating restraint and caution tempered by consideration for your own bodies and for others and – on another level – your own environment, the body of the earth, so that damage can be minimised, so that the imprint is divine rather than damaging and negligent producing requirement to correct.

In this we recommend ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND AT ALL TIMES, for the nets which will be spun are very finely meshed, and all impurities will have to be answered for, meaning that large, stubborn concentrations of impurities WILL NECESSARILY BE SWEAPT AWAY. Heed our words we beseech you, as the day is darkening, and it will soon become clear who shines brightly and clearly, unsullied by thoughtless harmful habits, and who will succumb to the night. We bless you all as you pass through this experience to start in a new era, continuing to meet the challenges you have not yet mastered on your upward journey. We love you, Seraphin