By Seraphin through Rosie
Jun 26, 2021 - 7:22:49 AM

is now available. The E-book will follow shortly. Love Rosie

In an extensive question and answer session, the angel Seraphin provides answers to over 90 questions posed by seekers of truth. These answers were received telepathically by artist and author, Rosie Jackson. This fifth volume of The Complete Seraphin Messages also includes Seraphin Messages 431 - 450, the most recent to date. These assist us in desperate times, urging our creation of a better world which will inevitably result from our own spiritual progress.

“If you know 100 percent that you are walking in the right direction, and if you know 100 percent that you are benefitting humanity with every footstep and every breath, then you will be happy always”

“Your actions, if they are guided by the DIVINE WITHIN, are the “guiding lights” which will rally society when it reaches its deepest collective trauma”

Earth is an unprecedented emergency operation - an experimentation ground for the rehabilitation of humans. We are witnessing a struggle against a worldwide orchestration of minds, a battle between “dark” and “light” leading to ultimate separation. The angel Seraphin examines the causes of the problems on our world, stipulating that the “icy blast of truth” will shatter our previous beliefs. Earth will become a place of peace and beauty if we recognise our Divine origin, live our personal missions and surrender to Divine Law.


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