Seraphin Message 49: PART OF THE HOLY PLAN
By Seraphin through Rosie
Oct 31, 2018 - 1:46:38 AM


Seraphin Message 49: PART OF THE HOLY PLAN

Through Rosie, 15th April 2011


R: Dearest Seraphin, when I looked at my watch this morning I saw that it had stopped, and I thought to myself I AM ALREADY IN THE PERIOD OF NON-TIME!


S. Indeed, Dearest, the edge of this period or wave (as you call it) has entered your systems, your minds and your decision-making, or lack of decision-making. Decisiveness will play a large role in the next period, both on a personal level and a global level, by which I mean that Gaia’s decisions override all.


Expect many friends, family and acquaintances to show lack of quality and depth in their decision-making, to show lack of esprit. They who know not will be in a state of shock and find orientation difficult. This is your chance, you children of light who are blessed with prior knowledge, to assist and explain until such a time as you come into the full knowing of your true destinies.


Fear not the gravity of what is happening and changing around you, for you are indelibly linked with the celestial chain. This is magnificent and strong and upheld by the magnitude of Source. You will not change, you will remain steadfast in the face of turmoil if you remember your significance as a LINK IN ONE ETERNAL CHAIN, A PART OF THE HOLY PLAN. We love you, Seraphin.



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